Sunday, December 30, 2007


We had a good Christmas. H's family came over on 24th and my family celebrated on 25th.

But mom had a fall and knocked her head against the piano at my sister's. There was a big bump on her head. Brother immediately brought her to A&E CGH. They were there 9plus pm and didn't leave until close to midnight.

Thank God no serious injury. Saw her a few days ago and she said the wound is still sore when she touches them. Even her left knee was hurt when she landed on it.

That was a scary eposide for us. Thank you Lord for protecting my mum all the time.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


The GP recommended we give Jon pure fish oil. Ones from USA that is molecularly distilled cos there are chemical / toxic inside deep fish. Got the softgel pure fish oil through my sister from USA.

Started it and saw a little change in Jon's behaviour. He's more calm. Very little jerky involuntary movements and also his nose...that was snorty for a while, became clear.

But one side effects....soft and sometimes watery stools. I think I'll change it to once a week.

Friday, December 28, 2007


My sister...L...the creative one. She did this tree for her kindergarten class. Say she might name it POETREE and hang poems there.

There are more than 100 leaves. Each cut to shape and folded in fan-like style to make it more 3-d. She roped in my mom to help. For the tree trunk, she used corrogated paper that was disposed by a renovation contractor. The whole role, size 3m by 1.5m was probably used to hold tiles. But it certainly came in useful.

I love this tree! Well done L!


Helped my sister do the decor for her kindergarten class. Her theme: Transportation. My computer helped me do most of the work...haha :p I enjoyed doing the 3-d paper models. It was fun cutting and pasting for a change.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Jonathan had his appointment with the dietitian at KK a few days ago.

Although his growth is still within the percentile of children his age, he lost about 200g after the last appointment with the dietitian in January this year. January 19.3kg, December 19.1kg. So she was concern.

He's supposed to take more than 1400ml of fluids a day and he's getting more of that but she said we need to boost up his milk intake. Now instead of 5 milk feeds a day, he has to take 6. And instead of 6 scoops of milk powder, it's 6-half scoops now.

6 feeds a day means either get up earlier and end just nice as he's about to go to bed OR have one feed in the middle of the night while he's sleeping.

Daddy says to let him sleep in each morning since both of us sleep late anyway. That's fine with me. Maybe when school reopens we will do the morning one instead...IF I CAN WAKE UP!!!! LOL!

To me...he feels heavy already. The dietitian didn't want to boost his weight up immediately but progressively. So for now things are just right. Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I crochet'd a wool cap for Jonathan when we went to Snow City on 16 November. Since the event was over we thought of giving it away. Then 2 weeks ago, I decided that we could pass it to a friend who was going to Naning, Guangxi.

She's going there with a group of friends to do community work and train the people there in special education. Found out that she was going to visit an orphanage there and had this wild idea that perhaps I could do a few more wool caps for the kids.

Wild idea turned reality. With Jonathan's head as my guide, and with sheer "agaration" I managed to crochet 6 more. Tried to get my mum to help me since she's an expert on knitting. Not that she didn't want to help. She said her eyesight doesn't allow her to do that anymore. But she ended up giving me all her yarn which was a great help! Thanks mom!

My friend then told me a last week that she was going to visit the very poor rural areas where facilities are minimum and suggested giving the wool caps to the children there. Why not? I only wish I had more time to crochet more caps.

But I'm happy that on 5 Dec, these wool caps will make their way to Naning. Temperature during winter is really low and I hope these wool caps will warm the heads of 7 children.

I really admire my friends and her group for doing this at their own free time, vacation leave and out of their own pocket money. God bless all of them for doing this.

The dome-like caps were easy to crochet. Using thick yarn, I took about 2 days to crochet each cap. Very amateurish work and I hope they don't come apart when the children start wearing them.

Jonathan enjoyed being my model. He laughed each timeI changed the caps to take pictures of them. He was really a great help. My friend has promised that when she gives the caps to the children, she will take a picture of them and email them to me. I certainly look forward to that...for sure!

I just might pick up knitting or go into advance crochet so that maybe next time my friend goes to China again, I can do better caps for her to bring over.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I've been telling H that I don't take alot of pictures of Jonathan.

When we were at Esplanade Library, he was looking out the window and listening to his wheel of fortune



Jonathan and his classmates had a sponsored outing by HP volunteers. We went to snow city and had a good time.

It was tough for most of us as we had to carry our children up the steps to slide down a man-made hill. I carried Jonathan up the steps and halfway up I couldn't breathe. The volunteer attached to me helped carry Jonathan the rest of the way up. Temperature was below 5 degrees C.

After the first slide down, he brought Jonathan up again. I had to go along carrying 2 big tire tubes. One thing I ask Jonathan if he wanted another round. When we got up there, I could see he was visibly upset. But the fastest way was go down the hill. The second time was faster than the first. So after we got out, Jonathan started tearing.

He said his neck was hurting. After massaging, he told me he was alright. But told me he wouldn't want to slide down the hill again.

