Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The wonders of digital technology. Played around with Photoshop Elements 5. Came up with this on my trial and error session....but really cute. Made everyone who saw them laugh. I just love this software!!!!!


Friday, May 11, 2007

Been feeling lousy. A friend's son went home to the Lord.

I questioned myself...when does God say it's time? When does He decide that "Okay...this child is going to come home to me?" Does He ever think about how much the parents will hurt?

Then again...I pondered...was it because my friend said she's tired and need a break that's why God decided to take the child home? If so...then I'm afraid to tell Him I'm tired.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Jonathan sometimes touches his feeding button (must upload picture of it one day).

3 reasons:

1. It's itchy
2. He wants to get my attention.
3. He's hungry

We have warned him many times. I have even slapped his hand for doing it. Don't want him to yank it.

But today and on few other occasions, it was reason number 3.

I forgot to feed him...why? cos i was surfing the internet, looking for clipart, fonts, etc. Lost track of time.

He kept touching his button, I kept raising my voice 'JONATHAN!" to ask him to stop and even threaten to turn off TV.

Only realised it when I went to the kitchen to get a drink and found out he had only 180mls of water 1half hour earlier. I asked Jon and he said I haven't fed him.

It was 8pm. One hour way past his feeding time.

I apologised profusely....should see his face when he saw the milk...all smiles :) All he did was tell me he was hungry by touching his button and calling me.

Moral of the whole incident? THINK BEFORE YOU ACT, ASK BEFORE YOU TAKE ADVERSE ACTION, THERE'S BOUND TO BE A REASON....lesson learned...guilt felt and love and sayang him even more.