Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Jonathan was asked if he could help a couple of Mass Comm students from a local polytechnic to do their photo journal.

I received a call a few days before our meeting and I agreed to help.

The young ladies came on Saturday, 1st December 2012 morning, spent about 2 hours, taking photos, chit-chatting with us.

Here are some the photos taken on that day.  All in black and white:

The picture below is my favourite because of the sparkle in Jonathan's eyes.

They did a write up in the form of a newspaper report.  I'm happy to say that they aced it.  Had good grades.

Glad to be able to help :)  And thanks Judith and Chloe for the great pictures :)  And as usual, by the end of two hours, my prince started pushing them away with his legs.  "It's time to leave", he was telling them.  LOL!

God bless!