Saturday, July 30, 2011


The birthday booklets ... remaining ones for the year have been completed and couriered to the rightful owner!

Thanks Ms MW for being so patient with me :)  You are one of the best customers I have ever had!

So here are the final 4 booklets/card:

I kinda like the effect of Earnest's book cover.  Used rikrak ribbons and glued only on one end.

The flower pattern paper has glitter on them.  so I added these tiny beads that were actually meant for mobile phone covers.  The whole strip of beads already had adhesive backing so all I did was cut each bead out and pasted on the pattern paper.
Close up...can you see the tiny beads?  For the maroon backing, it's actually a piece of my tshirt transfers.  I used my scallop punch to cut them out.

This card I made for Esther was simple.  My good friend, Olive, gave me a set of gltter birthday patter papers and a roll of lace ribbon (with adhesive) that she bought from Korea.  I used the lace to line the bottom of the card to make it look like the candles were on a cake.  Kind of like this effect.  But the only thing was when I got up yesterday morning, I realised the color of the chipboard alphas don't mactch!  haha.  Well...that's my mistake for working under a dim light at 3am!  LOL!

This hanger hearts was done a few months' back and I decided to use it for Mabel.

Because the front is already complexed, I wanted to keep the back simple and plain with just her name.

Trimmed the paper cards to the same size as the circle coaster for her friends to write their messages for her.
The booklets and card were couriered yesterday to MW yesterday and hope she's got them.

We celebrated my mom's 82nd birthday today.  My mom was born in Swatow, China.  They used the chinese lunar calendar to record their birthdates so today is actually the day she was born.  The 30th day of the 6th of the chinese calendar.  It's the chinese leap year.  Otherwise, there's no 30th day on the 6th month.  It's complicating isn't it?  haha.

Although she was not very sure what the occasion was, she was alert and quite chatty.

Happy birthday mom!  I LOVE YOU veryX100000000000 much!  Pictures later :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011


because he went for his dental "maintenance" without fuss :)

He was brave and so cooperative.  It puts a smile on my face that my teenage boy is mature and sensible.

I actually took some pictures with my mobile while we were waiting.  But I can't seem to get them out of my phone.  Anyway, here the chronicles of a day at the dental surgery:
  • 6am Jonathan woke up.
  • 7am Left home for KK Hospital
  • 7.45am, we arrived at KK Hospital Day Surgery.  Note:  Good to do this during school term because it was not crowded.
  • 8.10am, placed local anesthesia cream on the back of both of his hands for IV. 
  • 8.30am, assessed his condition, took his temperature.  Initial reading was 37.6 degrees.  I think it was nerves that shot his temperature up.  Later on the second take, his temperature went down.  Then proceeded to change him into the gown, what was left were his diaper and socks.  He said he was not cold, even though I tried to cover his bare legs.
  • 8.40am Went up to the Pedae Operating Theatre.  Another set of questions and to confirm that he's the correct patient.
  • 8.45am  We (just Jon and I while H waited outside) were asked to proceed to the front of the operating theater where the doctors will come out to meet us.  First a nurse appeared, asked the same set of questions and provided me with a yellow gown, hair cap and shoe covers.  Then Doc Toh came and she explained to me what she planned to do.  While talking to her, Jonathan started voicing.  He said he wanted to do it quickly and get it over and done with.  haha After her, the anesthesiologist came to assess Jonathan.  She asked me to open Jonathan's mouth but I could see she was annoyed when I told her he couldn't and even asked Doc Toh to confirm that Jonathan has no locked jaw.  She only became ok when I apologised.  Must have thot I was playing tricks with her.
  • 9am Another doctor came to assess the local anesthesia on Jonathan's hands.  I found out that she was the senior anesthesiologist.  She's very friendly, unlike the first lady who was more serious looking.
  • 9.15am  We went into the operating theater.  Jonathan got nervous when he saw the bed.  I carried him onto it, they held on to him and suddenly, he became very still and just looked ahead while they inserted the IV into his right hand.  When the doctor injected a white liquid into the IV, he slept straight away and I was asked to leave.
  • 9.30am  Went for breakfast with H.
  • 11am Doctor came out and explained to me what happened and what she did.  then I was allowed to see Jonathan after they woke him up
  • 11.30am After the senior anesthesiologist confirmed the go ahead, we went down to recover room.  Fed Jonathan 50mls of water after waiting for one hour.  Half hour later when he didn't vomit, i gave him some milk.
  • 12.30pm  When he didn't throw up after the milk feed, we were allowed to go home.

