Sunday, February 24, 2008


Scrappin Kids Care is doing something for charity and they have organised a TAG DRIVE. Scrapbookers create tags (something like the size of luggage tags) to be given out to the children of Club Rainbow.

I remember Li Jin is in there. 16th February is his birthday and his mom called me to say Club Rainbow sent a Swenson's cake to her house for him. That was really nice of them. That's why I decided to do my bit and did 10 tags.

Since I didn't know how to really decorate them like the other scrapbookers who did a really good job, I decided to use my toy button maker to make mini buttons so as to fill up the space in the tags. But thank God it turned out ok. Enjoyed doing them. Hope it can be used since I heard they already reached the target of 250 tags. Better late than never...

Saturday, February 23, 2008


I was looking through the files in my computer and came across this photo of my family when we celebrated Mom's birthday at a teochew restaurant at People's Park. This is not the actual size. I still have 2 sisters and their families in America. If they were around, there would be more people. Maybe one day...just one day...I'll do a scrapbook album of all my sibblings and their families for Mom. I should make that as a goal for her next birthday this year. Collecting the photographs will be a toughy...haha. But I'll try.

I have a big family:

1) Eldest brother - wife and 3 kids = 5
2) Eldest sister - husband and 3 kids + 1 daughter-in-law + grandson = 6 (one more daughter-in-law going to be added)
3) 2nd sister - husband and 2 kids = 4 (dog not included)
4) 3rd sister - 2 kids = 3
5) 4th sister - husband and 2 kids = 4
6) 5th sister - husband and 4 kids = 6
7) myself - husband and 1 kid = 3
8) youngest brother - single = 1
Total number of people in our family = 32 (hope I didn't miss anyone out!)
Can't compare to those multi-tier families but big enough for us to enjoy each other's company!

Friday, February 22, 2008


Found this trailer clip on Youtube. The documentary was done in November 2006. I posted about it in my blog on 18 Nov 06. Maybe one day when I have the time I'll put the documentary in the blog.


H fell sick right after CNY and I followed. It started on 11 February. Then on Friday, Jonathan fell ill. Recovered quickly and went back to school this Monday. then on Tuesday night, Jonathan started salivating so much and couldn't sleep until around 2am plus. Next day, runny nose, stuffy nose and another flu struck.

Thank God he wasn't seriously ill. No vomitting, no retching. But missed school again cos the stuffy nose kept him from sleeping well but at least the medication kept him drowsy and he went back to sleep easily.

The late nights kept me from getting up tired so skipped school.

This falling sick must stop...stop...stop!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I mentioned earlier that in 2005 I made 2 LOs for Jonathan's teachers for Teacher's Day. I asked Teacher LK to take a picture of her LO for me.

The number background I used was transparency type. I used clear labels to print the words and manually cut them.
3 years ago....Jonathan was only 8 years old.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I'm having a headache now. Big one. Panadol also didn't really help. Took a strong one somemore. Why? I'm just troubled that I haven't been working with Jonathan. Alot....
I'm escaping from something that has been troubling me for a while. H has been encouraging me to read God's word but I haven't been doing it. I need to....

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Since I finished the first scrapbooking layout, I decided to do another one before I kept my craft equipment away. Cos once I do that, I will not touch it probably for another month or later...haha.

Jonathan was not well yesterday. He was throwing up after we got home from a funeral wake and Orchard Road walk. It was tiring for him after all the retching. But throughout the whole episode and like other times when he's not well, he was the best ever. He smiled when he could, even though he was weak. He stayed really close to me when I layed down beside him on his bed. He didn't want me to leave. He wanted H to carry him when he wanted to watch Price on Youtube.

So for this, I decided to name it "YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE". H and I came up with the journal. I like it except for the fact that I spoiled the orange line just below the photo by adding short lines. Itchy hand....haha.

I bought the cloud paper a very long time ago, a few years back when scrapbooking was beginning to get popular. Don't know why I did that but now it has come in handy. Also used cardstock, blings and glittering pen. The picture was taken during the time when his 2 front teeth were beginning to grow after the milkteeth fell off....probably late 2006 or early 2007.

