Monday, March 30, 2009


Today's english lesson for Jonathan was a story about a group of donkeys that felt they had to work so hard and not being appreciated.

It's a folktale about how two of the donkeys went to a wise old man to ask him for help because they wanted to stop working and just want to laze and graze.

The old wise man thought for a while and came up with a great idea. He got two pots of paint. One for white and the other for black paint. So he started painting the donkeys with stripes and called them zebras. Soon the donkey-turned-zebras didn't have to work anymore and were enjoying the fields of grass.

They told the secret to the other donkeys who went to the wise man and asked him to paint them. But the wise man couldn't paint them fast enough and the donkeys started a stir and accidentally knocked the pots over and there was no more paint and they had to go back to their hard work.

Moral of the story was patience. If the donkeys were patient and waited, the would have become zebras.

So after doing the question and answer worksheet, teacher came by Jonathan to ask if he's a patient boy. He pointed "Yes". So I asked him, "are you patient all the time?", he touched "No".

So there ... my honest little boy ... haha.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


My sister Hoon was baptized this evening. My sister, Leanne and her husband Gus, my mum and I were there to support her. A total of 64 church members were baptized tonight.

We're so very happy for her. Praise the Lord!

Hoon & Benjamin {her younger son}

Before immersion

After being baptised


{front - each polo had a customised front emblem}


SMU students asked me to design a logo for their project team. they needed it for their first year project to teach children about the environment.

Photo credit of the Globe featured in the Chlorophyll logo: Flavio Takemoto

Thanks to Ms KaWaEE ... again.


I'm not usually an advocate for such events. But ...

It's happening this Saturday. 8.30pm turn off your lights for one - hour ... now ... that's going to be a tad hard for me...especially when I have to take care of a special needs child.

but ... we'll try to reduce the number of lights used tomorrow night. 8.30pm to 9.30pm won't be so hard.

Participate ... if you want.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Show Spelled Pronunciation [buhm-er]–noun Slang.
any unpleasant or disappointing experience: That concert was a real bummer. i've experienced this today. Thought I had the upper hand on the cutter.


What a bummer! Things just didn't go my way today when I tried to get the transfers cut!

Praying for no bummers tomorrow when I press the tees!

{Alas! My prince has to miss school again! Much to his delight! heh heh}

I must thank God for H. He's helped me with Jonathan today while I was busy peeling away the excess transfers! Thanks dear!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Jonathan was in his playful mood yesterday. 2 days after he had his tummy virus / food poisoning ... I don't know. Praise the Lord he was all energetic. So I took the chance to give him a leg massage {non-professional kind ... a squeeze here and there :) }. Did some squatting with him. Then lifted him up to stand.

He was so happy! I should use the AFO {the plastic thingy that supports his ankles}. But I figured since he wasn't going to stand long, I should let him feel the rough texture of the Thomas the Train mat. His feet are as smooth as silk cos they haven't touched the ground alot!

Each time I lifted him to stand, I will count backwards from 10. I release my grip on him {as you can see from the picture}. He will be balancing on his feet for a few seconds. Repeated this for another 5 times before his legs gave way.

I took him up for at least 5 more times and then my back started aching.

But that made his day. The smile on his face said it all!.

We're going to have him assessed by 2 qualified Filipino PTs on Tuesday. we want to give him extra physio therapy at home since we've been missing school alot. More details later.

Right now...Jonathan wants to stand again. Better do it before he takes his lunch.

--------------------ON ANOTHER NOTE

My good friend ... Jeannie's daughter was admitted to hospital because of pneumonia. Couldn't go down to see the little sweet girl at KKH.

It's tiring for any parent when a child goes to the hospital. We had our share of this kind of experience.

After praying last night, a peace came over me. I wasn't worried anymore. Alot of prayers were going out for Faith. Her blood pressure was very low and they had to move her to the ICU for monitoring.

Thank God this morning Jeannie told me Faith's condition stabilized. Pressure normal.

Praise the Lord!

Thursday, March 19, 2009



1) Vomiting
2) Falling Sick
3) Getting Flu


It must have been the fruit-vegetable juice I gave Jonathan yesterday afternoon. He was ok in the morning. But after the afternoon walk and the juice, he started drooling alot and became very tired. By evening, the vomiting started. Brought him to the doctors got his medication replenished. It also could have been that I had the flu earlier this week. Me being close to him all the time, especially when Jonathan gets ready for bed, doesn't help much. sigh....

The onus is on me ... to keep healthy.


1) Eating unhealthily
2) Snacking!
3) Sleeping late!

Harith and I didn't sleep much last night. Jonathan didn't stop retching till around 3am. By then, I was hungry. So while he went back to sleep after the last vomit, I took 2 slices of peanut butter bread and a cup of warm water.

