Friday, May 15, 2015


This morning, I had H deliver shirt orders to a school here in the east.  A few hours into the delivery, my whatsapp starting tinging a few times and deep down I had this gut feeling that something went wrong.

True enough.

Three shirts had errors on them.  Two with names spelt wrongly and one with the number printed upside down.

What did I do?  Can't blame the class.  I followed the first list that had spelling errors and didn't double check on the updated list and took for granted that everything was in order, even though the wrong names were not highlighted.  My fault :(

It didn't help that the kids will be wearing the shirts on Monday for an outdoor activity.  More so today is Thursday and H has just left for town to get something from Bras Basah.

Another whirlwind situation.  What to do but to pray.

Thankfully H was able to come back in time to pick up the faulty shirts from the school office before they close.

Next problem : When H came back with the shirts, I removed the faulty tranfers but stains from the adhesive remained on the shirts.  And the biggest issue?  I have run out of royal blue shirts!!!!

A quick call to my supplier that gave me an initial shock:  "Oh...royal blue.  Sorry we're out of XXS and XS at the moment."

Quick!  Check the sizes that I need!  They are all in size S!  Phew!!  They were available!!

So off H went out of the house to collect these new shirts from the supplier, even though he just stepped home one hour ago.

So while he was out, I started preparing the transfers.  Thankfully by the time he came back, I had time to get them printed.

Thank God for H!  Thank God he didn't have to work today!  Thank God for His perfect timing!

Tomorrow, H has volunteered to send the three shirts to the school so that the kids will have them and wash them over the weekend before the outdoor adventure.

Another day's event, another day ends.  At the end of everything, I was totally brainxausted haha!

Thank God for seeing me through everything. Hopefully everything else in my current orders will fall nicely into place.

Thanks for visiting!  God bless!

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Wow.....I just realized my last post was almost two months ago.

Time flies when you don't keep track.

Everyday is the same activities.  Jonathan wakes up, request to listen to some Christian worship songs, then it's time for feed, and after half an hour, he would want to watch his TV game shows.

Then the whole day will be repeated activities.  I'm not bothered as long as he stays healthy.

Well...Jonathan had a sudden vomitting episode that sprang out from nowhere just 2 days ago. It's odd that it comes suddenly, he throws up from 10pm till maybe around 2am and then with all the medication we gave him, it helped him sleep till the next morning and he wakes up smiling and happy.

My friend said perhaps it's because his tummy is windy "hong".  I don't know.  I would think it's a gag reflex.  Whenever there's drainage from the nose, it irritates his throat and then he starts coughing and stimulates the gag reflex and thus causing him to throw up.  There are times we know it's the tummy that churns.  So it's rather confusing.

But for whatever reason it is that caused it, I'm always willing the time to pass by quickly so that he will get this over and done with and we can be healthy and happy again the next day.

At least I'm glad this is over.

Anyway, a bit of good news though.  We have requested for funding for Jonathan's new buggy and it has been approved!

Jonathan is so tall and his current Convaid Cruiser, a 14 inch Cordura, is already too short for him.  His legs stick out from the buggy seat and it's super uncomfortable.  He has used this for about 3 years and it's time for a change.

 See how his butt is almost sticking out of the seat.

DNR did ask us to go down and try other buggies but we have decided that since Jonathan is already used to the tilt of this Cruiser, we might as well get the same model.  Hopefully he doesn't "swim" in it width wise because Jonathan is slim. Can't wait for it to come in a month's time.  Thank you Lord for this provision when we needed it.

We shall look forward to another day.  I the meantime, hope everyone who visits my blog here is healthy and strong.

God bless!