Friday, April 27, 2007


On Sunday afternoon, H was in the music room worshiping. The door was closed. Jonathan had been eyeing his daddy's every move.

So when H entered the room, he thot H would carry him in. But didn't.

Jonathan moved towards the door, using his butt and body. He looked at me and I said, "well, if you want to call daddy, you have to knock the door." so he kicked the door. H said, "ya why?" and no reply. then we could hear him sliding his chair backwards. Immediately, Jon jumped abit and started getting excited and wanted to roll away from the door. The expression he gave me indicated that oh....daddy is coming. better roll away and don't let him know I knocked. but at the same time, he was laughing and smiling.

When H opened the door, he brought Jonathan into the room for a while. Later, Jonathan did the same thing again. I told him not to disturb daddy cos he wanted to worship and pray and this little boy kwai kwai rolled away.

So funny...never seen him do this before. Wish i had video taped the session.

Friday, April 20, 2007


Jonathan's class went to Sungei Buloh for an excursion. It's part of the National Parks to expose children to nature. To prepare Jonathan, I told him the night before that we were going to enjoy God's creation.

It was a pleasant day. God answered all our prayers by giving us sun-less cool weather. Even though it drizzled a little before we left school, it didn't at Sungei Buloh.

It's a mangrove nature reserve in Woodlands for bird watching and trekking. Eye opener for all the children who have never been there before, including myself.

Jonathan is not a nature lover...that one thing we know. But that day, he absorbed all the sights and though I felt it was an endurance test for him, he did really well. He saw monitor lizards, caterpillars and migrating birds.

Jonathan's class (above) with the staff and volunteers of Sungei Buloh

The staff of Sungei Buloh and volunteer guides took us around. We only had a short time so we didn't get to see prawn catching. It was well organized and each child was given a sling bag with a pictures of migrating birds, note books, water, pencil, eraser and color pencils.

Mosquitoes. Our Teachers were armed with mosquito spray cans. I was armed with mosquito patches that I put on Jonathan...haha. But it worked. We didn't get bitten.

It was a good trip. Jonathan said he would like to go back. Maybe we will do that...H would like that very much. Just that it's in Woodlands..quite far from Tampines.
It's nice to be in nature once in a while...appreciating God's creation.


I went for haircut two days ago. When I reached the salon I was the only one. happily sat down and the hairdresser started snipping away.

Thot I let H know that I'll be back sooner than expected, I took out my handphone and started texting under the gown that the hairdressers usually put over our bodies.

So without looking at the keypad, felt my way through the keypad, under the gown, I pressed 2777464 space 669 and sent to H.

H replied. I only checked after I left the salon. When I read his sms, it was: "Cursing Now - what is this?"

It was supposed to be 2888464 ie CUTTING. haha! When I told my friend, she said luckily you didn't type KISSING NOW!

Hah!!! That would have caused a big hooha! So...the moral of the story is...practice hard and get used to the keypad by heart without looking. You'll never know when you might need to SMS in the dark or during emergency.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Zoe..."Aunty Serene, you are wearing a wrong t-shirt."

Me..."What do you mean 'wrong t-shirt'? You said I should wear a light blue t-shirt right?"

Zoe..."Ya...but I don't like the pictures on the t-shirt. You must wear light-blue t-shirt with no pictures on it."