Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Jonathan had time out today. He was talking too loudly in class while teacher was conducting lesson.

I was busy helping to coordinate the hair-cutting event for children that happens once a month. When I went to the class, she told me to stay outside. About half hour later, Kelvin came out to tell me that Jonathan said he was hungry, that's where teacher explained to me why he had time out.

So funny. He had to face the wall. He was quiet when I went into the class...haha.

My boy....sometimes I don't know if he's doing it purposely or suddenly just got excited and talk loudly. But he knows when we tell him to stop so I'm not sure what he was thinking then....

Monday, January 29, 2007


Jonathan is turning 10 soon. So fast. So soon. So how?

Haven't planned what to do for his birthday but I'm sure his friends will look foward to it.

Tomorrow he has class outing to Vivo City, take the special train into Sentosa. I wasn't keen but after asking Jonathan 3 times, he said he wants to go. So...tomorrow must wake up early....

About celebrating his birthday...what shall we bring for his classmates and friends?
1) Goody bag with toys and snacks?
2) Birthday cake only?
3) A MacDonald's meal?

What does Jonathan like to do for his birthday?

I asked him:
1) Celebrate birthday in class? .... NO
2) Do you want any present? .... NO
3) Buy birthday cake for you? .... NO

That's Jonathan. He always says he doesn't want presents, gifts, celebrations, etc. Helping mommy and daddy save money...haha. Looking forward to celebrate with his friends....Jonathan says no now but maybe when his birthday draws nearer, he will say yes....just maybe....

Sunday, January 28, 2007


You ask a friend how is she, her reply "Ok...why?"
You ask your husband what time he's coming back after work, his reply "why?"
You ask your sister how she's doing, her reply: "I'm fine...why?"

Why?!? Can't I ask you? I want to know how you have been doing, that's why I ask!!!!!!!

Why do people ask why? Why can't they just give a straight simple answer, without putting "why"?

Why don't they go...."I'm ok. Just a little busy right now" or "I'll be back at 7pm" or "I'm fine...everything's great, children are busy with school".

Why must there be a why?
Is it because they want to know the motive of your question?

I don't get it....of course when a question is asked, the "asker" normally expects more answers than just a one-word answer followed by a "Why?"

So...why...why...why? I just don't get it.

Maybe asking "Why" is the most straight forward answer. Instead of saying "What is it that you need to know?" or "What can I do for you?" can just straight away and ask "Why?". Or instead of typing so many words in the sms, simply put "Why?". I understand that sms-ing is a tedious process if you have alot of words. After all, sms is short message. Simplying typing "Y" is only pressing one key, rather than going through the whole keypad on the phone.

I don't know....

On the other hand, this "Why?" tells me, if there's nothing, don't bother me...haha...or...what would you like to know?

So the next time someone else asks you a question, be generous with your answer. Then put the "Why" in the end. Not greet the person straight away with a "Why? Maybe when you give the person a whole answer, they will stop asking you more questions....haha!!

Friday, January 26, 2007


LIFE...what is life to us? why live the life and then have it taken away by some disease or incurable sickness?

i will never understand what all these means. It's already hard to see someone suffering and yet you can do nothing about it.

So what is life?
Like a butterfly that squeezes out of the cocoon?
Like a chick cracking out of the shell?
You live a life whether it's been good or bad
You leave this life not knowing if you have achieved what you want.
Do you live to eat or eat to live?
You live a life that's worthy of His name.
You live a life that's a testimony to many who come your way.
You live a life you want to be filled with joy, good health, peace and blessings.
You live a life that brings you to the next level of wisdom when you overcome difficulties.
You live....all with Him as your guide....
You live....knowing that ultimately, we will live in Glory, paved with gold and lined with silver.... suffering....a kind of LIFE worth waiting for....

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Jonathan poo-ed with blood today. Had a shock cos it's never happened before. But thank God not big discharge just stains. Brought him to dr and he confirmed there's a little slit on his bum bum. So just observe.

