Thursday, November 07, 2013


An ideal way for Jonathan to communicate with us is through assist technology.  But knowing Jonathan, that way is a slow way haha.

What we usually do is ask him the appropriate questions and he will answer "yes" or "no".

Sometimes, I tend to be lazy.  Actually more of I-don't-feel-like-talking kind of mood.  So I sign to Jonathan.  I spell out the whole sentence using the sign language alphabets and it always amuses him.

So here's a clip of our communication just last week.  Enjoy :)

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There are a couple of reasons why Jonathan will kick off his sandal whenever he's sitting on the home chair.

1)  He doesn't like the shoe feel while at home.
2)  He wants my attention so he just removes them so that I will come to him.

Most of the time, it's point number 2.

So here he is, wanting me to change a video clip and I kept telling him to "hold on" as I was doing something at that time.  When he was about to "peel" of the other sandal, I gave him a warning and he stopped and crossed his leg instead.

I put the sandals on because the foot rest is made of metal and in his excitement and involuntary movements, he will kick his leg against the foot rest.

Here's a short video....

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Friday, November 01, 2013


We recently had to buy a new seat cushion cover for Jonathan's Cruiser.  Price was $480 and included installation.

After the change, the buggy seemed to be a little more upright and that made his head stick out a little bit and soon we have to start using the head extension.

I do admit...our boy has grown so much taller.


Wow...I just realised the last I entered a journal here was in July.

Sorry for being absent.  I've been really busy with many things.

2nd August 2013...was a night that I would remember for a long time. An incident that woke my sense up about hygiene for Jonathan.

He woke up that night at 1am, unable to sleep and very jerky and fidgety.  I thought he was hungry.  So upon asking, he said yes to a feed.  While feeding, he just had so much movements that I kept telling him to calm down.  After feeding, I decided to change his diaper.  Only to find the front part of the diaper in dark brown color and there was a little trace of blood on his private part.

It was around 1.30am. The first thought was "he had urinary tract infection".  Initially H was wondering if we could give him panadol and wait till morning.  But my heart was already pounding.

As a woman, I know what it's like to pee blood.  I had UTI before and it's not pleasant.  The pain is excruciating and I know Jonathan was in a lot of pain.

So off we went to KK A&E. Thankfully that night was rather quiet so we were attended to pretty quickly.  We arrived for initial check and he had a temperature of 38.5C.  Obviously his anxiety level was way high. The hardest part was to collect a urine sample.  He was so "active" at the hospital and took us pretty long for him to pee.

To cut the long story short, Jonathan didn't want to be admitted, which was advised by the consultant that night because he had just recovered from flu with a course of antibiotics.  So they were concern that why the UTI could happened even though he already finished that course of antibiotics.

So I requested for him to be discharged and to report back if his condition didn't improve.  The relieved boy's temperature immediately dropped.

A course of 14-day Sofilex antibiotics was given and thankfully it didn't cause any button blockage and diarrhoea.

Diaper change is now more than regular.  Used to let it sit till it's full.  But now, I've decided to change it every 1.5 hours even though it feels like it's only partially full.  Hygiene is more important for him.  Don't want him to go through that again.

We were supposed to go for the review but I ended up going alone which is not allowed.  But thankfully the doctor was kind enough to see and advised that even though the bacteria was killed by the antibiotics, we should still bring him for a urine test.  That which we will do at the GP.

Thank you Lord for taking care of Jonathan.

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