Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Jonathtan's classmates and teachers came this morning for a tshirt printing session.

Had a great time and I hope they did too. Jonathan was so quiet while they were here, even Teacher Lay Keong noticed it cos he's quite talkative in class...haha! But he was a good host. He let me go through the printing "tour" without interruption. Thanks to Harith who helped me too!
Thanks to Speiro Prints & Design for sponsoring the tshirts!

The complete set of photos are in my facebook HERE.

This is the sample (below) that was done and customized for each child. This tshirt was done for Jonathan.

Started by introducing the equipment, transfer media and how the process is done.

Me ... showing them the flex.

Letting them feel the blade tip of the plotter (cutter)

Teacher Lay Keong helping the children remove the finer parts of the flex from the backing.

Gee Beng, proudly showing her tshirt

Alvin, peeling off the backing after the words were pressed to the tshirt. The plastic backing was really hot from the press but all of them got a chance to do this.

Alvin and his tshirt.

Teacher JS trying her hands on the heatpress. The pressure was strong so it was really difficult to push the handle down if you're not used to it. She literally lifted herself up while pressing the handle! LOL!

Teacher Lay Keong decided to print her own t-shirt. Maybe she wants to switch career? LOL!

Everyone with their printed tshirt!

After all the hardwork, it was time for light snack. Thanks to Jing Ying's mum who brought packets of Vitagens for us!

From left: Alvin, Muhd Idros, Jing Ying and Zoe.

After snack time, the kids had half hour before leaving so we went down to the park for some play time. That's Alvin on the turn-table bar.

Jonathan and Gee Beng on the sidelines with Harith under the shade. Thank God it was a little breezy and not sunny. Weather was good.

Irfan gave the turn-table a try. Then we put Jing Ying on it who immediately wanted to get down! LOL!

Muhd Idros also wanted to join in the action.

Two of our 3 princesses who wanted to take a break and then Muhd joined in cos he wanted to be in the picture!

The ever expressive Muhd Idros!

Zoe ... she asked me to take a picture of her jogging.

Then ... it was time to go back to school.

Saying goodbye to them and they to Jonathan.

The gift from Teachers Lay Keong and JS. Organic juices and supplement to help get us into better health! They made the card themselves (but I placed it upside down...ooops!) Alvin even wrote that he loves me! How sweet!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Just when I'm ready to go back to school with Jonathan today, last night I had stomach cramps. Took a painkiller and knocked out till this morning and couldn't get up. Things seem to happen whenever I'm about to go school.

Like ... the night before Jonathan will not sleep till 2am, 2 nights consecutively. Then it's either I'll be coughing like crazy around 5am and waking the whole family up.

Maybe I should have just got up and go no matter how tired I am. Jonathan has missed school almost the entire month of May.

Not a very good example to Jonathan actually. He happily "doesn't mind" missing school.

This is really frustrating. I just have to buck up!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Got this from my sister ... be amazed but most of all ... be encouraged.


One of the medicine I'm taking is giving me side effects. I've been warned but it's good for me to take cos it's cutting out the coughing. Only given 4 doses to be taken at night. Opens up my airways thus reducing the coughing. But makes my heart beat a little faster and hands tremble.

Can't work on detailed stuff like my craft cutting or peeling flex for tshirt printing, especially when I have to zoom in on the smallest angles, doesn't click.

Now I know what it's like for Jonathan. the involuntary movements makes it difficult to aim.

I haven't worked on designs, haven't updated my blog~store, haven't done quite a lot of stuff I've set my heart to because of this flu. Thankfully finished at least 3 important tasks.

I'm just thankful Jonathan is ok.

I'm going to bed now and will change Jon's diaper later in the early morning.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Harith was out almost the whole day. Morning music lessons then came back rested for a few hours then off to his friend's studio. He didn't come home till after 1am cos his friend bought him supper (and a McDonald's apple pie for me).

