Saturday, April 26, 2008


Been ministered by the Lord through this man....Todd Bentley over God TV (a web Christian TV network). He's been having a revival service in Florida but we watch it on the web. Very annointed. I've even been touched by the Holy Spirit just watching it.

This man is used mightily by God. The healing taking place is amazing. Glory to God!

Todd's Ministry is growing and God is moving. Go watch it at Fresh Fire Ministries or God TV.


Last Sunday, Jonathan started retching badly. This time more than the usual where medication couldn't stop it. Brought him to KK A&E. Doc gave him medication to stop throwing up (which he did immediately) than ordered for glucose to be fed to him every 15 minutes half hour after taking the anti-vomit medication. Instruction from doc: There has to be no retching after feeding at least for 4 times.

First 30ml feed was done while he was sitting up. No problem. Next feed done while lying down (threw up). 3rd feed done lying down (threw up). Last feed done sitting on my lap (no problem).

We also had to collect urine. Since he was on diapers it was difficult to coax him to urinate so a bag was placed. Thank God we checked on time cos the tape opened up and there was little urine left and also because of his low intake of water, it took a long time. But thank God the little amount of urine collected was sufficient for a test. No virus detected and all else are normal. Praise the Lord!

This retching has been going since late last year but intensified after chinese new year. My first suspicion was the fundoplication that might have loosen causing Jonathan to reflux.

Thankfully towards 8pm, he kind of stopped retching heavily. So appointment made to see the surgeon who did the feeding button.

We saw Dr Chui on Friday (yesterday) and he asked me many questions about Jonathan's condition: how often does he retch, how much comes out, what color, any pain, etc.

He said since the retching doesn't occur so consistently, there's nothing to worry about. The only way to find out if the fundoplicationi has come loose is to do a barium swallow test. Normally I'm very hesitant to do this swallow test cos it's not accurate at all. The kids cry and are scared and they don't swallow well. But since Jonathan can be fed through the button, we can do it that way. Phew!!!

The whole idea is to put the barium in see if it goes up to the opening of the stomach. He's not keen on surgical way so he prescribed Domperidone and Ranitidine for two weeks. They are small dosages. One of them makes him a little drowsy though.

Everytime when I see him cough or gag on his saliva, I will ask him so many questions that sometimes he will either take his own sweet time! to answer me or look away. He must be thinking mummy very lor-sor! hahaha!

He's been very happy these last few days. I hope it's the end of this phase and from now good health will follow. Thank you Abba Father!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I finished these layouts a while back just didn't take pictures of them until now. I've packed up my materials for the time being. Later....when things are back to usual...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Did this layout a while back and decided to submit it on Scrap-n-Crop's April Challenge.
Like this LO very much I guess one of my most complex ones. But it was fun doing it. The pictures speak for themselves how they both enjoy each other's company.
I weaved the papers signifying bonding and used the eyelets with my new setter (see picture below).
Materials used:
SnC eyelets / Bazzill Shiny cardstock as backing / cardstock / Heidi Swap chipboard alphas / Buttons / fabric paint / mini heart stamps


Today we didn't go school cos Jonathan was recovering from the effects of antibiotics.

I emailed the teenagers on how to upload their picture into their blog and KY has done it. I'm so happy. His caption "see....I'm so blur right??" Visit his blog at

The boys learn so fast! Now I have to plan what I want to do for next week! One day they will be way ahead of me!


Two days ago, I had the revelation about something that has been troubling me, regarding why Jonathan has been falling sick. But I'm not ready to share. I spoke to the Lord and finally felt the peace. I suppose when it has come to pass then I'll share it onlin.

Thank you Abba Father. Jonathan received his good health back.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Jonathan has been missing school. Goes to school on Monday, then return home, falling sick. His teacher said the class attendance register for Jonathan has reached the one million mark. Meaning....come to school on first day of February, they will tick 1, followed by alot of zeros for the rest of the month cos he's absent. haha! What a joke! 10000,00000,00000. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. But someone is sure very happy not going to school! :)

I'm still trying to figure out what is it that makes him unwell. He takes multi vitamin at least twice a week. Sometimes when he comes home, he has this retching sensation but after taking a nap in the afternoon, he'll be ok. Perhaps he lacks exercise. Just lying down, while I work or do my scrapbooking.

He's getting really tall and sometimes his muscles tend to be tight. He used to be able to open his legs in the diamond shape while sitting but lately, his left leg has been a little tight.