Thanks to my sister-in-law's winter clothes for Ruel, Jonathan didn't have to wear too much t-shirts. Just put on the jacket and mittens provided by the snow city. Good time for Jonathan to experience winter coldness.

Will upload the video clip later.

Above winter clothes borrowed from sis in law Mary.

We still had to borrow Snow City's winter jacket cos too cold!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Jon's class going to snow city on Friday. Decided to crochet a cap for him.
Learned it in Primary 4 art lesson. Art teacher taught the girls crochet while the boys did something else.
I didn't know how to read charts so I 'agar agar'...haha. But thank God it turned out ok 8-)

I must admit...Jon looks good in caps

The cap

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


It is not my hand over my mouth...the hand is too small...if you noticed. Used my handphone to take this picture.

It's been Jonathan's "trend" lately. Before he sleeps, he wants me to hold him and he will put his left hand over my mouth.

Why? I don't know.

Maybe cos I chat with his daddy and he wants me to keep quiet. Maybe he's telling me, "Mummy, you don't need to say anything...I know you are still here"...or maybe...silence speaks volume.

But it's a nice feeling, whether he wants me to keep quiet or weather he just wants to touch my face (or mouth to be exact..haha). I love the feel of his soft and tender hand.

Monday, November 05, 2007


Article that appeared in the New Paper on 2 November 2007:

HE won a bag of building sets, board games and soft toys at the Children's Day fair at his school. But Jonathan Ho can only stare at them.

The 10-year-old was born with cerebral palsy, a condition in which the brain has little control over the body's movements. His hands and legs move involuntarily. He can't hold on to things long enough to play with them.

Caregivers of special needs children say that toys designed specially for them are not easily available in Singapore. As a result, the caregivers often have to customise the toys themselves, or buy them overseas, at high prices.

Jonathan's mother, Mrs Serene Ho, 41, a housewife, said it's a struggle to find suitable toys for her son. She has to exclude those that have sharp edges or small parts. Toys that are easily breakable or too heavy are also out.

'Toys (available) in Singapore are for normal children... nobody thinks, 'What if a child can't use his hands?' Mrs Ho said.

But is the market here too small for such toys?

At least one toy shop thinks so.

Ms Joyce Tem, 35, a sales executive at Nikko Toys, which sells toy cars, said two to three walk-in customers a month ask for toys for special needs children. So the shop recommends model construction sets.

Mr Simon Goh, 30, sales manager of Nikko Toys, said toys for special needs children are more easily available in the US, for example, because even 1 per cent of its market 'means a considerable number of customers'.

Ms Zunaidah Shahul Hamid, 43, principal of the Spastic Children's Association School, said that it often buys toys from shops such as Toys R Us and other educational toy suppliers.


They choose toys that help in the development of the children's cognitive and language skills. Teachers help children who need supervision during play.
This group makes up about 40 per cent of the children in the school. The others need only minimal or no supervision, she added.

Mrs Ho said she is often too tied up with domestic chores to supervise Jonathan when he is playing at home.

Once, while playing with a toy computer, he knocked against it and bruised his head.

'Jonathan likes cause-and-effect toys,' Mrs Ho said, 'the kind where you press a button and the toy blinks and makes some sound. When he can't press the buttons, he bangs on them instead. This breaks the toy and he gets irritated.'

It's a situation Mrs Sarah Tan, 44, also encounters with her 10-year-old daughter, Faith.
While Faith's condition isn't as severe as Jonathan's, she still finds it hard to play with her toys.
Mrs Tan said: 'Even if we surround her with many toys, she will sit there not knowing what to do. We always need to guide her.

'She likes musical toys, but we usually need to press the button for her. She just listens to the music. It is hard for her to interact with the toy.'

Mrs Ho said she had gone online to search for suitable toys, such as bicycles, tricycles, therapy rolls and exercise balls.

However, she said: 'The price is in US dollars and with the shipping cost, it's too costly for us to even think about them. Just the insert for Jonathan's push-chair costs $700.'
For now, Mrs Ho simply 'customises' toys for Jonathan.

'I used soft foam and fabric to cover the toys, especially the edges, before letting Jonathan play with them,' she said.

Megha Gupta, newsroom intern

Thursday, October 25, 2007



Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Luxury Tours is promoting this tour. Checked out D-Paradise on the web and find it to be a very nice place to go. Back to the aboriginals....maybe next time when Jonathan is older and able to handle longer road trips.

Monday, October 22, 2007


He was put on the swing during OT. Therapist wanted him to lift his head more often and to try hold things with his hands. After a while he rested his head on the wedge pillow and I just couldn't resist taking this picture.

Took this using my handphone....Look at his adorable.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Jon has found the joy of standing again. Back from school 2 days ago, I decided that he should walk to the mat in the smaller hall.

Brought him down from the buggy, made him stand and he took small steps.

He totally enjoyed it and was smiling. Then he stopped. Looked up and I realised he was looking for daddy.