Jonathan was supposed to sleep by 12 midnight. He asked for milk again and then suddenly he started tearing. No matter how I tried to distract him (which normally works with some songs), he just couldn't stop.

Earlier on, I told him to sleep early so he could see his daddy tomorrow morning. That probably sparked the teary-eye. HUGE MISTAKE!

At 1.30am, he was still at it until he heard the door lock clicking. A little moan ...

Then when Harith peeped through his bedroom door ... LOUD wail! Harith came into the room, still in his dirty jeans, carried and hugged him and then ... the crying dropped to whimpers.

I asked ... his answer ... "I miss his daddy." Finally falling asleep at almost 2.30am.

He never does that for me when I'm away for a few hours! LOL!

Friday, May 15, 2009


"Hate" is a strong word. But in this instance, I can safely say "I HATE COUGHS!"

Yesterday morning woke up and the world was spinning around me. When I walked, I was staggering. I assumed it was the cough medication plus all other medication that I took to stop my flu that caused this.

Thankfully Harith was around. The spinning effect was on till around noon where it slowly went away.

So...I stopped taking the cough mixture last night to which I'm thankful cos Jonathan didn't sleep until 2am! If I had taken the mixture, I would be zonked out and it would have made me really agitated {although I was already getting agitated by 1.30am!} LOL.

He finally went to sleep and I knocked out too only to wake up with bad bad coughing.

So ... back to the cough mixture {that helps a little}. Maybe it's time I try the Vick's vapor rub on my feet tonight and see if this really works :-)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


My eyes are about to close .. the medication from 4 am is still active. Now, I have to take a fresh doze just so that the runny nose stop.

Feeling rather drowsy and that's causing me to feel lazy but still work has to be done.

I dread taking medication cos Jonathan will be affected by my "not~so~attentive~mum" mode ... haha!

I shall attempt to finish the last batch of tshirts for Mennonite Church & Scrap-n-Crop. But the medicine label did say "don't operate machines while on this medication." haha! Yup...don't want to be ironed on by the heatpress! But no worries ... I'm still as alert as ever!

I'm just happy that at least a bunch of tshirts in a shoebox is on the way to Valerie for her Art Retreat this Friday! Tks ta jie for helping me!


Yup! He wanted to do it himself ... ie ... click another wheel of fortune game show video clip on youtube.

I was busy with something. I heard some squeeky sounds {his legs rubbing against the floor} and found this young man scooting towards the computer!

So smart right? LOL!

I'm having the runny nose again .. all thanks to the chill I caught last night when I had to watch Jonathan throughout the night because he suddenly came down with retching ... sigh...

I shall go to bed now and get some rest. Tomorrow ... another tshirt printing day ;-)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I don't know how long I will have to wait ... but I believe one day ...

I WILL ...
  1. get a hug from Jonathan.
  2. get a mother's day card from Jonathan.
  3. get to hold Jonathan's hand while we're taking a walk at the park.
  4. get a "I LOVE YOU MUMMY!" spoken by Jonathan.

But for now ... I'm happy just to ...

  1. get a pat on the back of my head and shoulder from Jonathan.
  2. have those beautiful eyes of his digging deep into my soul.
  3. have Jonathan snuggle so so close to me when lie next to him.
  4. have Jonathan's face so close to mine when he's sitting on my lap.
  5. hear Jonathan's oohh, aahing, lerring and bering in his speech and the beautiful voice when he sings.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Harith went to buy breakfast this morning and came home with a heart-shaped cake for Mother's Day. This morning, he and Jonathan prayed for me and I'm just so happy that he did this.

I forgot to take a picture of the whole cake until we were halfway through it during tea! LOL!

Happy Mother's Day to all my friends with special needs children. Your dedication and love for your children are way beyond what any woman can describe.

God bless all of you!

Then last night {9th May}, another molar tooth came out around 10.45pm. Jonathan started coughing and Harith was surprised to find blood on his tshirt and struggling and kept touching his mouth.

I found the tooth stuck between his front and lower teeth. Tried to pry open his mouth but he just didn't want to.

