Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I've learned to give thanks to Him for all circumstances. Yesterday I had a revelation about something and quickly prayed over it. It was good to be close to Abba.

He has told me to wait for His reply, He has told me to be patient, He has told me he will never leave me nor forsake me.

Amen for His reassurance.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Last night I had a dream. Brought me back to #33 Chempaka Puteh (my childhood home). I arrived at #33 greeted by many people at the compound.

You see....my father bought 2 semi-detached houses (for himself and his brother) so we had a big garden compound.

When I got back (from don't know where), there was a large crowd having barbeque and feasting away. There were kids running around. I didn't see my sibblings or cousin....funny...

Just outside the compound, on the large fence surrounding it, hung a big screen tv that was showing the stock market results. Odd that it was there. Alot of ah cheks were looking at it and commenting. I know father used to check the teletext and look at the share prices...but this? Big screen tv?...haha.

Well...I went in, saw my father. He was wearing his usual long sleeve 3-Rifle or CCC shirt. His favourites. he handed me a plate of food, with a thick piece of ham on the plate and wanted to introduce me to a man. He told the man that I was the singer in the new tv show that was showing on TV, and that I was the one who sang the theme song. I looked at the man and confirmed it....can't remember which show it was though..haha. I think it was a story about a mother and daughter...I think so...

I don't remember seeing the man before, not real time. But seems father knew him. After that, i woke up from my sleep.

Oddly enough, I didn't see father's face in the dream. This is probably the 3rd time I have dreamed of him. All of them, I only got to see his body with the long sleeve shirt. I don't need to see his face. His presence is more than enough. Father always had this presence that I don't need to see and still know that he's there. He's a quiet and strong man, always providing for us.

Father has always been proud of my singing. He's always giving me tips. From young, he loved to play the guzheng, the erhu and very good with percussions. When he's driving and had to turn on the signals to turn right or left, he will tap his fingers on the steering wheels and go along with the tick-tock sound. I think most cars don't have that now. But he was very good at it. His rhythm is fantastic. I suppose that's where we got the musical genes from. Mum can't sing...she sings off key...haha. I still remember when I was young, my favourite chinese singer was Ling Seow...hahaha. What a joke! My sisters and I used to use the skipping rope head as microphones!!

Father also enjoyed playing mahjong occasionally with his kakis. Whenever he wins, he will buy hor fun supper for us. He's funny and very jovial. I hardly see him get angry. Maybe not me. Mum used to say that he dotes on me...haha.

Father is in glory for almost or more than 3 years already....I forgot. But I will never forget him. One day I must upload his and mum's photo. They are the handsomest couple I have ever seen.

I miss him...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I always enjoy watching Jonathan's classmates helping him do his worksheets. They are very ready to lend a helping hand. I had the video camera filming video clips for national day and managed to capture Kelvin and Kah Whye helping Jonathan with his math work. I blocked out their faces not sure if I should show them so closeup.

Watch towards the end of the clip how Jonathan sticks out his leg without his shoes. Every time he's in school, once he reaches his classroom, the first thing he does is kick off his shoes. Don't know why. One of the reasons is that he feels hot...hahaha. It's like his second home.

Monday, July 23, 2007


I suddenly have the urge to go back to singing. Remember doing studio work more than 10 years ago. I liked that alot even though most times it's way into the hours of the night. H says that's where your voice is the best quality.

Well...don't know if people will still want an old lady singer like me..haha.

Been thinking about doing an album to raise funds for Jonathan's school. Will pray about it.

It will be huge...getting sponsors, source for materials, look for talents, time spent in recording studio...

Will pray about it.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


They were quiet. I was wondering where they were. Found them in the music room. One of those moments they spend together listening to music.


Jonathan's becoming a sensitive child. Not those who get very "annoyed-over-small-little-things" kind of sensitive.

Yesterday, school celebrated racial harmony day. Kah Whye and Kelvin were going to receive badges that they earned for a project in Scouts. We missed that cos I had to feed Jonathan. When we got back to the hall, the whole celebration was over. Jonathan was visually upset. He told Kah Whye he was sad that he missed it.

About 4pm, when I commented that Kah Whye and Kelvin might get wet at the National Day Preview cos it was drizzling, Jonathan started getting upset, started tearing.... 8( ... After a series of questions, finally found out he was worried for his friends.