Called H and I could feel Jon's joy when daddy praised him for doing a good job. Happily took a few more steps and buckled his knees.

Asked him if he enjoyed walking, he said yes. So I promised him a standing session later in the afternoon.

We did it. I strapped his right leg cos I wanted it to be straightened and we stood (me holding him from the back) for about 10 minutes.

Best picture I could take with one hand while holding on to him

When asked what was his wish...he told his classmate I want to walk and speak words....I'd like that... :)


Our supermarkets have really narrow aisles. Sometimes, they stack so many items along the aisles that it's really hard to walk. Well...this incident confirms that.

I don't know if I mentioned this happened 2 months back...

We were leaving the supermarket. So we had to pass through the vege section. A middle-aged lady was squatting looking at some vegies. We walked towards her direction where the exit door was.

Sometimes Jon gives an involuntary kick and I was trying to avoid some crates on the right so that Jon wouldn't hurt his legs. So I veered towards the left, not noticing the lady.

The next thing I knew, Jon gave one of his super kicks and she shouted "Wa Peh Oi!!" In teochew it means "Oh My Father! haha! Well...I mean "Oh My God!"

She turned around real angry, rubbing her back shoulder. I apologised profusely, telling her Jon didn't mean it. At the same time we were slowly easing our way out to avoid being scolded at...haha.

I was laughing by the time we were out the door. Laughing not because Jon kicked her but at her expression.

That "wah peh oi" used to be my dad's phrase whenever he wants to give an exclamation. It brought back funny memories of my dad.

The best part? Jon was totally ignorant that he ever kicked that lady. He was happily listening to his tape near his ear. That's my boy! Praise the Lord!

Monday, October 15, 2007


I've been busy. Haven't blogged for a while.

Mom came over for lunch with K. She looked good. Although sometimes she can't recall names and locations but our conversation was simple and short. She did something that reminded me about a woman in the bible.

From her small purse she took out some money. Said to me "it was last minute that we decide to come here. I didn't prepare any money but I have some money for Jonathan". I refused to take it....She's already given us so much not necessary monetary.

Then i took her purse and open was empty.

She was giving all she had for Jonathan that day. Just like the woman in bible who gave her last coins (Luke 21: 1-4). I was touched. After they left that afternoon, my heart was glowing with renewed affections for her.

Mum has always been the generous one in the family. During Chinese New Year, whenever she receives an ang pao for $100 from one of us, she will top up another $20 and give $120 in return. She never hesitates to help whenever help is needed. My sibblings and I have been blessed by her actions.

So it is with Mum. She doesn't think twice about giving. We have all witnessed her relentless efforts in taking care of Dad when he was ill. My dad could not go on without her. If she went out, he would be calling her on the mobile phone asking her when she will be back! so much so that Mum decided that mobile phones are not for her...haha!

I suppose her generous nature has rubbed off on all of us....heh heh. We have kind of adopted her style, although I must say I'm still working on it. lol !!

Mum is more than 70 years old now. I thank God for giving her good health, excellent memory and abudance of blessings as she has been a blessing to many.

Monday, September 10, 2007


The last minute decision to celebrate Teacher's Day in Jonathan's school wasn't a wrong one I made.

Jonathan enjoyed it. H said it went well. I thank God for giving me strength to do it. Coupled with a few good friends who were there to help me. we had a good time. I could see from the stage that the teachers and those who attended had a good time. Praise the Lord.'s how I looked that day. Picture taken by a good friend with excellent photography skills.

Did the t-shirt myself...ironed on the day itself..It says "Teacher's Day Host 2007"

Look at this big nostrils!!! Aiyo!!! hahaha. Love the hair? Got it for $20.
Sunshades are cutout of cellophane paper, only 60 cents


When I was a relief teacher more than 20 years ago, I got more than 20 red pens! The most useful present for any pens...haha.

Now, it's different.

The day before Teacher's Day, the shops down at Tampines Mart were packed with children and their parents. Picking presents from a variety of gifts displayed outside the stores. There were gift bags of teddy bears, a pencil holders, artificial roses, stationary sets, all yelling "Buy Me!" hahaha.

Kids today have spending power...from their parents' pockets. And from the way they were buying, you will think they are trying to outdo each other....whose present is better than mine? Mine looks nicer than yours.

Well...that's just my thought.

They want to thank and show their appreciation to the teachers for all their hard work. Me as a parent also wanted to show appreciation.

For Jonathan, it is a totally different way of doing it. But we're glad we did the teachers and therapists their gifts.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


About one week after I wrote about dreaming of my father, i dreamed of him again.

This time.....I saw his face.

H, Jonathan and I were taking a taxi and while travelling along Tanah Merah, got a call from my sister Arina. Her family and Sal's were going home to America after their holiday here. Strangely though...the airport was at Thomson instead of Changi.

Arina told me we better make our way there fast cos father was going to be at the airport and he would only be there for half hour. When I looked at the time, we only had about 5 minutes left if we reached there.