The whole procedure took about 1.5 hours.  What was done:
  • Scaling to clean all the teeth.
  • Filled a tiny hole that was in one of the molars.
  • Extracted 2 baby molars that were already shaky and finally put a layer of protection over all his molars and teeth that are unreachable.
On the whole, his teeth are ok and there are 2 more baby canines that is still firmly fixed on his upper jaw so she didn't touch that.  His teeth are now as white as snow :)

Next cleanup will probably be another 3-4 years.  Doctor Toh told me that because Jonathan's jaw is small, there are another 2 molars that might not have enough space at the back and may grow outwards.  And also just in case wisdom teeth grow, then they can do another surgery to remove them.  well...I hope no wisdom tooth at all!

The whole dental maintenance was estimated to cost $1000 plus.  But they did tell us that there might be additional costs.  So we'll wait to see the total bill when they mail it to us.  Note for parents:  For day surgery, you cannot deduct payments from Medisave.

Jonathan is a good patient.  He doesn't fuss.  The only time he did was that he wanted to go home straight away haha.

While talking to the anesthesiologist during assessment, I mentioned that Jonathan has motion sickness.  So after this dental treatment, they gave him a medication to prevent him from vomitting.  That really helped because he came home absolutely fine.

I'm also thankful that when they removed the breathing tubes, he didn't have a lot of phlegm.  This usually happened to alot of patients.  When he did have some in his throat, he was able to cough it out.

He still looks drowsy.  He said the gums are still a little sore and has requested for panadol.  But he's happy and the gums are slowly healing.

I'm very happy with Doctor Toh from the National Dental Centre.  She's so good with Jonathan and if you have any children who need dental care, get a referral and go see her.

As for me, I was knocked out when we went to bed.  I woke up at 4am feeling anxious, like any parent of a child going under GA.  I'm still a little shacked.  But thankfully, God has seen us through, especially Jonathan and took the pain away from him that he was able to recovery so quickly.

Thank you Lord!  I'm grateful :)

If your child is going under GA for the first time for dental treatment, feel free to ask me anything.  I would be happy to help you in any way I can.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


This information is for all mommies of children with special needs.

We know the cost of all milk and diapers really takes a toll on our monthly expenses.  We are always on a lookout for lower priced items.

I found this website through my niece and it has helped me reduce some $$.

For Jonathan, he currently takes Isomil Advance 3 Eye Plus.  At Shop & Save, the price is $39 for a 900g can.  In other medical shops, lowest is $36.  At Luvbabies, I pay $35 per can and I order at least 8-10 cans per month supply.  Sometimes they have promotion at $200 for 6 cans.

Jonathan uses Mamy Poko diaper XXL.  Lowest I can find is $13.80 at a medical shop at Pasir Ris.  But even though Luvbabies sells them at $14 per 28pc pack, it's still a good deal.  For diapers, it's around 5-6 packs a month.

Spend more than $200 and you get free delivery.  But you have to order online.

Monthly expenses for Jonathan just for these 2 items is almost $450.

Go to LUVBABIES, create an account for yourself and hope this will help you save.

If anyone out there knows of any place that sells these items at a lower price, do leave a contact in my comment box so that we will know where to find them.  I would appreciate no spamming please.  Thank you.

1)  Propax gauze (lowest price I can get from Pharmex is $0.85 per pack for 7.5cm gauze)
2)  Tagederm Transparent Film Dressing (lowest priced is $60 per box of 100 from DNR Wheels)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


the dental treatment cos Jonathan's caught a cold tonight.  He's resting.  But the secretion is making him cough and thus deep coughing causes him to retch.

Me...I have forgotten to give him flumucil to lessen the phlegm.  Now whatever I give him doesn't sit well in his tummy and a slight turn will cause him to throw up.

Hopefully he will sleep right through tonight.

He's quite sensible now.  He knows that whatever he takes will be thrown out, he kept saying 'no' to food, even to porridge water.  I'm just happy that he's able to communicate with us.  At least we know how he's feeling.

The funny thing about Singapore weather is:
To warm, we turn up the fan speed and open the windows wider.
Early dawn, the temperature drops. We have to lower the fan speed and close the window a little. Sometimes I'm so deep asleep that i forget to wake up to check on him.  The little boy will be all curled up.  He doesn't like blankets.  Will wake up if we cover him with one.  The again, it's just too hot to cover him with a blankey!
Lowering the fan speed makes him perspire.  Then we're back to square one and it becomes chilly.

And no...he doesn't like to sleep with the air-conditioner on.


Better to postpone the appointment than to go through serious consequences.

Lord...thank you that Jonathan has speedy recovery!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Nothing much.  Except that he's begun this tactics just to get my attention and doing things for him QUICKLY!

No amount of "please wait"...  "hold on a minute"... will make him wait patiently.

He will either pull his feeding button or roll off out of his floor mattress to where the computer is.  Or he will start kicking the box that I put near him where all his gauze, wipes and daily amenities are.  Or he will start pulling the diaper bag across his face.

No amount of stern warning will stop him.  Until you have done what he wants you to do.