I've since started giving him massages on the leg, arms and shoulders. Not the real type, using olive oil kind of massage. Just pressing against his flesh to give him the sensation as he needs sensory. He likes it. Always laugh and smile when I do that.

I hope to find a massage therapist. It's different from physiotherapist. My friends have told me massage is good. Release the tension in the muscles.

I pray that Jonathan will continue to be in good health. I don't want him to miss school.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


This caricature was done in 2006 during Jonathan's school children's day celebration. The sketch artist rendered his service free of charge. Jonathan's teacher told me about artist and I decided to queue for this cos I have always wanted a caricature of Jonathan. His name is Peter Zhou (professional name Peter Draw).

We waited for more than 20 minutes but it was worth it. I took a picture of Jonathan lying next to this caricature but I can't find the photo now. When I do, I'll post it together.

I laminated the sketch cos it was drawn on a sketch board which is not acid free. The ribbon I used at the bottom of the LO was from my sister L. It has words like Kiss & Hug, Love you etc. The ribbon is sturdy / thick and the words are embossed. I love this ribbon very much.

Why "SUPERBOY!"? was on one day when Jonathan's daddy asked him why he didn't want to nap and he told H he's a superboy. So it has been Jonathan's sometimes nickname.

Other materials used:
Background Patterned Paper: S.E.I. Football Star / Cardstock: 2-sided paper for journalling / Star Eyelets from SnC / Heidi Swap Chipboard alphas for "Superboy!" and Kraft Creates Konnection (KCK) glittering chipboard J.


It's been really warm these few nights, albeit the rain two nights ago. The air-condition in Jonathan's room is not turned on because he's not been well. So when he woke up with a slight fever in the middle of the night two days ago, he started tugging on his pajama trousers. Pulling one side up above his knees. I pulled it down, he pulled it up again.

My question to him: "Why?" Gave him a few answers and he told me "feeling hot".

Last night he did the same thing again...haha.

He certainly amazes me with his cute and amusing antics / expressions, whatever you call them. But I thank Abba Father he's doing them! Hallelujah!

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Anyone who comes near to Jonathan knows that he has this strong powerful kick that sometimes is involuntary. Many people have come in contact with this kick that even his classmates have been on the receiving end. Therapists, teachers and family members will attest to that.

It happened today. While I was helping him with with his homework today, he suddenly kicked the left side of my body. I immediately felt a gush of air coming out. Like I was suddenly out of breath for a split second! haha. What a powerful kick! Now I know what it feels like for people to be punched in the stomach.

But it's not his fault. It was his involuntary movement. aware that whenever you are near Jonathan, just know that if he ever sticks his legs out and accidentally hit you, IT'S NOT ON PURPOSE! :)


An update from the blog tuition (although I'm always late for school and they have to start with their Teacher Assistant).

The boys are doing great! They have started posting in their blogs and seems to enjoy it (I hope! haha).

This week, we revised recreating the blog, which they did on their own accord without my help, either in school or from home. That's great! I'm glad they are getting the hang of it.

This week, I'm going to show them how to upload their own photographs into the blog and create their profiles. So I hope teacher LK will give me their photos soon! hint!! hint!!

To view one of the boy's blog, go to It's written in chinese and not completed yet because of his hand function but he's getting there. Kin Yong was the boy who appeared in the newspaper with his sister when they were strucked with a mysterious disease. Their parents sought help through the chinese papers and many goodwilled Singaporeans came forward to help. They finally found a relief of their condition through treatment in Taiwan and are now able to control their bodily functions better.

It's a touching account although Kin Yong has not finished it completely as he needs time to type bit by bit. But I hope his blog posts will generate more awareness for people with special needs, at the same time help him to move forward (like what his teacher hopes to achieve).


I've been scrapbooking lately. Takes my stress away....and....also away from Jonathan! Yikes!!!!

I did this for the Scrap-n-Crop April Challenge. Although I love to do more scrapbook layouts for Jonathan on a regular basis, I just thought I strike a balance by doing layouts for family members.

This LO is for Jonathan's cousin (DH's side)

Title: Lim Siblings (3Rs)
Materials used: Patterned Paper from Making Memories / Buttons / Flowers / Journal on Paper / Chipboards / Ribbons from Scrap-n-Crop / Alphabet Rubber Stamps

I didn't sew the "Rs" together. Just used a pigment black ink pen to doodle the zig-zag lines. Looked real isn't it? :)

Here are the close-ups.