Well....we did. After arriving at the airport, I saw my father. His face so beautiful and wrinkle-free. When I saw his face, I didn't see the others in the dream. Sort of like I concentrated on him for a while. We didn't speak. He smiled.

Then....I woke up.

I layed on the bed. I wanted to let it all soak in before I got up cos I didn't want to forget this dream. it was so clear. His face was so young, so worry-free.

I talked to mother today and she said there was a diary that she hardly read and when she opened it, dad's death anniversary date was there. Then she remembered the dream I told her and said to my brother that father is conveying message to us to visit him at the niche. He appeared in my dream cos he knows I will tell everyone...haha. My mother!!! So imaginative. hahaha. So that means I am the big mouth!! hahaha.

No....I think I'm the only one in my family who has the most dreams about my father. It's nice.

Whenever I remember, especially after having dreams about my father, I ask the Lord..."Dear Abba, please say HI to my father". I'm sure HE did.

I'm certain of that.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Some children when they get injections, they cry like nobody's business. Not Jonathan. Cool and calm and also want to look at what the doctor did. Got a band aid for the small puncture wound. Can't even see the needle hole but this boy didn't want the band aid removed. There was a little swelling but by the next day, it subsided. he said it hurt but when wheel of fortune comes, he forgets the pain.

The band aid on his left arm


Many things have happened since national day. For one thing, happy belated birthday Singapore. Just that the celebration on TV was bad. Don't know about the rest but it was not what I had expected. When people don't have tickets for the live show, we don't want to see faces on the screen. We want to see action. We missed out what others see live on the field. We don't want the camera to keep showing the faces of the public and how they react. Sometimes I wonder if the TV crew had any practice at all during the rehearsals.

There! Now I feel better.

on 10 August we decided to bring Jon for a flu jab since he's been falling sick recently. After the jab, it was major retching. He had after effects from afternoon onwards. But thank God towards evening, he was better. Dr said the jab has H1N something, which is the closest you have to N15 (bird flu?). haha. But at least it will help immunise Jon's body.

Then, while we were shopping at the supermarket, he accidently gave one strong kick involuntarily and the lady who was squatting near him got a big jolt! haha. the next thing, she turned around and said "WAH PEH OI!" It's teochew which means "O MY FATHER". In English, people will say "O MY GOD!" Needless to say, we apologised profusely and told Jon cannot do that...which of course doesn't make any difference because it's his involuntary movements. I left the supermaket laughing....hahaha. But i felt sorry for the lady who received the kick. I've been on the receiving end many times and I know how much that hurts.....

Thursday, August 02, 2007


I can't help myself but I have to share this article written by Max Lucado. Brings me back to reality.

A Lesson in Humility by Max Lucado

Jesus … made Himself of no reputation … He humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross.Philippians 2:5, 7–8

Deflating inflated egos is so important to God that he offers to help.

He helped me. I recently spent a week on a book tour. We saw long lines and crowded stores. One person after another complimented me. For three days I bathed in the river of praise. I began to believe the accolades. All these people can’t be wrong. I must be God’s gift to readers. My chest puffed so much I could hardly see where to autograph the books. Why, had I been born two thousand years earlier, we might read the gospels of Matthew, Max, Luke, and John. About the time I wondered if the Bible needed another epistle, God shot an arrow of humility in my direction.

We were running late for an evening book signing, late because the afternoon signing had seen such long lines. We expected the same at the next store. Concerned, we phoned ahead. “We are running behind. Tell all the people we’ll arrive soon.”

“No need to hurry,” the store manager assured.

“What about the people?”

“Neither one seems to be in a hurry.”

Neither one?

By the time we reached the store, thankfully, the crowd of two people had tripled to six. We had scheduled two hours for the signing; I needed ten minutes.

Self-conscious about sitting alone at the table, I peppered the last person with questions. We talked about her parents, school, Social Security number, favorite birthday party. Against my pleadings, she had to go. So I sat alone at the table. Big stack of Lucado books, no one in line.

I asked the store manager, “Did you advertise?”

“We did. More than usual.” She walked off.

The next time she passed I asked, “Had other signings?”

“Yes, usually we have a great response,” and kept going.

I signed all the books at my table. I signed all the Lucado books on the shelves. I signed Tom Clancy and John Grisham books. Finally a customer came to the table. “You write books?” he asked, picking up the new one.

“I do. Want me to sign it?”

“No thanks,” he answered and left.

God hit his target. Lest I forget, my daily reading the next morning had this passage: “Do not be wise in your own eyes” (Prov. 3:7).

When you’re full of yourself, God can’t fill you.

But when you empty yourself, God has a useful vessel.

From Cure for the Common Life
Copyright (W Publishing Group, 2006) Max Lucado

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I've learned to give thanks to Him for all circumstances. Yesterday I had a revelation about something and quickly prayed over it. It was good to be close to Abba.

