Saturday, February 28, 2009



I've been preparing the materials to print my tees. Learning how to adjust the settings, peeling off the flex and aligning them onto the tees.

It's been "shiok" for the fact that I get to create my designs and they get printed on the tees and we will start selling them soon.

For a start ... the blog is up but without the sample tees yet. You can purchase the tees there when they are put up.
Hope to see ya'll there and please leave a message for me whenever you can!


Went to our regular coffee shop for dinner this evening. I decided to order a bowl of lor mee {noodles in dark sauce gravy}. This dish is usually garnished with fried fillet, dark sauce pork slices, chili, vinegar and garlic.

I don't like to have garlic in my food and the hawker will always give you loads cos it's supposed to make this dish tasty.

I ordered my bowl of lor mee. I just couldn't remember the chinese words for garlic so conveniently told the uncle in mandarin "I don't want" but said the word garlic in english.

Uncle: "ha? gar-ree? what is gar-ree? you want lor mee or curry? You want laksa is it?"

The exchange went on for a while and even the aunty assisting him didn't know what I meant. Until the man next to me told them in mandarin "她不要大蒜" {hanyu pinyin ~ ta1 bu4 yao4 da4 xuan4 ... simply translated "she doesn't want garlic"}.

We all had a good laugh. I thanked the man and the hawker uncle told me "next time I remember your gar-ree!" haha!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Reason being ... we're down with flu. ;o(

Monday, February 23, 2009


I can't believe it! I found this in my secondary school {Chai Chee Secondary School} website's gallery! LOL! I was a prefect in CCSS in 1990s {yes .. the goody-two-shoes! LOL}.

For my international friends : A prefect keeps the students in order during school assemblies or when we have breaktime. Making sure the students do not misbehave. We also book students who turn up late for school.

I was actually trying to locate a good friend during school, Irene Lim Lay Hong {blue oval} and decided to go into CCSS's website. Then I found this photo.

I'm right in the middle {orange oval} and on my right {green oval} is Hazel Menon who runs Immanuel Beauty School.

I threw away my school year book when I moved house and it's such a pleasure to be able to see this picture.

So Irene ... if you chance upon my blog, please EMAIL me! Some classmates whom I came in contact with recently are hoping for a gathering of schoolmates!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Jonathan didn't want to go out to any shopping malls tonight. So after our dinner at the hawker centre, we walked and walked and walked ... quite a distance away from our home ... following Jonathan's direction.

We had a good night stroll. The wind was strong and weather not humid. We walked down 2 junctions then u-turned back to the supermarket near our home.

It was good. Jonathan enjoyed it and I had my exercise ;o)


I'm so thankful for SKYPE.

Lizzy {my niece from US} called me this morning. Told me about her violin playing, Wii Fit, birthday sleep-over party and then passed the "phone" to my 二姐 {2nd sis}. We had so much fun chatting for more than an hour! She had a webcam so I could see them .. which reminds me .. I should setup mine so they can see Jonathan too.

So thanks SKYPE ... for making this possible ;o)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I had fun doing this HERE


Jonathan and I are enjoying our afternoon walks. Whenever Harith goes to work, we go our half-hour afternoon walk around the estate {just around street 33 actually ... haha!}

I've taken Wednesdays off from school for work and decided that both of us need a good sun-break after his lunch. Jonathan likes it and he will quickly say "yes!" when I ask if he would to take a stroll.

Today, we walked a little further and alongside the hill, there was this group of pigeons pecking on something on the ground. I think someone must have thrown rice for them.
We went to 7-eleven store and bought a bottle of apple juice. Gave him a few sips and then walked home. It was good to have sunshine on our skin once in a while.
Thank you Jesus!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Pictures courtesy of Sean {professional photographer for the documentary in 2006}

We finally saw Uncle Kumar today {Jonathan's funny and witty physio therapist in school}! Our on and off attendance last year made us miss so many therapy sessions and we didn't get to see him when school started until today.

He assessed Jonathan and said his body tone is much better! Praise the Lord! So maybe we can stop seeing him already! haha. NOT!

Anyway, as usual, Jonathan was so so looking forward to his PT today. When he got to the therapy room, the first thing he asked Uncle Kumar was to give him a somersault! Talk about thrills!

He checked on Jonathan's shoulder {which I have some concerns with} and told me not to pull his arm if I want to make him sit upright. Because his muscle tone around there is still weak, I might accidentally dislocate his arm from the shoulder. Reminded me to do compressions to shoulder, elbow and wrist joints.

Then he checked Jonathan's ankles and suggested that if he's not going to wear his AFO {leg splint}, I should get him a pair of high ankle boots. That will stabilize his ankle as he could move the joints when he twisted Jonathan's feet. So ... new boots are coming.

