Sunday, January 30, 2011


My friend ordered a box of name cards from me.  But it's hard to get hold of those transparent plastic name card boxes as they are sold in bulk of 200 pcs.

So I decided to make one myself.
Materials:  250gsm cardstock (for strong backing) / scrapbook cardstock / scrapbook pattern paper / double-side adhesive tapes / chipboard alphas / ribbon

Here are the steps:

Start off by taking the measurement of the name card.  Leave at least a few mm more from the actual name card size.  The actual height for 100 pcs of name cards is around 3cm high.  So I worked from there.  I had to have double folds for the edges.  This main box takes up almost a whole A4 size paper.

Once above is done, work on the template for cover (below).  Cover has to be 2mm wider than the main box.

Then start tracing on the cardstock / pattern paper. Here (below) I'm tracing out the cover.

Next, I prepare the insert to make the cover and main box stronger.  This will be hidden once the flaps are folded.  the insert has to be slightly smaller.  Otherwise, the flaps of the main box will not fold properly.

When everything is ready, start putting them together.  If you look closely, the white insert backing is already placed and adhered to the base.  Then I put the pattern paper flap over it and seal it.

Once everything is in place, start applying double-sided tape (which has stronger adhesive) and press down for a firm seal.

Here's the finished box.  I didn't seal the edges properly but the turn out was pretty good, I must say.

Adding chipboard alphas and tying a ribbon across to hold the box, here's the final outcome:

Hope you like my customized name card box.  Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I've started working on projects again.  My friend has ordered birthday cards but I've decided to do birthday booklets instead.  All the birthdays stretch through the year so I can do and mail/pass to her whenever they are ready.

Here are the first 2:

Materials for these 2:  Chipboards / Fabric Paper / Ribbon / Pattern Papers / Zutter binding / Buttons

For the inserts, I used double-sided color cardstock and stamped on them using black Staz On ink and clear stamps that I borrowed from a good friend, Olive and she gave me some ribbons too, including the happy birthday one (above).

For their names, I used my tshirt transfers, cut out the names and printed on the fabric paper.

Two down and 9 more to go.  I actually finished another one but will post it another time.

In the meantime, I just bought this fabulous small "equipment"... can I say that?  haha.  It's the Fiskar Scissors Sharpener.  So small you can just store it in the drawer.

This little gadget is truly amazing!  My scissors are sharpened with just a few slide across the white ceramic.  The more you do it, the sharper it gets.  You can get this from!  Here's youtube DEMO.

Thanks for visiting!