Friday, May 24, 2013


My friend whom I met throught scrapbooking has encouraged me to start doodling.  She has been doing it a some time now and I find inspiration from her work, which are almost like a professional artist.

So here's mine for the last few days.  I did 2.  Hope to do more.  I draw when my boys are asleep and I have just finished my work in the middle of the night.  Fun and relaxing actually.

These are what I used so far.  Simple color pencils (bought by H), gel pens (from my sister Arina) and Sharpie Markers (from my sister Sally).

My first remember Bryant who just passed away.  He was 10 years old with special needs.  Rest In Peace Bryant.

Second piece I finished today.  Didn't know why I did this but it just came to my mind today.

Hope I will be able to continue doing it from time to time :)

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, May 13, 2013


At 12 midnight on 12 May morning, a card was given to me just before Jonathan went to sleep.

H always has this ready whenever it's any of my special occasions.  It's easy for him to just go out and get a card.  But it's very thoughtful of him as he's a man of little words :)

I can imagine what it's like for him to hold Jonathan's hand to write on the envelope and card.  But the best present is always seeing Jonathan's handwriting on anything, whether it's aided or not.

Thanks Dear!


the night before, we were invited by my brother-in-law to join them for Mother's Day Dinner.  My sister Leanne always wants to have dinner with my family but we never had a chance. Reason being : Jonathan doesn't want to go for long-waiting-kind-of-dinner-while-you-all-enjoy-your-food.  LOL!
But I went to represent my family.  It was fun and I got to meet my eldest niece's boyfriend.  The food was nice, but the company was the best.  Here are some pictures of how much my nieces and nephew (one is in Taiwan now for army training) have grown.

Thanks Gus & Eng for inviting us.


Thank God the meeting on 9th May 2013 went well.  All miscommunications resolved.

Neurologist thought we wanted to transfer to CGH until we had a pre-meeting today when she found out that it was the dietitian who told me that Jonathan has been discharged from KK.

She called in the senior consultant from the Orthopaedic Department to check on Jon's bone structure. A physiotherapist was also there. Spine is ok. His hip is in good placement. The only thing he observed was that Jon went into positioning a few times. I was confused so the explanation was that positioning is when they get into one position in a twisted way, then lock in this position for a short while. Sometimes the pain is very severe and in some cases the children will cry badly. Thankfully Jonathan is ok because he is very mobile. And he doesn't do this at home. Orthopaedic doc almost wanted to prescribe relaxant which I didn't want because I don't see Jon doing this at home. But his advice to us was never allow anyone to perform bone operation on Jon to correct any bone structure because he's very mobile and it will not help.

Other than this, everything else is fine. We should be getting a referral for physiotherapy soon to start him exercising again and get to keep the appointments with the dietitian. There won't be any transfer to adult hospital. I'm happy because all of Jon's records are at KK. I hate to have to start all over again. Moreover at KK, so long as we get the first appointment time, waiting is only about 15 minutes compared to adult hospital.

Thank you Jesus for being at today's neuro appointment. Next review Match 2014.