Monday, September 21, 2009


My sister's student wrote her this note a while back.  So I decided that I would "immortalize" it onto a tshirt.

I surprised my sister by revealing this in the plastic wrapper.

But when she opened the wrapper, she saw this and was overjoyed!  I added a little stick figure but somehow, one of the eyes didn't stick.  I decided ... it's ok ... as if the kid forgot the eye...hahaha.
Anyway, I wanted to thicken the words but decided against it cos I wanted it to be as close to the original writing as possible.

Then ...  I might as well reveal what I did for Jonathan's teachers, Teacher Lay Keong and JS.  I risk them seeing this but  ... never mind. Teacher's day already almost a month ago!

When I designed it, the photographs looked ok.  After printing, they looked so dark!  Some even had red faces!  hahaha.  but never mind.  Hope the teachers will like them.



The thing about remember Dad is that we get to gather at the niche ... not a really ideal place for a gathering.  But everytime we are there, we're the only family and we do make alot of noise.  If the dead could complain, they would say we are a noisy bunch!  LOL!

Anyway, when I say fun, I mean getting to arrange the flower bed below my dad's niche.  In the little garden this year, I decided to buy the artificial flowers and decided on red roses!  Never had red before so wanted to have a change.  Not bad for an amateur landscaper...LOL!

Fun as in we enjoy each other's company ... with my mum's ever presence.  Feet beling from left corner:  Leon, Amos, Nicole, Kimberly, Leanne, Mary, Matthew, Me, Hoon, Ruel.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I was in Cordova, Memphis Tennessee for a 3-week holiday with my parents visiting my sister (standing next to me).  See the slim me?  haha!  Whatever happened to me?  haha.

Anyway, my sister dug out this photograph to show her curly black hair.  But I was admiring my parents more!  We had loads of fun then at Christmas.  We went to an estate that had homes decorated with lights and figurines and had hot apple cinnamon drinks.  It was fun.

Hope that we can bring Jonathan there one of these days.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Phew!  I finally finished my backlog. A children's day job that came in one month ago (from a good friend).

I've been so busy that I didn't have time to make gifts for Jonathan's teachers.  So today ... finally finished this for them ... well ...  a sneak preview first :-)

Then I did one for my sister ... well ... save it for another day cos I want to surprise her first.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

JONATHAN'S HEALTH's been a month now since we started on the chinese herbs.  But then so much has happened that we feel that we have to stop this route of boosting his immunity.

Twice we got the herbs changed, twice, he came down with diarrhea.  I can't let this happen all the time.  Besides, each time we go, it costs alot and we cannot use the last batch of herbs anymore.

It's not that we cannot afford to help Jonathan this way but I just feel that for him to keep purging like this is not what right.  Moreover, for the last few days he had the diarrhea, I just didn't sleep well, afraid that he might do it in the middle of the night.

For the last one month we were at home, he's hardly sick.  He's been healthy and full of energy.

We'll be back in school next week.  Believing God that everything will be good from now onwards.


Completed ... more of the tshirts that I did for a few friends:

{Left) front design by Harith's niece Rebekah Lim
This layout was done by my with words given by Coreen.

Sisterhood Forever ... with one of the "O"s converted to the female gender symbol

This was done for a group of nice ladies who wanted their favourite animals on the shirt.  So individualized for each person with their animals enlarged and the rest smaller size.
Did this for Nicole Wong, who's leaving Singapore to work in China.  She loves eagle.  I had another Isaiah 40:31 design which I did earlier {click here} for my sister's friend and this time around, decided to change the layout.


Harith's and Francis' birthdays are just 3 days apart.  So his family celebrated both of their birthdays together.
It was an ice-cream cake from Swenson and it was hard!  LOL!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Harith did it again.  He has a knack for finding good books.   Two days ago he came back with this book from the library.  I was reading another and only started reading this book at 12 midnight yesterday.
It's heartwarming to know there are lots of families around the world who are going through the same situation as I am.  I'm not rejoicing in their sufferings, but rather, I rejoice in their positive attitudes.  For many, our children may not be what we have planned for them to be.  Before Jonathan was born, we had hopes of him following in his daddy's musical skills of playing the violin.  We wanted to go for mission trips, holidays to Austria and dreams for our future.

But all that has changed.

\Now Jonathan only listens to his daddy playing the violin, with occasions when he gets a chance to hold the bow.  We still go for trips but within Singapore, the only overseas trip is to Sentosa Island LOL.

Our outlook in life has changed.  Reality struck and it was the hardest hit for us.  But this reality woke us up to see that no matter how harsh our situation may be, there's always something good or even better that comes out in the end.  The tunnel, though very dark in the beginning, is becoming greyish as we move on.  And soon, it will become brighter.

Acceptance is good but never believe things will not improve.