Saturday, June 21, 2008


I've been busy. Don't even have time to scrapbook and finish my Glory layout. ;(
Have been laying off blogging for a while but decided to update about Jonathan today.

Well...he's been good in health area. After the appointment with Dr Chui about the retching problem and finishing his medication, the June holidays saw lesser retching sessions. although sometimes if he takes something by mouth that doesn't agree with his tummy, Jonathan will start getting phlegmy and have retching tendencies. Other than that, it has been good. So it wasn't reflux. Praise the Lord.

On the homework front? Well....before school closed for the June vacation, teacher advised the children to watch half hour of television each in the morning and evening, and concentrate on homework. For Jonathan...totally opposite! haha! Not intentional actually. I've been busy. So it's a real holiday for him. Work half hour each for homework and the rest of the time : watch television, youtube, mini DVD player, spend time with his grandma, aunties and uncles and cousins.

But...I'm glad we managed to catch up on the homework. Just finished his English workbook today and one more essay/journal to write. Still have some math to complete but we'll be able to achieve it by this evening.

Jonathan had his immunisation on Thursday. Two shots, one on each arm and oral medication. These are for Mumps, Measles and Rubella. I'm happy he did it without crying. Jonathan has never reacted to injections before, although he cringed at the first poke into the flesh. He even dares to look at what the nurses do! Came back in the afternoon with slight side-effects. Was a little phlegmy and body was warm. But towards evening, it subsided.

I'm glad immunisation is over for good! No more for the rest of his life unless we go for flu jabs!

Yesterday (Friday) we attended a party organised by KK Hospital Home Care Service that Jonathan is under. For the last few years, they held their parties in the west area. This year, they had it at a CC near our place so we decided to attend. The sponsors were generous to give each family $100 worth of NTUC vouchers. More diapers and wipes!!! Praise the Lord for provision.

For H, he's still teaching. One of his young student stopped him halfway through class and gave him a small note with 2 hearts on it and wrote her name. Very sweet of her.

For me, busy with
Scrap-n-Crop's current running contest. Tuesday nights are no-no for me right now, 10 more weeks to go actually. Check out the projects done by the contestants from Challenge 1 to 4. the galleries are posted in the CONTEST BLOG.

I like to work...keeps me on my toes. Also just finished my ta jieh's CNY VCD and going to help my other sister design a short 5-minute video clip.

School starts next week. As usual...will not tell Jonathan till the day itself. It's unfair to him but I can't afford to have him sleep at 2am when he has to get up at 7.45am the next day!!!

Till then....