Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Jonathan loves the flat at Jalan Batu. Ever since he was young, we always brought him there to spend time with his grandparents (daddy's) and H will bring him up and down team common corridor staircase.

Many years have passed and it's still his favourite place.

He's always wanted to go there. But because of his vomiting issues we always avoid taxi rides.

But a few days before CNY, he asked us to bring him there and so we did.  Thankfully our return home was OK and he didn't throw up.  Then on the first day of CNY, he woke up at 6am! thinking we will be bringing him there to bai nian. But this year, my Mil is staying with my sister-in-law so the house is quite. He kept asking to go and so on the 3rd day of CNY, we brought him there again.

Taxi rides there will always be filled with excitement and only daddy can carry him in the cab to calm him down LOL.

Here are some photos to enjoy.  Hope you all had a great CNY celebrations. Wishing you all a great year ahead!

First trip back before CNY

2nd trip back on 3rd day of CNY. Wanted to have breakfast at Macs or KFC kallang but was too crowded. So we walked back to Blk 6 and had our meal at the hawker center.

Friday, February 06, 2015


Jonathan officially turns 18 today. Born on Friday, 6 February 1997.

I learned that the date and day in 2015 is exactly the same as in 1997. So this literally brings me back to the day when the trauma birth happened.

Fast forward to 2015, I'm thankful to Daddy God for the progress that Jonathan has made. From an intelligent young boy to now, a more intelligent young man.

Yesterday, caregivers from Starpal came with an ice cream cake for Jonathan.  And the surprise we got was a special guest : Dr Chong!  SereneW didn't tell me.  Wanted to give us a surprise and we trully were! Well...I was :)

I'm thankful to God for this great team.  We had lunch and good chat (mostly chatters from me hahaha).  But it was a relaxed atmosphere and Jonathan did well too. Thank you Lord, continue to bless this special team with strength and wisdom.

Dr Chong, as usual, was the joker, asking Jonathan if he wanted home schooling (to which Jonathan kept staring at him), followed by asking Jonathan if he wanted to meet girls since he's turning 18. haha.  Of course Jonathan said no.  Only mommy is enough. haha!  Thanks Jonathan :)

While chatting with Dr Chong today, he asked me when did I quit my job to become a full time caregiver. I said "since Jonathan was born".

Now as I think about it, I tell myself "wow...18 years". It's been a long time. What have I done? But to see Jonathan as he is today, there is a sense of "achievement". I pray for more good things to come for him.

Thank you Lord...we will continue to walk in faith, full of your grace and wisdom for Jonathan, to be able to speak more words other than "no!" and to put on his shoes and walk. For we look not at what was past but to know that the finished work of Jesus at the cross has given us victory over every obstacle, sickness and diseases. We look forward to restoration, we look forward to joy and we look forward to greater glory.

Thank you especially to both of our (H's & my) family members and also friends for your constant encouragement and support. Jonathan knows he is loved by everyone near and far. We love you all too! ♥♥♥

Here are some pictures we took today:

Thanks for visiting. God bless everyone you richly!