Found out that he still has a little stomach flu from last week. So we are totally out of school this week....which makes him very happy...

He almost cried when he thot he had to go school today. I guess he knew he wasn't well.

It's hard when I don't know how he's feeling as he can't tell. I can only ask questions and sometimes that irks him when I ask too many times. But he's been very very patient with me.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Jonathan came home from school and started throwing up later in the afternoon. Don't know why. Noticed it happens on the day when he has physiotherapy. Must check out the source of this. But I think it's because he always ask Uncle Kumar (his Physio Therapist) to give him somersault as a reward after doing a difficult task.

It was the first time we saw Uncle Kumar since the school started. He checked Jonathan's body, bone structures, muscles and found that when Jonathan is sitting, there's a little curve at the middle of his spine. The result of this is due to sitting on the McClaren Buggy. The stroller we put him on when we go out. Now we have to try to find a way to make him sit straight when he's on it. Current situation is not worrying although Uncle Kumar say we must try to correct it. When Jonathan is lying down, his spine is straight. So it's actually called movable scleriosis.

Now we may have to buy another buggy that will give Jonathan better body support. It's the money issue again....sigh...

Monday, January 22, 2007


Parents are asking for more swimming time for their children. Monthly hydrotherapy is not enough. Weekly water in the jacuzzi is restricted. No space for movement, especially for children who are bigger in size. Big pool is better as children can exercise better and have more space. They say they are doing it for the sake of their children.

Jonathan has monthly hydrotherapy. I didn't think of asking for weekly swimming time for Jonathan and his classmates. True that swimming is good for them. If the previous school allows weekly swimming why can't the current school adopt the same plan? Isn't it a waste that a big swimming pool is under-utilized?

Consider the scenarios:
1) Big swimming pool hard to maintain
2) Children tend to poo inside when they haven't cleared the bowels.
3) Who will bear the cleaning charges.
4) Not enough therapists to go down with children if not during the hydrotherapy.
5) Who will take responsibility when there's an accident?
6) Risks involved, accident can happen.

Consider the other scenario:
1) Parents say willing to take responsibility for any risk.
2) They will go down with children in the pool so no need to have therapists.
3) It's difficult to bring children out to public swimming pool.
4) Children need more swimming time as it is good for their exercise regime.
5) If big pool hard to maintain, why build such a big one?

I'm for the fact that children do need more swimming time. Children exercise better during swimming and children get a good workout in the pool. So I understand the parents' views.

I'm also for the fact that school has rules and regulations that students and care-givers follow. We pay S$20 per month. We get all the therapies. We get more than we can get if we go to private therapies.

When I think about other special schools like MINDs, Katong Special Schools...they don't have indoor swimming pool. Do they still get swimming time? I'm sure there are some children who have walking difficulties although they can walk. much can we ask for? If I don't fight for the right to have more swimming time, does that mean I don't think about the children's welfare? When the parents say they are doing it for the sake of their children, what am I doing for Jonathan? Don't I think for him? But then again, if I don't fight for the parents, what kind of parent rep am I?

Parents asked me not to mention names when I meet the people in charge. But if the meeting is not successful, then a petition will be written as per the request of the parents. Then their names will be revealed. So there's no win-win situation. Either one has to give way and I'm sure it's not going to be the parents.

So....the headache lies with me....the bearer of the parents' woes. Trying to fight for the rights of the children, and at the same time, don't step on the school's toes.

Nothing is enough for everybody. But somehow or rather, one of us have to give in. Compromise...that's what i hope will happen.

So help me I doing enough?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Monday, January 15, 2007


Jonathan officially became an Uncle on 16 December 2006 when my grandnephew was born.

Yesterday we went to Lucas' full-month celebration. Before we left home, I told Jonathan that he was Uncle Jonathan to Lucas. He gave me a long hard look...wondering why is he called Uncle now....the look he gave me was priceless...haha.

It runs in my family. My brother became an uncle at 10 yo when my sister's son was born.

Uncle Jonathan...10 years old...