Slight fever that's left ... which is good.

We slept till 9am when Jonathan woke up, touching my face continuously. He stopped retching.

Today's diet ... porridge broth and lots of pedialyte {isotonic water}. I'm laying off milk for today. He still feels sleepy and lethargic ... bit his lips so there are small bite wounds in the inner lower lip.

Thank you Abba for quick recovery! ;-o


Stick Figure Family at

Make your Stick Figure Family at

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We celebrated our 15th anniversary on 12th March. We didn't do much .. just went to our favourite Istanbul Cafe outlet at East Point Mall. I had the favourite Istanbul Laksa and Harith had fillet. the other dish I love is the wrapped chicken.

Istanbul Laksa

Grilled Fillet

The chef ... he's normally decked in his chef's uniform...but not that day.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Didn't get a chance to design for MsK's Chlorophyll. Should get it done soon.

Tomorrow I'm gg to learn how to cut paper using the plotter. That will trim the small designs to exactly the shape they come in so that when I print on the tees, it won't leave a very large border.

Woo hoo...can't wait!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

IRISH DANCERS VIDEO CLIP ~ COMMENTARY offered a free Irish Dance video clip for St Patrick's Day. All I needed to do was upload images, do some cropping and add the "heads" to the video clip.

Why I'm putting notes about the clip in a new post is cos every time I write something there, the video clip doesn't show! So ... here is my commentary on the guest stars.

The lead dancer is my nephew Amos Tan. The lady dancers are from left, Emmy {my sister}, Nicole {niece}, Mary {sister-in-law} and Kimberly {niece}.

I only had their pictures in the computer cos the rest are in the external hard drive...too lazy to transfer...haha.

Hope ya'll had a good time watching ;o). I did ... especially when Amos did the leap! haha!


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I'm absolutely happy that orders of plain cotton tees and drifts came today.

Best of all? I got to experiment printing on drifit and tank tops {thanks to Missy-KaWaee} 2 paid orders!'s a good idea ... do one for Ms KW. She is KaWaee!

Spent the whole evening stock-taking. Credit goes to Mr Ho Kai Ming for being such a cooperative and helpful boy! He didn't disturb me much during that 2 hours so I managed to finish packing the tees nicely. Makes it easier to search for them.

I so need a new high cupboard to store the tees!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

WE'RE 15!

Harith and I are 15 today. Time flies! Through loads of ups and downs we've come this far.

It's all because of JESUS ... He is the centre of our marriage.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm happy the medication worked on Jonathan. By this afternoon, his nose wasn't so congested. The allergy medication worked. He was so drowsy, he took a very deep nap this afternoon and I had a chance to watch a drama serial on tv.

He had to take anti-biotics too. I figured ... just as well. Thankfully it doesn't cause diahroea {always don't know how to spell this word!}

Jonathan is with his daddy in the study room listening to Christian music. I can hear Jonathan singing. He will use his voice and go ooh, aahhh, mmmm.

I'm also happy to get an order for t-shirts today. Believing for more! Can't wait to use the heatpress again! I love it that I can get to design, re-create designs and learn new techniques in Illustrator. Scrapbooking has now been totally ignored! LOL!

I want to scrapbook too. But I guess my new "hobby" is also like scrapbooking. Just that they are on t-shirts.

Thank you Abba Father for giving me all the wisdom and creativity!


Brought Jonathan to the doctor's yesterday. Dr Ong said his nose are really congested. Largely due to allergy and while the allergy was in process ... virus creeped in that caused him to have a cold.

Weighed him for prescription of allergy medication. Have to finish all 20mls!

Weight gained : 22kgs. No wonder lately we can really feel his weight ;o)

He's still has stuffy nose that makes sleeping a little difficult.

It's 3.20am ... I'm off to bed now after finishing some work.

Monday, March 09, 2009


Just found out I can trace a picture in various forms. Love this result. I actuall should crop off the back ground a little. Then his whole head will show better. Will try it later.


Our little prince caught a cold again. Last night he was drooling alot. Sometimes, it's a sign telling me he's not well somewhere. Sometimes not.

He started having stuff nose. Actually last Monday when he was not well, the stuff stayed till the whole week and we didn't go school. Then last night ... he sounded like he had a cold.

We wanted to bring him to the doctors today. Bad day Monday @ the clinic. There were at least 12 persons in front of Jonathan. By the time we thought it was a good time to go down, it started pouring and kept raining until evening. Had low-grade fever.

I'm thankful I had medication @ home. At least he's feeling more cheerful now.


Just one of the few new t-shirts that I've printed. This is one of them.


Sunday, March 08, 2009


The packet of tissue paper was near him. So to get my attention, he started pulling the tissues out. A few at a time ...