He also noticed that Jonathan's lips turn pale whenever he does a certain exercise. That means he's missing something in his diet. Better go ask check this out.

So finally ... after kneeling, sitting, squatting and turning exercises, Jonathan finally got his somersaults. Three! He was all smiles and that really made his day! And ... he still didn't want to go back to class. Wanted to play with the giant bolster! haha! that will come next Tuesday.

I'm glad we had PT today. We almost didn't make it cos I overslept again!

But... it was a good assessment ... which I'm happy with.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Class 7A has an outing to the supermarket every Tuesday to buy groceries for cooking session on Wednesdays. The class is split into 2 groups so that each group will take turns to go each week.

Tomorrow is Jonathan's group to go.

I gave him 2 choices: Will he prefer to go {a} supermarket or {b} physio therapy.

I would think he will choose the therapy session but he chose to go to the supermarket.

Upon reconfirmation, he said "no" to supermarket. When I ask if he prefers to go for therapy, he also said "no".

So in other words ... he doesn't want both .... even if I ask him if he rather stay in class, he will also answer "no". He'd rather not go to school if given the choice. haha!

Just like today. When he was at speech therapy, he was vocalising so much that turned to "crocodile tears". Told me repeatedly he needed to go to the toilet. We haven't seen the therapist for a long while so there was a lot to catch up and we chatted while Jonathan waited.

When therapy finished, I asked him if he really really needed to go to the toilet, he said "no". He just wanted to get out of the therapy room!

So smart my boy! haha!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Actual picture
{took this when we were @ the esplanade library.
Took a lot of shots will show them later. This one stood out .. love it!}
Converted picture

Found this mosaic making software that can create your photographs into mosaic style. I like it. So I created one of Jonathan's picture using the software. They gave me this low pixel picture as a sample. Maybe I'll consider getting this software for printing.

The whole picture is made up of small pictures of different shades. I chose pictures of butterflies as my tiles. If you look closely, they are actually pictures of different butteflies .

Cool :D


Didn't go school on Friday cos I was beginning to feel a flu coming after 2 sleepless nights thanks to the mozzies!

Harith was @ his friend's studio and Jonathan wanted to go for a walk. it was almost 2pm so I insisted he put on his cap {which he did only for 5 minutes! LOL}.

This is a familiar sight under every housing block. The town council discourages residents to leave their bicycles outside the corridors cos they are narrow. So they fixed these "stands" attached to the wall for owners to leave their bikes there. These bikes parked downstairs sometimes get "abused". Thieves make off with the wheels leaving the body chained to the holders.. But looks like the people staying here at this block are very honest! LOL!

We walked from block to block. this is the picture I get whenever I push Jonathan's buggy. The only time I get to hold Harith's hand or arms is when he pushes the buggy. Otherwise, we don't get to hold hands at all while walking ... LOL! {Yes ... I'm still an old fashion lover ... LOL!}

Went to a neighbouring block. Jonathan always like to take elevators, especially when going on high floors and they move reall fast! We took the elevator to the 10th floor and took this picture. It was hazy so couldn't see far.

After 15 minutes, we headed back to our block. There's a hill just behind our block. On the top of the hill is actually the highway. Our home doesn't face the highway. On the left of this picture is actually the park right downstairs from where we live. I like it cos it's very windy most of the time in the year.

Decided to take a seat at the park. Let Jonathan enjoy the breeze before heading home {just upstairs}. That's why I love this place.

When I got home, went to my kitchen and saw this. A myna bird on a single leave of a coconut tree. The leave was swinging and not like a stiff stalk. But this bird was able to cling itself there and not once did it waver despite the wind. Talk about great balancing!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I feel sad for my friend. Chatting with her today was fun. I had a lot of laughs and despite having to go through chemotherapy, I'm just happy she's strong and doing fine. They can't find the tumor in her bladder now and I hope it will continue that way and she will have full recovery! Way to go E!

E is a very strong lady and she took care of a little chinese girl with special needs for more than 10 years {who is not her own flesh and blood}.

Today, she shared her friend told her she has wasted her years just taking care of her special girl. It was like a stab to her heart. I totally know how she feels right now ...

Unfortunately, this came at a time when E is going through physical and emotional changes.

The other day, my sis-in-law and I bumped into a lady whom I don't even know and the first words she said to us were " wah! You 2 put on a lot of weight!"

Now ... I agree I'm on the "heavy" side. But not my sis-in-law! And she's fortunate I was on a good mood that day! haha!

So ... the moral of the story is ... whenever we meet acquaintances or friends, it's best to edify than discourage. You'll never know how the person's emotional meter is reading that day.


Friday, February 13, 2009


It's become a sort of passing-time thingy for Jonathan whenever he's in a taxi travelling long distance.