He cough out a big splat of saliva + blood onto my face cos I was infront of him. Then he stopped struggling. Asked him if it was still inside, he said "no".

Finally when Harith stood up, the molar fell onto the floor. Phew! Thank God it was not in his mouth anymore!

I'm wondering ... how many baby molars are there? I forgot what the dentist told me ;-)

Our next appointment is in July. I guess by then all the molars would be out already..LOL!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Jonathan has been drooling alot these last few days and last night, we saw traces of blood on his mattress. I thought he had bitten his lips again while turning his body.

While feeding him before his bed time, there was more blood drooling out. Harith checked but couldn't see anything. But while holding the syringe in one hand, I pried open his mouth and saw the gum missing one tooth.

The first molar came out not long ago and Harith recalled it was from the left side. Last night, this was on the right side.

After feeding Jonathan, Harith propped him up and he started coughing and gagging. Then a small molar came out of his mouth. I put on some finger index gloves to check his mouth and found a piece of chipped off molar. No wonder he was feeling uncomfortable cos they were quite sharp. Further checks and I couldn't find any more loose molars.

Another protected episode. If we had ignored the drooling, he would have choked on the molar while sleeping.

Thank you Lord for protecting Jonathan!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Today was Jonathan's class to have the compulsory health check by the government.

Weight and height were taken. But if the child cannot stand on his/her own {like Jonathan}, this is not done. But the compulsory eye check is still carried out.

Instead of alphabets on the board, like what we adults have to read from, our children are given shapes like star, plus sign, circle and square. If the child can tell, they will say what the shapes are. For Jonathan, it's different.

Non verbal children have a flash card placed in front of them. The left eye will be covered and the testing begins. They will answer by pointing to the correct shape on the flash card. This is repeated with the right eye.

Jonathan did well today. His eye sight is still perfect. I had a hard time looking at the last row which was like pea-size from where we stood {about 1.5meters away}.

I wanted to secretly take a photo during the process but was busy getting Jonathan to answer the questions.

He's vision is ok ... I better go check mine! haha! PRAISE THE LORD!

Monday, May 04, 2009


My friend Rachel {click her name <== and see her post} has finally taken a picture wearing the t-shirt I gave her. Aaron (her son) was the budding photographer... and he didn't include his mummy's head in the picture! So funny!

Rachel is a funny and witty kind of lady. So it's not surprising that her children, Aaron and Maddison are always so cute and funny. They make my heart laugh.

Thanks Rachel for blogging about it!


Whenever I feel low .. about life .. about why all these happend to Jonathan .. sometimes just shedding tears .. this song perks me up ... Be blessed and encouraged too :)

Sunday, May 03, 2009


Happy National Scrapbooking Day to all my friends who are creatively creative ... and I wish I'm one of them who can just do a layout~in~a~minute kinda thing.

Getting there? I sure hope so!

Hop on to for some specials. the links are on the left side of my blog <===

By the way, I saw this really good FREE tutorial. click HERE and you'll see why it's good.

Happy Sunday ... and ... Happy Birthday to Ms Go today!

Saturday, May 02, 2009


Yup! Jonathan is sleeping well tonight .. Praise the Lord!

Then why am I still up at this hour? When Jonathan sleeps, I catch up with other things:
  1. Spent time with Harith. We watched Criminal Minds and American Idol.
  2. Peeled off the excess flex from the cutting I did to prepare them for tshirt printing.
  3. Blog surfing {and found the great giveaway at TwiddleyBitz DT and also left comments (good ones) at friend's blogs}.
  4. Check facebook.
  5. Get updates.

Now ... I'm going to check on Jonathan, do some sketching, maybe read a page or two then sleep.

Thank you Jesus!


TwiddleyBitz is giving away great gifts. check it out HERE! Best of all it's opened to international people! So who knows you may stand a chance.
All you have to do is blog about and leave your post at their blog post.

I love the little bus. Hope I get it!