The I finally added a verse: "The light of the righteous shines brightly.."Proverbs 13:9

Friday, February 15, 2008


We bumped into 2 old friends today at Orchard Road. Not that they are old as in age but friends we got to know many years ago.

One is a lady who's in the sales line. Alot of free time if she's not working. She's her own boss. Yet, within that short span of 5 minutes that we chatted, I get the impression that she is bored. Said when she's free, just "hang kai", "jalan jalan", go shopping. She looked very "sian"...bored...

She told us I have a child to take care and she doesn't so she has a lot of time to spare that's why everyday, go jalan jalan. I wanted to suggest scrapbooking..haha! But stopped myself before I went on.

Then after lunch we met a guy who is a professional. Also within 5 minutes, we parted. He had to rush...probably to a meeting. He worked around Orchard Road but didn't seem too keen about working around that vicinity. Gave us a grunting looking face and said he had to rush.

How odd...meeting 2 people with different reactions to life. I used to be like this once before Jonathan was born. My outlook after 1997 changed completely. happened to us. People deal with situations differently. So who am I to judge?

But we shall continue to Praise Abba Father everyday for all that's happening around us. My prayer is for Him to watch over the 2 old friends we bumped into today and bless them in everything they do. Pray that they will find happiness and joy in whatever they are doing and experiencing in life.



I finally finished this LO for Scrap-n-Crop. Wasn't sure how it would work cos the Challenge said we have to scraplift (copy, if not all, some) from the scrapbooking layout posted by the Challenger.

Base paper yellow rustic design cos Jonathan likes yellow (although sometimes he changes about..haha). Craft punched the stars to like the words that ends with a bling each. "Quality" cut out from a piece of scrapbooking paper with alphas on them.

I used alot of old materials I had stored. The only new ones are the Heidi Swapp chipboard alphas (wish I had brigher colored ones). Other materials used: Self-adhesive glitter paper for the stars, wooden stars for the title, blings, stockcard, ribbons, scrapbooking papers.

At first I kept saying this is my first scrapbooking attempt. Then I remembered that in 2005, I did 2 LOs for Jonathan's teachers but didn't take photos of them. Wish I had done it cos one of them was a flower crop of all the classmates with the teacher in the center...sigh...never mind.

Take a look at the Challenge here...
Closing date 22 February 2008.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Jonathan celebrated his 11th birthday today in school. It was dejavu for me. Him being born on the same day as Chinese New Year eve. Not something I would like to remember.

It has come full circle. His birthday today is also on CNY eve. Chinese calendar, he is 12yo.

I cried today when nobody was around. There were a lot of "If Only-s". But then again, what good would it have done? Might as well just enjoy the 'now' than 'then'.

Jonathan knew it was his birthday. He was excited. Told us he wanted a big cake. So I went online, put him on my lap and let him choose the design of the cake. He didn't want any cartoon characters. Just a cake with a design meant for boys. He was happy about his choice.

I'm happy that H was around. Actually he's always around for Jonathan's birthday. He always makes a point to take leave for this.

Notice the cake says "Jonathan's Happy 11st Birthday". That wasn't what I asked them to write. H collected the cake but all of us didn't notice the error! hahaha! I only noticed it when I uploaded the pictures. It doesn't matter. What matters is that the cake is edible!!

So there it was, his birthday celebration in school. The classmates sang birthday song, held Jonathan's hands so he won't slap the cake and had a good time. Each kid had 2 servings. Jonathan had a taste and we had enough to distribute to his therapists.

"Happy Birthday Jonathan. Mummy and Daddy love you very much, especially Abba Father who love you the most!"

Saturday, February 02, 2008


My eldest sister loves to eat pomelo. The other my sis-in-law went marketing, decided to buy one for her since she's hosting our family's pre-CNY reunion dinner.

Well....I didn't like the plain looking pomelo. I told my s-i-l that I wll do some decorations.

H say usually people will paste a red piece of paper or ang pow on the pomelo. Well...I decided to go abit further than that. I went beyond further...haha. I used assorted ribbons, scrapbooking paper for the "fu" 福, shiny self-adhesive papers for flowers and "ji" 吉.'s my very "cheena" looking pomelo decorated to the core! haha