He has told me to wait for His reply, He has told me to be patient, He has told me he will never leave me nor forsake me.

Amen for His reassurance.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Last night I had a dream. Brought me back to #33 Chempaka Puteh (my childhood home). I arrived at #33 greeted by many people at the compound.

You father bought 2 semi-detached houses (for himself and his brother) so we had a big garden compound.

When I got back (from don't know where), there was a large crowd having barbeque and feasting away. There were kids running around. I didn't see my sibblings or cousin....funny...

Just outside the compound, on the large fence surrounding it, hung a big screen tv that was showing the stock market results. Odd that it was there. Alot of ah cheks were looking at it and commenting. I know father used to check the teletext and look at the share prices...but this? Big screen tv?...haha.

Well...I went in, saw my father. He was wearing his usual long sleeve 3-Rifle or CCC shirt. His favourites. he handed me a plate of food, with a thick piece of ham on the plate and wanted to introduce me to a man. He told the man that I was the singer in the new tv show that was showing on TV, and that I was the one who sang the theme song. I looked at the man and confirmed it....can't remember which show it was though..haha. I think it was a story about a mother and daughter...I think so...

I don't remember seeing the man before, not real time. But seems father knew him. After that, i woke up from my sleep.

Oddly enough, I didn't see father's face in the dream. This is probably the 3rd time I have dreamed of him. All of them, I only got to see his body with the long sleeve shirt. I don't need to see his face. His presence is more than enough. Father always had this presence that I don't need to see and still know that he's there. He's a quiet and strong man, always providing for us.

Father has always been proud of my singing. He's always giving me tips. From young, he loved to play the guzheng, the erhu and very good with percussions. When he's driving and had to turn on the signals to turn right or left, he will tap his fingers on the steering wheels and go along with the tick-tock sound. I think most cars don't have that now. But he was very good at it. His rhythm is fantastic. I suppose that's where we got the musical genes from. Mum can't sing...she sings off key...haha. I still remember when I was young, my favourite chinese singer was Ling Seow...hahaha. What a joke! My sisters and I used to use the skipping rope head as microphones!!

Father also enjoyed playing mahjong occasionally with his kakis. Whenever he wins, he will buy hor fun supper for us. He's funny and very jovial. I hardly see him get angry. Maybe not me. Mum used to say that he dotes on me...haha.

Father is in glory for almost or more than 3 years already....I forgot. But I will never forget him. One day I must upload his and mum's photo. They are the handsomest couple I have ever seen.

I miss him...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I always enjoy watching Jonathan's classmates helping him do his worksheets. They are very ready to lend a helping hand. I had the video camera filming video clips for national day and managed to capture Kelvin and Kah Whye helping Jonathan with his math work. I blocked out their faces not sure if I should show them so closeup.

Watch towards the end of the clip how Jonathan sticks out his leg without his shoes. Every time he's in school, once he reaches his classroom, the first thing he does is kick off his shoes. Don't know why. One of the reasons is that he feels hot...hahaha. It's like his second home.

Monday, July 23, 2007


I suddenly have the urge to go back to singing. Remember doing studio work more than 10 years ago. I liked that alot even though most times it's way into the hours of the night. H says that's where your voice is the best quality.

Well...don't know if people will still want an old lady singer like me..haha.

Been thinking about doing an album to raise funds for Jonathan's school. Will pray about it.

It will be huge...getting sponsors, source for materials, look for talents, time spent in recording studio...

Will pray about it.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


They were quiet. I was wondering where they were. Found them in the music room. One of those moments they spend together listening to music.


Jonathan's becoming a sensitive child. Not those who get very "annoyed-over-small-little-things" kind of sensitive.

Yesterday, school celebrated racial harmony day. Kah Whye and Kelvin were going to receive badges that they earned for a project in Scouts. We missed that cos I had to feed Jonathan. When we got back to the hall, the whole celebration was over. Jonathan was visually upset. He told Kah Whye he was sad that he missed it.

About 4pm, when I commented that Kah Whye and Kelvin might get wet at the National Day Preview cos it was drizzling, Jonathan started getting upset, started tearing.... 8( ... After a series of questions, finally found out he was worried for his friends.

Told Jonathan he could pray for his friends and do it from his heart. That kinda settled his mood a little.

He told me he prayed....

The rain stopped for the rest of the evening.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Doing my quiet time just now after Jon slept. Talked about Isaiah 55. God sees the bigger picture while I only have a small view of things. Has God led me to help someone or do something that made me see a bigger picture of events?

Suddenly it dawned on me. Someone who's having a hard time in school might need my help.

So....was it a revelation from God? I don't know. But I'm going to zero in on this in prayer. if I still feel strongly about this, I might just take action, following God's prompt.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Not sure if you could call this mid-life crisis.

My friend and I are facing a split decision...whether to work and help in the financial situation of our families and worry about our special needs children at the same time or sit and wait for our other halves to get jobs.

