Thursday, January 31, 2008


Jonathan's note to Teacher Eslin

Also for the same friend but this time, a booklet containing all the notes of farwell, well-wishes and encouragements from teachers, students, etc to Teacher Eslin whose last day is today.
Used the zutter chipboard, craft punch, zutter o-wires (1"), blings, Match Makers textured strips, K Marcella Papers, stockcard, adhesive lace, floral sticky tapes, Celebrate ribbons and anything I can think of to decorate the pages, KK plastic letterings and Heidi Swapp chipboard self-adhesive alphabets.
I printed the shape of letter "e" to symbolise Eslin. Then pasted it over with floral paper. My initial intention was to just put the "e" as the cover, then realised I couldn't fasten the covers with just the "e". So I decided to make another set of covers.
I ran out of zutter chipboard covers. The shops here didn't have 8X8 covers. So I used ordinary chipboard. Put the ribbon between 2 of the chipboards so I didn't have to punch holes to hold the ribbons.
But was a major mistake. The Zutter bind-it-all doesn't allow anything thicker than their own Zutter chipboard covers. So I had to manually use my heavyduty eyelet puncher to cut holes for the o-wires. You can see at the binding area there are scratches and I thot just leave it then Teacher Eslin will cherish it more and be reminded how much work has been put in it...haha!
I could have punched more holes and make the binding longer but didn't do it 'cos I was running out of time.
I wish I had a bigger size o-wires. I only got my 1" size wires that I got from a good friend. Should have bought a bigger size wire. As you can see...the book covers are not able to close properly. But still the book holds pretty well. I"m quite happy with the outcome.


I actually finished the altered tin a while back but didn't want to risk it having shown here cos the friend does read my blog. But since I'm going to give it to her later this morning, I can now put it up.

Materials I used were from all over. S.E.I. and other assorted ribbons, plastic latters, craft punches, Paper Confections (Brenda Pinnick Designs), K Marcella papers, tacky glue (no mod podge), Match Makers neutral textured strips.

(View from the back)

(Inside the Cover)

I also put little notes inside the tin box for her suggesting what she can do while she's jobless for the time being. Here are some:

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


the tiny man in the center is H

Behind Jon is the large tanker...the tide was high

Wasn't feeling too good. H suggested taking a walk at Changi Beach.

The sky was clear, no sunshine. The tide was high and breeze very strong. It was a good walk. Even Jon who doesn't really like to go there, said he liked it today. We had breakfast then went for a walk along the beach. I wanted to collect shells so H helped me. Amongst the things we saw on the seashore were empty plastic bottles, seaweeds, shells, and a used condom...haha.

That spoiled the scene...haha.

Anyway, it was refreshing to be at the beach where there was hardly anyone around. I liked it. Glad I took H's advice. Felt so much better later.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


This is my first time decorating a mini tin for a friend. Took me a while to decide what to do. I started pasting the green checkered paper and then realised I was stuck! Alamak! What to match with this green?

Sought help from a few expert scrapbookers and finally decided to just stick to plain color with rustic design above the green. So glad they gave me really good advice.

So far, this is how it looks. If you noticed, I haven't pasted the paper on the cover yet. The only thing is I don't have mod podge so I have to use tacky glue that sometimes doesn't spread evenly. But still it works fine for a first-timer like me.

I'm quite happy staying on the safe side with safe colors. Hopefully I will get more adventerous and creative later...

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Chinese New Year is next month. So I decided to try my hands on making red packets to use just for our family.

Already done about 17 pcs. Here's a look to the first few I made.


I couldn't resist taking this picture. After doing his math worksheep in class, Jonathan sat this way. Don't know if it was on his own or it just happens that his legs were crossed after his involuntary movement. But I would like to believe he did it on his own.

His classmate KW said "wah...Jonathan kiao kah!". Just like a small towkay...LOL!

Noticed the mark on his right shin? Don't know how it got there. Today I saw another mark on the left leg as well. Both have turned blue-black. I think he kicked his legs against the when during one of the involuntary movements.

Teacher said they will allow me to be in class only during periods where I'm really math, PE, art, recess. She will let me take a break during English cos everyone is doing the same level for that subject. I've requested for him to be assessed for assistive technology (communication device).

Lately he's been making so much "L" sounds. I'm praying for the day he will start talking. He's enjoying it so much sometimes out of the blues, he will be pushing his tongue out and in and making "ah ler" sounds. I always tease him..."where is your ah ler ah ler"...haha. Maybe one day, he will progress to other consonents.

I believe he will...

Thursday, January 03, 2008

ISAIAH 40:31

Saw this poster outside of Jonathan's school right next to the bus-stop. It's an ad by the Bird Park.
The sentence is very familiar to believers. But because it's a public ad, "40:31" that's supposed to be after "Isaiah" is missing. :)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Last night, I didn't tell Jon that today is the first school day. I made him sleep early...11.30pm...:P. All I did was tell him thathe has to wake up early tomorrow.

This morning, he woke up at 7.45am and I went to him that it's the first day of school. Of course, he wasn't keen on wearing the school uniform but I bargained with him that if he goes, he will get to watch Youtube when he returns home. It worked!

The first day went well. Jon has the same classmates anyway so it was easy to fit in. Teacher told us that they might start science subject. But I'm not sure if that includes Jon. Jon and his classmates, Kelvin and Kah Whye will be doing Primary 3 math this year so most like he'll also take science. I'm not sure yet.

So far, everything is fine. Teacher is a jovial Ms Clara but she can be strict if she wants to. But she's a nice teacher, head of department.

I hope that this year will be better than last year in terms of attendance. I haven't been good last year, skipping school every now and then whenever I work late. So...this year....i better prioritise.