Friday, December 31, 2010

FROM 2010 TO 2011

With today being the last day of 2010, my blog hit 20 thousand.

Thank you to all for visiting my blog and reading and sharing my journey with Jonathan and family and my creations.

There has been ups and downs.  But today, as I was reading the bible.  The Lord showed me that all things happen for a reason.  Be it good circumstances or trials.

No I will not make any resolution.

Yes I will continue to seek the Lord more and seek His favor and grace, strength and wisdom, to help Jonathan and my work.

It's been an eventful year.  We may have to carry forward some things but we shall not let any setbacks draw us down.

And with the new year, my nephew has helped me set up a website for the tshirt business.  it's still new so not many items added.  But still, I'm thankful to him for his great help!!

Check out the new Speiro Prints & Design website.

 Happy New Year to all my family and friends, and visitors of my blog.

God bless!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We printed a shirt for Harith.  I found this artsy violin vector online (although if you look closely there's only 3 strings instead of 4.  haha)

Jonathan chose the color of the shirt and decided on yellow for the violin after I presented him with different colors.

I wanted to have silver violin but Jonathan said no.

Tied it up with ribbon and when Harith came home, Jonathan presented it to him. While Harith was untying the ribbon, the excitement showed on Jonathan's face.  I've never seen him so excited before when giving his daddy something.

He's matured and I loved that.

And daddy loves the shirt :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Harith loves to surprise Jonathan with little things and one of them is at Christmas.  He always feels that Jonathan would love to see the lights on the Christmas tree and since last year, he started DIY-ing his own Christmas tree.

The tree Harith made in 2008 is HERE.  this year, Harith came up with something nicer.

Jonathan was all smiles after seeing the tree light up.  And that made Harith's day.

I told Harith he has to up his standards next year.  haha

Only material used besides clear sticky tapes are just plastic boards.  I love it too!

Thanks Harith!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


and I will be until this Thursday.

Last minute orders from friends I know who wanted to print something for somebody.  And on top of that, I had to prepare for our family.

But I'm almost there.  Just when I thot I didn't have enough time to finish my tag cards this year, these are what I managed to mail out yesterday, hoping they will reach my family and friends before Christmas.

just grunge up the ribbon to make it look 3-D

I made a mess just doing these tag cards.  And because I was so busy, all of the presents were either unwrapped or put in envelopes which I later decorated (just a little) LOL!

Some nieces and nephews got personalised printed iPhone pouches from us.

And mine and Harith's brothers and sisters received 2 personalized printed wooden coasters.  My family has already gotten them.

Designed this shirt for my nephew whom I have not seen for a long time.  He loves motorbikes.  Hope he likes it.

My nephew Caleb and his friend Rob came over from Tennessee for a Singapore holiday and The Tan family had an early Christmas party.

Delicious food were served (Pig's Trotters)


Prawn Fritters and chicken rice chicken (bottom right):

and of course Olive's potato cutlet (love this!) and lots more food!

It was my turn to give out presents that the children were waiting for patiently
This is the tshirt I designed for Rob as a gift on behalf of the Tan family and he loved it.  Later I added his chinese name at the front.

So much for the Tan Family celebrations.  Come 25th we will have Harith's family and I have yet to finish their gifts!

But I also want to thank Make A Wish Singapore for giving Jonathan a special Don Moen CD that he loved.  One of the volunteers dropped by to give it to him and he was very excited.

On the other note, received a letter from Jonathan's school principal to say he's not eligible for Home Management Program, which is more for others with deteriorating conditions.  So we have decided to take him out of SCAS.  My one concern was informing the Ministry of Education (MOE) but I found out from the social worker that at age 13, it is not necessary to inform MOE.  So I'm at peace now :)

Thanks for visiting and here's wishing all my friends and blog readers a JOYOUS CHRISTMAS from us, the HO FAMILY!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Whenever Jonathan wakes up in the morning, the first thing he asks for is to listen to Don Moen's worship songs.  Sometimes he will sing along with them, other times, he just lies down and listens or get really excited.

He will ask for repeats for just the first 3 tracks.

But his all time favourite (so far), is this song:

I'm so happy that he's learned to worship the Lord at a very young age.

This morning, he was coughing a little and nose was a little stuffy.  I asked him if he prayed for his healing and he said 'no'.  I encouraged him and shared that he could pray for his healing and he said "ok".

Tonight, while we were getting ready for bed, I started praying and he too began to speak.  He told me he wanted to pray.  He made a few vowels sounds and after a short sentence, he stopped.  That's when he said he'd finished praying.

Thank you Lord for our boy knows how to worship even though he still can't speak words yet.

Thank you :)

Thursday, December 09, 2010


Feeling sick :  My whole body ached suddenly 2 nights ago.  I felt feverish.  I thought it was because I had too much peanuts that the uric acid started working up my bones because that has happened before.  But I only had pistachio so that doesn't count does it?

Turned out I was coming down with a big flu.  But thank God the panadol popping sort of reduced the aches and pains and fever came down.  But then I started having gastric pains.  Man!!

So while googling for good quotations for a new tshirt I'm designing, I came across this:

If ever you may have a big problem, don't say, 'God I have a big problem!',
but instead; 'Hey Problem, I have a big God and everything will be
okay! by Jinky

Whoever this Jinky was, I'm just glad I found this quote.  Cos it boosted my day even though I was feeling lousy and occasionally I will say "HEY FLU BUG!! I have a BIG GOD and everything will be okay!!!"

Harith prayed for me and we went to sleep pretty early.  Well ... do you consider 2am early?  haha.  I just wanted to stay up so that I could take another dose of medication.

Thank God this morning I felt much better.  Thank you Lord!  but the gastric pain is still here.  Harith made me a cup of warm milo and it helped.  Hopefully by tomorrow morning I'll be back to my good health, although i do feel so much better now.

Starting on my Christmas cards.  Big Round Tags actually.  This year I decided that I will mail out Christmas tags (size of round coasters) to family and close friends.  Almost finished pasting the pattern papers on the chipboard coasters that I bought from a local art store.  Cheaper than the round chipboard Maya Road, although thinner.  But it doesn't matter so long as they serve the purpose.

Will post some pictures later when I'm done with them.


Had a wonderful lunch on Sunday (5th Dec) with Rosie and Nancy Tan, both of whom were my mentors when I was working at Singapore Airlines.

Don't we three look like sisters?  Well ... Rosie and Nancy ARE sisters. haha.

I joined the company when I was 18.  Got to know Nancy first and called her MUMZ cos she always said I could be her daughter :)  Then after I went to work in the same department with Auntie Rosie when a secretary post was vacant there.

I left the company more than 10 years ago and we have kept in touch ... mostly through annual Christmas cards we send each other ..haha.

I always enjoy chatting with them.  They are the most unpretentious and down-to-earth ladies I've ever known and I thoroughly enjoy their company :)

As usual, whenever we meet, they treated me to good food.

I was very happy to print these bags for them.

I put a packet of Marks & Spencer's cookies for them.  Hope they like the cookies as much as I do LOL!

They gave me something very unique.  A gift that only SIA staff can get and I truly love it.

A little thumb drive in a form of an SIA airplane.  Something that I will cherish.

Thanks for a great time catching up Auntie Rosie and Nanz!  We'll meet again soon!!