Long distance meaning from Tampines to Orchard Road ;o)

From the point where we enter into the expressway, he will start singing. Until just before we reach our destination.

I always thought that he was expressing unhappiness in the taxi. I always tell him to keep quiet {cos sometimes it does get a little annoying ..haha!} Until one day ... Harith decided to ask him what he was doing, making all the sound. He told his dad "singing" by pointing to choices of answers.

So our taxi rides are now filled with entertainment from our budding singing artist!

and ... I've stopped asking him to keep quiet ... ;o)


We will wait for the time when Jonathan will say these words, "DAD, I'm watching you."

But for now ... but enjoy this clip cos it's true ... our children watch our every moves.

Father's Day may be a few months away ... show this clip to any daddy-s you know.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I am so angry. This fella called mozzie {picture left .. altho not the same species} kept Jonathan and myself awake from 2 am this morning. We had bites on our legs and Jonathan was disturbed. Each time I put him back on his bed to sleep, he will wake up either scratching his neck or legs.

I finished my mosquitoe patches and forgot to buy some. The repellent spray from sister also expired.

I complained to the Tampines Town Council last week on 6th Feb. Called them this morning and the guy on the phone said they made a check on the 7th and 9th and still monitoring. Will be around here until the weekend.

We didn't sleep until around 4am. In my last resort, I used the Vicks Vapor Rub and applied our legs and Jonathan's neck with thin layer. That did the trick and we slept till 9.30am this morning. My alarm clock woke me up at 7.30am supposedly for school. But I just couldn't wake up. In my sleepy state, I sms-ed teacher saying I wasn't going to school. Too tired.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This is what I was trained to operate the printing machines. I thoroughly enjoyed it. A few more practises and I'll be on my way!


Our block is scheduled for repainting. But before doing that, they have to wash the whole block. Yesterday, they washed the front of our apartment and today ... the back. The whole building gets a clean wash. But it's been many years since they last painted so washing the whole building was a dirty affair! They use the gun hose so the cleaning is more thorough. I feel sorry for the cleaner though. All the dirt and bird doo doos splashing around and on him.

My toilet walls were coated with dirt even though I closed the windows tight! But thankfully, it's ok with the rest of the windows. I managed to catch the worker while he was going down.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Jonathan had his fitting today for a new wheelchair. we were supposed to go two tuesdays ago but didn't make it. He had a measurement session before CNY. Today, he sat on the new wheelchair and got it modified.

Had to hold on to him cos the belts were not fastened yet.

He said he likes the new wheelchair, didn't want to go back on the current one..haha

Harith had to hold Jonathan's head cos he kept flopping down.

I'm thankful that we received subsidy for this wheelchair. Total was more than 1.5K.

We should get the chair in another 2-3 weeks. Then I can bring the current one home cos he doesn't have a special chair for use as we've donated the old special chair.


The first time I dreamed of my dad was a while ago ... maybe just within the year he passed away in 2003. Back then I haven't started blogging so I didn't journal it.

But I remember that in the dream, he was behind the car steering wheel waiting to drive us somewhere. He didn't talk, he only faced front and I didn't see his face.

Then a while later, I dreamed of him the 2nd time. My 2nd dream was a little more interesting and I saw his face.

A month later, I had a 3rd dream. This time, he was smiling and we were sending my sister and her family off at the airport.

This morning, in the dream, my whole family was in a room with dad on the bed, a little tan from cancer. He was cheerful and he asked me to do something. I think it was something to do with music. When I woke up suddenly from the dream, I was shivering with cold. The weather this morning {about 4.30am} was quite chilly. While still on the bed, I remembered every detail of the dream right up to the point when I woke up.

I started sneezing and decided to take a cold pill and went back to sleep. When I woke up, I forgot alot of details about the dream! Sigh...

Moral of the story ... write it down next time! ;o)

Anyway, I believe I'm the only person in my family who dreamed of dad 4 times. I didn't even think about him these few days. But whatever it is, I always love seeing him in my dreams.

I miss him ...

Monday, February 09, 2009


Took these pics @ Changi Beach on my fil's passing anniversary.

It was so windy that day. Jonathan kept looking at the waves slapping onto the sandy shore.

On the last 2nd picture, he decided that he wanted to relax and kicked off his sandals. :o)

Saturday, February 07, 2009


My father-in-law passed away on 7 February. He asked for his ashes to be laid into the ocean. So today, we went to the Changi Beach to remember him. Brought flowers and scattered them into the sea.

It was windy. Soon the flowers disappeared into the water. The weather was very nice. Windy ... but not too hot although the sun was shining strongly.

I was thinking of dad the other day. He was a nice man. Loved his grandchildren and always liked to put his lips on Jonathan's cheeks and make "bobbing" sounds. That's his way of entertaining Jonathan.