Maybe we can set up a job agency to help mothers who have special needs children to gain employment and have flexible hours to take care of their children too? I don't know.

Monday, July 16, 2007


For a while now I haven't shared what Jonathan actually loves. He doesn't watch cartoons, transformers, pokemon, Hi-4 ooops..haha...Hi-5. He loves these shows from the United States of America:

Wheel of Fortune (CHOICE #1 !!!)
(although they don't show it on national TV.
I taped 10 years worth of it while it was still being shown in Singapore then).

Win, Lose or Draw
(A charade game by drawing. An old game show that is not aired here anymore)

The Price is Right
(It's a gameshow where contestants guess the price of the products shown on stage)

There is another show called Hollywood Squares but I don't have the picture.

There you go! Jonathan's favourite shows in not particular order except that Wheel of Fortune is his number one favourite!


I have started another blog to put up my designs and digital scrapbooking (trying to lah!). Click on Designs & Digital Scrapbooking by Bie at the Links on the Sidebar. You'll be directed to it.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


This is Rainer's artwork (my friend's son) from Katong Special School
My friend sent me this website where children's art pieces are showcased there.

There are schools from all over the world. It's really something. Can't imaging children as young as kindergarten can draw and sculpture so well. Anyone can contribute. Try uploading your kid's artwork. I'm sure they will be very proud to have their art piece exhibited.
My dream for day....I will ask him to draw something for me and I can showcase it too.
Enjoy artsonia.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


So...what do you say of a person who just doesn't get it? That there are people who are trying their utmost best to help us and yet this person is still unsatisfied? What would threats do?

Well...for one...that nice person will just feel threatened. No mood to carry on and no motivation anymore.

Arriving with smiles and slowly....quite instantly actually, this nice person has reduced her smiles to people around her.

Can this nasty person stop it? Not that I can see. will probably continue till there is no need to.
For how long? No one knows.

I can only pray for it to stop.

Man!!!! Can't this person get it?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


A friend of mine sent these to me. Students who didn't know how to answer their math questions gave funny answers.

Wish I could do that sometimes....haha. But Jon would probably get a scolding from his teacher for trying to be funny. Then it would be my fault, not his. He gave a wrong answer once on purpose. I will do it out of frustration. School work for kids are getting tougher.

Somtimes I wonder how far Jon wil go with all these studying. All I know is that he is eligible to do PSLE. At what age? I don't know. Before he turns 18, I suppose. He doesn't get frustrated with his work. he knows everything. That's Jon. He knows alot and I'm trying to keep up.

Speech Therapy was good. Trying to find out what is useful for him. I think we're going back to square one. Using PEC cards. I guess that's the best method for Jon now. Not using the alphabet chart but making individual alphabets so that he can pull out the alphabet he wants.

it will take a long time for him to form a sentence this way...sigh...but at least we're moving somewhere...

I pray...........

Thursday, July 05, 2007


I finally decided to step down. I finally made up my mind. So I have informed the Board that I'm stepping down as the parent rep this morning at 0830 through email. Counting down to the last day of my PR duty. ironic.


The Ultimate Show...performed by my funny nephews. Caleb (left) and Alex (right). Couldn't upload everything. So the best parts are here. ENJOY!


Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Spoke to Kara asked why she put on so much weight.

Putting her arm over my shoulder, she said: "Aunty Serene...In life, we have to eat to survive."

Spoken like a true motivation speaker...haha.

Friday, June 29, 2007


I'm thinking of embarking on name card designing. Not sure if it will work but at least will help in generating some income. In the midst of doing up my name card blog to show case my samples and rates. Made a box for my brother-in-law in America and they liked it. Encouraged me to go into it. Quite exciting. Many people going into this line as I checked online. But never mind. Will see how things go.

Also got contact for homebase job. Hopefully she'll take me cos I'm unfamiliar with html stuff. Will read up . But looks quite challenging. If she's willing to take me on, I'm willing to learn as much as I can.

Jonathan fell ill again last night. Makes me wonder why he gets this so often. Dr said his retching is due to his lungs being affected. When there's not enough oxygen, it gets giddy and the retching starts. Got nothing to do with stomach infection.

I suppose I haven't been exercising Jonathan regularly. Been busy doing my own stuff. Not working him hard enough to strengthen his lungs. He's been lying down alot during this June holidays. Must really make a point to exercise him more. Felt so terrible that he was retching the whole night last night. Finally asked dr to give him a jab to stop the retching and through the tiredness he fell asleep almost immediately.

H is not working. Still looking for job. I'm anxious but it doesn't get me anywhere. Just keep praying for God to provide him with one that he will enjoy doing. He has been practising his violin. That's good. Jon and I enjoy having the violin being played. It's a nice string sound in the house. Very soothing.

Today's bible reading was good. Cast your burdens to God. He has been telling me that He will never leave us nor forsake us. He will provide and all the promises. That made me feel better and look forward to everyday.

All I need to do is just trust HIM.