Teenager?  Yes.
Naughty?  Well...he may be to some who are strict parents.  To me, I don't think this is it.

Reason being?  It's also partly my fault.  Because sometimes when I say "wait a minute", I will make him wait more than a minute.  That's actually not a very good example isn't it? haha.  He knows mommy's bad habits!

Now...I will explain to him what I'm going so that he knows he has to wait.  He's able to wait till I finish whatever I need to finish then he gets his request.  But of course, when he's impatient, he will start from square one and I'll be raising my volume LOL.

I cannot wait for the time when he will start saying "mom, please help me play this video or music."

Till that time, I'm enjoying his "NO!" that he so clearly says whenever he doesn't want any particular item/video clip/music.

On another note.  I noticed the muscle on his right leg, just behind the knee, tends to be a little tight.  He crosses his legs when he sits on his buggy/chair.  but he straightens his left leg more.  So the crossed leg is bent almost quite frequently, although he does straigthen it from time to time.

Maybe I will get my friend to give him a good massage to loosen up the muscles.  Will see how it goes.


Thursday, July 14, 2011


Jonathan's GA dental cleaning and extraction has been brought forward to next Friday 22nd July.  They can put him in the first slot because the other children are older.  Usually they will put the youngest children first.  Even though there are a few who are younger than him, Jonathan being a child with special needs gets the appointment first.

Extraction is for the 2 baby-molars that are still intact but shaky.

If you happened to drop by my blog, do send a prayer to Heavenly Father for Jonathan that he will continue to be in good health.

Thank you very much!  God bless!

Monday, July 11, 2011


was very funny as they were sitting together watching video clips on the Youtube.

Usually H will choose the clips.

One wrong click and H will get a loud "NO!" from Jonathan.

In this instance....
Jonathan:  "NO!"
H:  "Why don't you say yes Jonathan.  Your "no" is already so clear.  It's time to start saying "yes" then watch this clip."

haha...I enjoy moments like these :)

Sunday, July 03, 2011


I enjoy experimenting.  This time around, experimenting on customer's order, as well as spoiling a few. heh heh

Customer Ms J order 21 printed wooden coasters.
 I have never done layering on wooden coasters before.  The very first piece I tried on was this pink flower.
It was simply cutting the flex and printing on the coaster and that's it.

With layering, it's a little more delicate.  First the bottom layer (blue cloud and stars) has to go down first.  I have to bear in mind that wood also radiate heat.  So at 180C degrees plus the wood, I have to make sure the transfer gets pasted down onto the wood.   My mistake was not sandpapering the coaster first to make the surface smoother. (Will remember to do this next time).

The 2nd layer, which are the words goes on top.  Temperature was still 180 degrees but I have to hold it for only 4 seconds instead of the full 10.  this is because if I hold the heatpress too long, the areas surround the alphabets will start to wrinkle.  so it's like 1st layer, press 10 seconds, remove backing, press for another second or two.  Second layer, press for 6 seconds, remove backing and press for another second.

I can't use this light blue flex.  it has a white adhesive back so when I press too long, the white adhesive bleed out.  But thankfully, this time around it's less than 0.01cm.

So long as customer is happy.

Tested on hot plate.  Holds very well.  Another successful project.  Thank you Lord!

Friday, July 01, 2011


Jonathan finally had his dental appointment today after it was postponed many times.

Seems that there are 2 more baby molars that are not out yet.  But they look really tender and pink.  One of them is shaky.

Dr Toh scheduled him for a major GA clean up / surgery (if necessary, to remove the baby molar...she said better to do it while he's asleep if they don't drop out before the clean up date) / coat a protective layer over all his teeth after scaling to prevent tooth decay / patch any holes (if any).

His first major clean up was done when he was 9/10 years old.  So this will be his second clean up.
Scheduled date - 19 August 2011.  Although check up is at the national dental centre, day surgery will be done at KK Hospital.  Dr didn't want to do anything earlier because she wanted to wait till most of his adult teeth are out and this is a good time now.

I'm trusting the Lord that everything will go on well before and after the GA.

We were late for our appointment by 15 minutes because there was heavy traffic due to an accident at CTE (AYE) although it wasn't en route to national dental centre.  But somehow, traffic was quite slow towards the entrance to CTE.

We ended up waiting one and half hours for his appointment.  Found out from Dr Toh that from the start at 9am, everybody was late so all the appointments were pushed back.  What made our delay was there was a difficult case before us.

So we came home and the retching kinda started towards evening.  But thankfully it wasn't serious.

Now...I'm staying in Jonathan's room to monitor his condition.  It will probably be another long night.  He's fidgeting and waking up every half hour but still doesn't want anything to drink.  I guess he knows his own body.

Gotta go.  He's awake again.

Thanks for dropping by.  I do appreciate a prayer for him.  God bless all!