Told Jonathan he could pray for his friends and do it from his heart. That kinda settled his mood a little.

He told me he prayed....

The rain stopped for the rest of the evening.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Doing my quiet time just now after Jon slept. Talked about Isaiah 55. God sees the bigger picture while I only have a small view of things. Has God led me to help someone or do something that made me see a bigger picture of events?

Suddenly it dawned on me. Someone who's having a hard time in school might need my help.

So....was it a revelation from God? I don't know. But I'm going to zero in on this in prayer. if I still feel strongly about this, I might just take action, following God's prompt.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Not sure if you could call this mid-life crisis.

My friend and I are facing a split decision...whether to work and help in the financial situation of our families and worry about our special needs children at the same time or sit and wait for our other halves to get jobs.

Maybe we can set up a job agency to help mothers who have special needs children to gain employment and have flexible hours to take care of their children too? I don't know.

Monday, July 16, 2007


For a while now I haven't shared what Jonathan actually loves. He doesn't watch cartoons, transformers, pokemon, Hi-4 ooops..haha...Hi-5. He loves these shows from the United States of America:

Wheel of Fortune (CHOICE #1 !!!)
(although they don't show it on national TV.
I taped 10 years worth of it while it was still being shown in Singapore then).

Win, Lose or Draw
(A charade game by drawing. An old game show that is not aired here anymore)

The Price is Right
(It's a gameshow where contestants guess the price of the products shown on stage)

There is another show called Hollywood Squares but I don't have the picture.

There you go! Jonathan's favourite shows in not particular order except that Wheel of Fortune is his number one favourite!


I have started another blog to put up my designs and digital scrapbooking (trying to lah!). Click on Designs & Digital Scrapbooking by Bie at the Links on the Sidebar. You'll be directed to it.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


This is Rainer's artwork (my friend's son) from Katong Special School
My friend sent me this website http://www.artsonia.com/ where children's art pieces are showcased there.

There are schools from all over the world. It's really something. Can't imaging children as young as kindergarten can draw and sculpture so well. Anyone can contribute. Try uploading your kid's artwork. I'm sure they will be very proud to have their art piece exhibited.
My dream for Jonathan...one day....I will ask him to draw something for me and I can showcase it too.
Enjoy artsonia.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


So...what do you say of a person who just doesn't get it? That there are people who are trying their utmost best to help us and yet this person is still unsatisfied? What would threats do?

Well...for one...that nice person will just feel threatened. No mood to carry on and no motivation anymore.

Arriving with smiles and slowly....quite instantly actually, this nice person has reduced her smiles to people around her.

Can this nasty person stop it? Not that I can see. Sadly....it will probably continue till there is no need to.
For how long? No one knows.

I can only pray for it to stop.

Man!!!! Can't this person get it?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


A friend of mine sent these to me. Students who didn't know how to answer their math questions gave funny answers.

Wish I could do that sometimes....haha. But Jon would probably get a scolding from his teacher for trying to be funny. Then it would be my fault, not his. He gave a wrong answer once on purpose. I will do it out of frustration. School work for kids are getting tougher.

Somtimes I wonder how far Jon wil go with all these studying. All I know is that he is eligible to do PSLE. At what age? I don't know. Before he turns 18, I suppose. He doesn't get frustrated with his work. he knows everything. That's Jon. He knows alot and I'm trying to keep up.

Speech Therapy was good. Trying to find out what is useful for him. I think we're going back to square one. Using PEC cards. I guess that's the best method for Jon now. Not using the alphabet chart but making individual alphabets so that he can pull out the alphabet he wants.

it will take a long time for him to form a sentence this way...sigh...but at least we're moving somewhere...

I pray...........

Thursday, July 05, 2007


I finally decided to step down. I finally made up my mind. So I have informed the Board that I'm stepping down as the parent rep this morning at 0830 through email. Counting down to the last day of my PR duty. Haha....PR....how ironic.


The Ultimate Show...performed by my funny nephews. Caleb (left) and Alex (right). Couldn't upload everything. So the best parts are here. ENJOY!


Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Spoke to Kara asked why she put on so much weight.

Putting her arm over my shoulder, she said: "Aunty Serene...In life, we have to eat to survive."

Spoken like a true motivation speaker...haha.