Jonathan's cousins from America were in Singapore during the June holiday.

This picture was taken in 2005.
(from left: Samanthan, Brandon, Jonathan, Matthew (Singaporean), Elizabeth)

This was taken in June 2007
(clockwise from Jonathan: Elizabeth, Matthew, Brandon & Samantha)

This group is just 5 out of 17 grandchildren and one great-grandchild that my mother has. The kids grow so much in the span of 2 years. The next time we see them will probably be in 2 years' time.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


H went to kitchen window and saw the Aunty from opposite unit from ours rushing to close their kitchen window. It was already 11pm. Saw smoke and told me the unit below theirs has black smoke coming out.

Call the police. Fire department arrived shortly...

H was curious and he joked that he would go down, asked around and said that it was his wife who called the police..haha!! but he found out from another neighbour that the fridge from that house short-circuited.

Nobody was home so the firemen had to break into the house. The whole house was pitched dark when it happened. Smoke was coming out of the kitchen and toilet windows. I can't imagine if there was fire....

What an event to end the night...lesson to learn? Turn off all appliances whenever you leave the home. Change appliances when they are more then 10 years old. Check all appliances. Have extinguishers at home. Make sure if you're on holiday, even the fridge must be off.

My sister-in-law once went for a holida in Europe. while they were away, there was a power failure or HDB decided to turn off the electric power for a couple of hours for testing. Their fridge was shut down and when the got back, the food inside the fridge turned stale. Can you imagine opening your fridge for a nice drink only to find stale food and bad odour smell coming out of the fridge? Yuck!!!

So we just have to be more careful....


A week ago, when about to leave my sister's place, Jon started wetching. Continued for about 15 minutes on the way home. His lips was white when we got off the car. Panic we brought him to GP who checked his lungs...okay.
But advised us to bring Jon to KK.

After 45 minutes...still pale. He was tired after all the wetching. We got home to get his bag and took cab to A&E.

They brought him to examination room immediately and did x-ray of lungs and ECG. Inserted IV, gave him oxygen mask and checked his blood pressure. Was told to admit him for the night for observation.

by 1am, he was so tired he fell asleep...with his tape recorder by his side in low volume. Dr came said all reports okay. Perhaps while wetching struck a nerve that caused his blood pressure to drop.

The hospital didn't give him a crib like they used to when he was admitted. Nurse said he's too tall for it. Our little boy has grown up. So naturally, I was afraid he would push himself over the rail of the normal hospital bed.
Didn't sleep till around 5am and nodding off every now and then. Slept sitting up, leaning against the wall.

Thank God Jon slept right through...although he woke up at 4am when the nurse checked his BP. He asked for milk and went straight to sleep. by then oxygen mask was off.

Next day dr asked to stay for another day...saying observation is usually 24 hours. By 3pm they checked him said he's okay to go home. PTL! I don't think Jon would have liked having to spend another day in hospital.

Praise the Lord that it was nothing serious.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The wonders of digital technology. Played around with Photoshop Elements 5. Came up with this on my trial and error session....but really cute. Made everyone who saw them laugh. I just love this software!!!!!


Friday, May 11, 2007

Been feeling lousy. A friend's son went home to the Lord.

I questioned myself...when does God say it's time? When does He decide that "Okay...this child is going to come home to me?" Does He ever think about how much the parents will hurt?

Then again...I pondered...was it because my friend said she's tired and need a break that's why God decided to take the child home? If so...then I'm afraid to tell Him I'm tired.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Jonathan sometimes touches his feeding button (must upload picture of it one day).

3 reasons:

1. It's itchy
2. He wants to get my attention.
3. He's hungry

We have warned him many times. I have even slapped his hand for doing it. Don't want him to yank it.

But today and on few other occasions, it was reason number 3.

I forgot to feed him...why? cos i was surfing the internet, looking for clipart, fonts, etc. Lost track of time.

He kept touching his button, I kept raising my voice 'JONATHAN!" to ask him to stop and even threaten to turn off TV.

Only realised it when I went to the kitchen to get a drink and found out he had only 180mls of water 1half hour earlier. I asked Jon and he said I haven't fed him.

It was 8pm. One hour way past his feeding time.

I apologised profusely....should see his face when he saw the milk...all smiles :) All he did was tell me he was hungry by touching his button and calling me.

Moral of the whole incident? THINK BEFORE YOU ACT, ASK BEFORE YOU TAKE ADVERSE ACTION, THERE'S BOUND TO BE A REASON....lesson learned...guilt felt and love and sayang him even more.

Friday, April 27, 2007


On Sunday afternoon, H was in the music room worshiping. The door was closed. Jonathan had been eyeing his daddy's every move.

So when H entered the room, he thot H would carry him in. But didn't.

Jonathan moved towards the door, using his butt and body. He looked at me and I said, "well, if you want to call daddy, you have to knock the door." so he kicked the door. H said, "ya why?" and no reply. then we could hear him sliding his chair backwards. Immediately, Jon jumped abit and started getting excited and wanted to roll away from the door. The expression he gave me indicated that oh....daddy is coming. better roll away and don't let him know I knocked. but at the same time, he was laughing and smiling.