When I found out ... I went over and asked him why did he pull so many pieces of tissue out.

He immediately put his hand to his mouth ... to show me he wanted to wipe it.

Just yesterday, I was changing his game show tape at the television area and when I turned around, he was not on his mat and out of sight! I went over to and found him shuffling himself into the music room. He wanted to listen to music instead ...

Mister-chievous is actually quite smart actually in trying to get his way ... how to scold him like that? LOL!

Saturday, March 07, 2009


I'm a little early. International Women's Day is tomorrow. But I cannot resist this picture which I found at Woodsy's Gallery at I like the way Woodsy did this picture.

Maybe that's now his intention but somehow ... the woman in the middle seems to know the answer...LOL!

Happy Women's Day ... especially MOTHERS OF SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN!

Anyway you wish to think about this picture ... it's just thought provoking.

Just a picture that reminded me that. haha! Great job Woodsy.


My mum, Kevin and Ema {their helper} came over for lunch today. I love it when mum comes over ;o)

Showed them how I print my tees and did 4 within 15 minutes {I think! LOL}. Did 2 new designs and also printed one "I LOVE YOU" sign language tee. Silver on black. I like that one. Maybe will further add some words on the tee later. Kevin helped me solve the laser printing problem. Now I can print color on tees ... yippee!

Loads of things to do. I'm glad I had requests for quotations but so far no replies from them yet. Hope to clinch the deals! Thank you Jesus! Thanks for all your support!

Will upload the new tees after we get some good sunlight. There was a "storm" this afternoon. Lightning and thunder. But cooled down the weather ... which I love!


Well ... I want to design my t-shirts ... but alot of things are in the way at the moment.

Jonathan hasn't been sleeping well this week, waking up a few times in the night. Then during the day, no matter how tired he is ... he cannot nap, or doesn't want to nap.

Then when he sleeps at night ... he wakes up around 3am and calls for me. Once, he even woke up at 6am asking for milk. It doesn't matter...milk i will give but to wake up that time, then going back to sleep and have to wake up in an hour and half for school was not going to happen! LOL!

We have missed school this week because both of us wake up really tired. We wake up at 7.30am when alarm rings but go back to sleep until 10am each day.

I hope it gets better next week.

It's 2.20am. Time to check on Jonathan before I go to bed.

Friday, March 06, 2009


Jonathan loves to snuggle up to me when it's his bed time.

He loves it when I hold him until he sleeps. I'm his security blanket ;o).

Tonight ... the loving- double-eyelid- sparkling-bright-left eye of his kept looking at me even though he was just too sleepy. Way past 12 midnight ...

Seems like he was looking at my features, soaking them into his mind. But that one eye ... so close to my face ... so beautiful ... and it spoke volumes to me ... looking deep into my own eyes ...

What was he thinking? I wish I knew and I wish he could tell me ...

He only went to sleep after I told him ... "Mummy loves you."

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Let me introduce the new t-shirt printing company that was set up by my brother. I posted a journal earlier HERE about being excited upon learning the ropes and now ... the company is in full swing.

SPEIRO {pronounced SPEH-RO} PRINTS & DESIGN PTE LTD is a fully registered company in Singapore and yours sincerely is running Speiro's BLOG SHOP!

I'm still posting new designs ... currently only SCRAPBOOKING tees and purchase is targeted to local Singaporeans. But soon ... I will add Paypal so that international customers can make their purchases from Speiro's BLOG SHOP.

We're also opened to companies, churches and schools who need t-shirt printing services! If you are in need of a printer. Just EMAIL ME your specifications and requirements and we'll send you a quotation. We will give you the best price as close to your budget as possible!

Be a follower of our BLOG SHOP and you will always receive updates! Leave me comments / feedback cos they are always welcome!

See you at Speiro's Blog Shop!


This is one of the most difficult pieces of tee-shirt I've printed so far. Name in sign language alphabet. Now available at SPEIRO's BLOG {click HERE or link on the left bar}


Scrapbooking Tees are ready for sale. Only 3 designs. Hop over to SPEIRO's BLOG and you can purchase from there. This is one of the designs I did. More to come. PTL!

Monday, March 02, 2009


My neighbour upstairs like to hang their children's school shoes above our laundry. I think it's done by their domestic maid.

I don't know if the shoes are washed or not but every time they hang them out, they don't bother to see if there are cleanly washed clothes hanging below them.

Today when I looked up, the shoes didn't looked washed ... there were dirty stains on the shoes. Either it could not be washed off or they just wanted to air the shoes.

Not only shoes ... sometimes washed floor mats with water dripping down.

Sigh ... that's what we face when we stay in housing estates. It's just another issue that we have learned to ignore ... wait till they bring in their shoes then I'll hang out my laundry to dry.

Please upstairs more considerate.