Friday, January 12, 2007


Overheard in class ---- teacher was reminding Muhd (Jonathan's classmates) about the homework that he has to complete over the weekend. His father was waiting outside the classroom....

"Remember to do your homework Muhd. Make sure everything is done" (something to this extend).

Muhd's reply: "If I don't it then how?" To which all of us in class burst out laughing.

Want to know teacher's reply? Go figure....hahaha.

I wonder what maintstream teachers will react to such a response?

Still wondering....

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


It's already the 9th day of 2007.

So I have stopped counting them in my 12 days of New Year...but things have been going smoothly so far....

So big thing happened...except changed the appointment for dietician (for Jonathan) a couple of times. Supposed to go today but he came down with gastric flu yesterday. Thank God brought him to dr's early. Stopped the vomitting in time and this morning, woke up fine. Spent the night in Jonathan's bedroom to watch over him. Woke up a couple of times last night.

Thank God managed to change the dietician appointment to tomorrow. There were a few free slots in the morning so....Thank God.

Thank God Jonathan is healed so quickly.

Thank God for everything good that came this morning....

Friday, January 05, 2007


5th day of new year and what did Jonathan do?


It was English lesson and Teacher was showing the kids a short passage to locate naming words (ie nouns).
The kids took turns to read. I thought she was going to skip Jonathan but she didn't.

So....using his voice, he slowly made sounds for each word I pointed. There were certain words that 3 syllables, eg ANIMALS. He made 3 sounds to portray speaking that word. It was cute. He did it for a couple of words.
His face was serious as he looked at each word in the passage...haha. Praise the Lord!

Thursday, January 04, 2007


On the 4th day of new year and what did we do?

Collect Jonathan's portraits....
School started today....
Visit Jonathan's grandpa....
Spent one hour at Vivo City....

Jeremiah and Wendy came by school to return the photo posters that was used during the photo exhibition for the documentary screening. I took back all of Jonathan's solo pictures. They are really nice. I like them very much.

Jeremiah looked good. Perhaps the holiday he took with family did some good.

Jonathan wasn't happy at the start of school today. Teacher told him if he didn't stop whining, I will leave the class. That did it. During snack time, he was happy again. I told H it's because after that he would have computer time. He smiled when I told H about it....this cute.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007




Visit Jonathan's grandpa....
Spent one hour at Vivo City....
We kicked off the morning with Jonathan crying. Why? Didn't want to go to school....haha.
He woke up at 7am, saw his school uniform hanging on his wardrobe handle and started whining. Saw his dad and wail!

But he's a good boy. By the time we got him changed, he was ready to leave home. He had no choice actually.

It was good to be back. The children look the same, no change and it was refreshing...for me...I don't know about Jonathan but today, he paid attention to what teacher spoke. Even looked at her for the whole duration she was speaking to him. That's good.

Teacher asked if he wanted to join any CCA, he was quick to answer "NO".

Alot of new things. Jonathan's going to start Primary 2 Math with Kelvin, Sohaib and Kah Whye. So I hope it will challenge him even more and I get to learn something new about Math.

It was good to be back in school.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Sing to the tune of 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS

Spent one hour at Vivo City....

Monday, January 01, 2007

1ST DAY OF 2007

First day of up late and where did we go? VIVO City.

Thot not many people will go there since the countdown was held there the night before....

WRONG...SO WRONG!!! So many people....Singaporeans really have no place to go...just like me!! haha!!

Our first and last time there....maybe next time, I don't know but certainly not soon, that's for sure!

Had a hard time finding feeding rooms which were located next to the restrooms and hard time looking for the restrooms too...haha...and when you find one feeding room, it's parents with children who are actually resting on the changing tables...haha. Talk about tired kids and parents! Searched for half hour cos not all restroom areas have feeding rooms.

So...we went home....without feeding Jonathan...who was very patient with us...

Total taxi fare??? Ans: S$30. Only compensation was that Jonathan and I got to spend time with my mum in the evening.

That's an exciting first day! Still...Praise the Lord!