When H opened the door, he brought Jonathan into the room for a while. Later, Jonathan did the same thing again. I told him not to disturb daddy cos he wanted to worship and pray and this little boy kwai kwai rolled away.

So funny...never seen him do this before. Wish i had video taped the session.

Friday, April 20, 2007


Jonathan's class went to Sungei Buloh for an excursion. It's part of the National Parks to expose children to nature. To prepare Jonathan, I told him the night before that we were going to enjoy God's creation.

It was a pleasant day. God answered all our prayers by giving us sun-less cool weather. Even though it drizzled a little before we left school, it didn't at Sungei Buloh.

It's a mangrove nature reserve in Woodlands for bird watching and trekking. Eye opener for all the children who have never been there before, including myself.

Jonathan is not a nature lover...that one thing we know. But that day, he absorbed all the sights and though I felt it was an endurance test for him, he did really well. He saw monitor lizards, caterpillars and migrating birds.

Jonathan's class (above) with the staff and volunteers of Sungei Buloh

The staff of Sungei Buloh and volunteer guides took us around. We only had a short time so we didn't get to see prawn catching. It was well organized and each child was given a sling bag with a pictures of migrating birds, note books, water, pencil, eraser and color pencils.

Mosquitoes. Our Teachers were armed with mosquito spray cans. I was armed with mosquito patches that I put on Jonathan...haha. But it worked. We didn't get bitten.

It was a good trip. Jonathan said he would like to go back. Maybe we will do that...H would like that very much. Just that it's in Woodlands..quite far from Tampines.
It's nice to be in nature once in a while...appreciating God's creation.


I went for haircut two days ago. When I reached the salon I was the only one. happily sat down and the hairdresser started snipping away.

Thot I let H know that I'll be back sooner than expected, I took out my handphone and started texting under the gown that the hairdressers usually put over our bodies.

So without looking at the keypad, felt my way through the keypad, under the gown, I pressed 2777464 space 669 and sent to H.

H replied. I only checked after I left the salon. When I read his sms, it was: "Cursing Now - what is this?"

It was supposed to be 2888464 ie CUTTING. haha! When I told my friend, she said luckily you didn't type KISSING NOW!

Hah!!! That would have caused a big hooha! So...the moral of the story is...practice hard and get used to the keypad by heart without looking. You'll never know when you might need to SMS in the dark or during emergency.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Zoe..."Aunty Serene, you are wearing a wrong t-shirt."

Me..."What do you mean 'wrong t-shirt'? You said I should wear a light blue t-shirt right?"

Zoe..."Ya...but I don't like the pictures on the t-shirt. You must wear light-blue t-shirt with no pictures on it."

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Zoe...Jonathan's classmate. A sweet girl, with long and silky hair. Full of life and freedom of speech, unless you zero in on her, said to me during snack time:

"Aunty Serene, you are wearing green color shirt today."

"Yes", was my reply.

"You should wear bright colors, like blue".

"Blue? You mean dark blue?"

"No...light blue!"...she makes a face, indicating that you are silly to ask her "dark blue?" when she mentions bright colors....haha.

Ya...I'm a dark t-shirt person. It hides my extras so i don't look so big..haha. Mabye...just day I'll surprise her with a light blue t-shirt.

Zoe means life, freedom. She sure has them. She's one person who doesn't bother about what you think of her. She wipes off Jonathan's saliva without even thinking twice about it. She saw Jonathan drooling and said, "Aunty Serene, Jonathan's got saliva on his face. I'll wipe it for him." and she did it.

That's something many of us ought to think about.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I have been very impatient with Jonathan lately.

I have been raising my voice at him when he refuses to listen to my instructions.

I have not been spending quality time with him.

These negative things....I pray for more patience. I pray for forgiveness. I pray that God will not take him if He thinks I haven't been doing a good job, but to allow me to improve myself further as a mother....

Monday, March 12, 2007


It's the school holidays. We haven't decided what we want to do cos Jonathan is down with flu...although not the serious one....but still required anti-biotics.
That reminds me of the night we went to Night Safari. All we could take were dark pictures. Finally downloaded them from my camera to the computer.


H & I were married on 12 March 1994. Today, we celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary.

My sister sent me an e-card showing animals in twos. One animal will speak, then the other will follow.
The message: After being married for so can actually finish each other's sentences.

That was cute.

After so many years....we are still careful not to hurt each other with words that we regret later. We encourage each other time and again...yes...still. I still shower him with lots of kisses until he asks me to stop. He buys me Joyce Meyer books to read, wants me to build up my spiritual life. We pray for each other and we involve Jonathan in many things we do.

13 years is 3 more than a decade. 3+10, 2+11, 1+12. No matter how you add it up, it still has the same meaning...