Jonathan still remembers him and says he's in heaven now.

Friday, February 06, 2009


At the eve of Jonathan's birthday, when midnight struck, Harith took the anointing oil and put some on Jonathan's head and prayed over him. He praise the Lord for this little boy who has grown and turned 12. He thanked the Lord for all the blessings that God has given to Jonathan and more blessings to come.

We didn't do a big celebration but we always like to bring a cake to Jonathan's school to share his birthday. Surprisingly, one of his last year's classmates, Kah Whye, remembered his birthday! Thanks Kah Whye!

We celebrated during snack time. Went down to the canteen and there were many students! Our cake was not big enough for all the students! But we managed to share some with Jonathan's classmates of last few years. Nurse Lisa came to sing happy birthday with us. Vice Principal came and greeted Jonathan.

Jonathan's classmates were having their snacks but stopped eating their own food halfway cos they wanted the cake! Some had 2nd helpings too! It's always a treat for them.

We had to leave the cake in the box this way cos the wind was so strong!

Teacher Assistant JS helped to bring the cake for Jonathan to cut.

Packed some goodies and pasted printed labels for his friends and to store cakes for Jonathan's therapists.

We gave Jonathan a treat tonight. Brought him to the playground to play slide. He had a good time!

Happy birthday Jonathan! WE LOVE YOU!


Today is Jonathan's birthday. We celebrated his birthday in school. His classmates enjoyed the cake and a little gift pack we did for them. Pictures {just a couple} later!

Jonathan shares the same birthdate as 2 other friends we know.

This is Megan. She's from Australia and a daughter of my Australian friend, Sharmaine Kruijver {who is a Kit Club designer at}.

Megan is 10 today. She's such a pretty girl. Read more about here at 4 Squirts and a Dollop of Cream

The other friend is Ms Hwee Khim. I may have her photo but I'm not sure where I put it now...haha! She was a teacher at Jonathan's school. We celebrated their birthdays together last year.

Happy Birthday Megan, Hwee Khim and Jonathan!

Thursday, February 05, 2009


My family and I moved to Jalan Chempaka Puteh when I was turning 6. We had great childhood there. My dad bought a semi-detached house and also got one for his eldest brother and we lived side by side.

He removed the fencing between our home and we had a really big compound to play in. I have to search through all the old albums to find pictures of our old house @ Jalan Chempaka Puteh and post it up next time.

On Monday, 1 Feb, Jonathan didn't go to school cos his class went for an outing that we've already been before. So we took the day off from school and brought Jonathan for a walk at the Changi Airport.

On our way home on the train, we passed Jalan Chempaka Puteh. So we decided to drop at Tanah Merah MRT and walk all the way to see how the estate has developed after my mum and dad moved out around 2003.

from the train station, we had to walk the stretch of road and passed Katong Flower Shop.
My father used to buy potted flowers plans from them
and another flower nursery for Chinese New Year.

Amazingly ... Jonathan remembered where our old house was.
he told us where to go, which direction to take. He was so excited!
Here is the road sign and the park behind us is where
we used to play. Now, it's renovated and in better condition than before.

This street was where we used to cycle along, played racing games
and travelled for more than 20 years. As we walked along, I remembered
some families with familiar house decors still remained.

Number #33. This used to be our home. On the left is #31.
That's where my uncle's family stayed but they moved out before us.
Now, our ex-home is occupied by a retired couple. I secretly took this picture...haha.

This is the market place where we always buy food, grocery shopping.
There used to be a wet market but it's been replaced by Shop N Save Supermarket.
But the hawker centre is still around on the 2nd level. There was not lift, we didn't go up.

The Simpang Bedok Post Office.
Still the same old building structure where we did all our mailing.
I was nice going back. Jonathan was all ready to go home after walking in the hot sun! haha.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


We actually planned to go for the Hong Bao River on 1 February. But Jonathan didn't want to go so we decided to take him there on Saturday {31st Jan} morning. Nothing was on cos it starts at 6pm so we could only take these pictures. Good enough :)

Add Image
Jonathan loves this cityscape {below}

After that, we proceeded to the library @ esplanade. I took these pictures {below} in this room that holds all DVDs, video tapes and books on dancing {ballet, salsa, waltz, etc}. I like this room. It's quiet when nobody is there. I will bring Jonathan here, sit facing the window and look out. From here, I can see the Singapore Flyer.

Harith browsing through some classical CDs while Jonathan waited {below}

A local singing group performing at the library {below}

We went to the main Esplanad theatre entrance and bumped into a group of senior citizens performance singing chinese new year songs. They sounded really good. There were about 4 different groups performing that day, all senior citizens.