Friday, June 29, 2007


I'm thinking of embarking on name card designing. Not sure if it will work but at least will help in generating some income. In the midst of doing up my name card blog to show case my samples and rates. Made a box for my brother-in-law in America and they liked it. Encouraged me to go into it. Quite exciting. Many people going into this line as I checked online. But never mind. Will see how things go.

Also got contact for homebase job. Hopefully she'll take me cos I'm unfamiliar with html stuff. Will read up . But looks quite challenging. If she's willing to take me on, I'm willing to learn as much as I can.

Jonathan fell ill again last night. Makes me wonder why he gets this so often. Dr said his retching is due to his lungs being affected. When there's not enough oxygen, it gets giddy and the retching starts. Got nothing to do with stomach infection.

I suppose I haven't been exercising Jonathan regularly. Been busy doing my own stuff. Not working him hard enough to strengthen his lungs. He's been lying down alot during this June holidays. Must really make a point to exercise him more. Felt so terrible that he was retching the whole night last night. Finally asked dr to give him a jab to stop the retching and through the tiredness he fell asleep almost immediately.

H is not working. Still looking for job. I'm anxious but it doesn't get me anywhere. Just keep praying for God to provide him with one that he will enjoy doing. He has been practising his violin. That's good. Jon and I enjoy having the violin being played. It's a nice string sound in the house. Very soothing.

Today's bible reading was good. Cast your burdens to God. He has been telling me that He will never leave us nor forsake us. He will provide and all the promises. That made me feel better and look forward to everyday.

All I need to do is just trust HIM.


Jonathan's cousins from America were in Singapore during the June holiday.

This picture was taken in 2005.
(from left: Samanthan, Brandon, Jonathan, Matthew (Singaporean), Elizabeth)

This was taken in June 2007
(clockwise from Jonathan: Elizabeth, Matthew, Brandon & Samantha)

This group is just 5 out of 17 grandchildren and one great-grandchild that my mother has. The kids grow so much in the span of 2 years. The next time we see them will probably be in 2 years' time.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


H went to kitchen window and saw the Aunty from opposite unit from ours rushing to close their kitchen window. It was already 11pm. Saw smoke and told me the unit below theirs has black smoke coming out.

Call the police. Fire department arrived shortly...

H was curious and he joked that he would go down, asked around and said that it was his wife who called the police..haha!! but he found out from another neighbour that the fridge from that house short-circuited.

Nobody was home so the firemen had to break into the house. The whole house was pitched dark when it happened. Smoke was coming out of the kitchen and toilet windows. I can't imagine if there was fire....

What an event to end the night...lesson to learn? Turn off all appliances whenever you leave the home. Change appliances when they are more then 10 years old. Check all appliances. Have extinguishers at home. Make sure if you're on holiday, even the fridge must be off.

My sister-in-law once went for a holida in Europe. while they were away, there was a power failure or HDB decided to turn off the electric power for a couple of hours for testing. Their fridge was shut down and when the got back, the food inside the fridge turned stale. Can you imagine opening your fridge for a nice drink only to find stale food and bad odour smell coming out of the fridge? Yuck!!!

So we just have to be more careful....


A week ago, when about to leave my sister's place, Jon started wetching. Continued for about 15 minutes on the way home. His lips was white when we got off the car. Panic we brought him to GP who checked his lungs...okay.
But advised us to bring Jon to KK.

After 45 minutes...still pale. He was tired after all the wetching. We got home to get his bag and took cab to A&E.

They brought him to examination room immediately and did x-ray of lungs and ECG. Inserted IV, gave him oxygen mask and checked his blood pressure. Was told to admit him for the night for observation.

by 1am, he was so tired he fell asleep...with his tape recorder by his side in low volume. Dr came said all reports okay. Perhaps while wetching struck a nerve that caused his blood pressure to drop.

The hospital didn't give him a crib like they used to when he was admitted. Nurse said he's too tall for it. Our little boy has grown up. So naturally, I was afraid he would push himself over the rail of the normal hospital bed.
Didn't sleep till around 5am and nodding off every now and then. Slept sitting up, leaning against the wall.

Thank God Jon slept right through...although he woke up at 4am when the nurse checked his BP. He asked for milk and went straight to sleep. by then oxygen mask was off.

Next day dr asked to stay for another day...saying observation is usually 24 hours. By 3pm they checked him said he's okay to go home. PTL! I don't think Jon would have liked having to spend another day in hospital.

Praise the Lord that it was nothing serious.