Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Teacher Sharon did this photo frame for Jonathan. She used papers from magazines.

First, she cut a heart shape out of a hard cardboard paper. Then, with pieces of papers torn from magazines, she rolled them up and pasted them on the cardboard backing. Then trim the heart shape out. Then she took another piece of hard cardboard and made a stand, fixing it behind the frame so that the frame can stand. The picture was taken by her too!

Very clever idea. I'm so happy she made this for Jonathan :)

Monday, November 24, 2008


I was asked to make a birthday card. A simple card, did it within an hour {surprise! surprise!} haha. The words "happy birthday" was printed using my HP photosmart Inkjet Printer. But I sprayed Workable Fixatif on it to prevent the ink from smudging.

Inside the card

Materials ~

  1. Bazzill Shiny Cardstock {Grey}
  2. Ribbon from Prints
  3. Maya Road Chipboard Alphabets
  4. Acrylic Pain {Dark Blue}
  5. White cardstock for printing the words "Happy Birthday"
  6. Krylon Workable Fixatif Spray

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Who would have thot...both father and son wriggle their toes...Ha!

The first to wake up, Jonathan would lie on his bed, sometimes in his own thoughts ... sometimes talking ... and sometimes ... like he tells me ... he's praying.

But there's one part that keeps moving every now and then ... his toes.

Then ... 2 mornings ago, I found his daddy wriggling his toes too.

I don't ... haha!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Introducing my blogger boys. First picture...Bing Yao and Teck Yong {who just graduated}. Second picture, Kin Yong and myself. Kin Yong also graduated on Saturday.

I hope they will continue to blog about their lives and experiences.

Finally...they have learned how to blog and done some of the tougher techniques. I'm very happy to have spent some time with them. They brought new meaning and aspirations to me.

NOTE: Enjoy the handsome boys ... ignore my unglam self ... LOL! And .... to read their blogs, they are under the STUDENT'S BLOG on the right hand bar of the blog :)

{From left: Bing Yao, myself & Teck Yong}

Kin Yong and myself

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Spastic Children's Association School had her graduation ceremony on Saturday, 15 Nov. I was invited to give a song presentation. The program went by so fast I didn't have time to record my singing but I managed to take a picture of Teck Yong {one of my blogger boys} with Jonathan.

To me...Teck Yong is a gentle giant. He's taller than me, speaks with a rough voice but when he's with me, he's so shy and gentle. I have heard otherwise from his teacher ...LOL!

Anyway, he asked for Jonathan. I stole Teck Yong away from the graduands group and got this picture of both of them. He looked so smart in his shirt and tie and graduation gown.

I will miss him. But I'm glad he's able to start work at the GROW workshop which is also at the same vicinity as SCAS. I wish him all the best.


Sunday, November 16, 2008


I'm not a rubber stamp fan. But I cannot resist ooo-gling the clear Rubber Stamps for Christmas that Scrap-n-Crop is selling now.

Truly cute. Just right for making Christmas cards, tags and what-ever-u-need done.
CLICK HERE to get those stamps.


Had a surprise call on Skype last week from Val. All our birthdays are so close to each other so they decided to get a choco cake and celebrate together sans Me! but virtual cake is better than no cake at all!

So...we are celebrating. From Missy pG {3/O}, Me {19/O}, Aunty B {27/O}, Val {1/N} and Misstery ~ a good friend {4/D}.

Glad I'm not the oldest in the group here LOL! Sorry Aunty B!

But thanks gals! Jonathan was smiling when we sang birthday songs to us! haaaa~!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Jonathan's tapes...

I was going through the tapes today. Trying to find a suitable one for him cos he has seen them all. For 11 years...I have collected these game shows, with the help from my sisters in Knoxville and Memphis Tennessee USA {cos they tape the most current shows and bring them over for Jonathan...tks sis-es!}

So...as I was going through the tapes ... I decided to count them ... 64 pieces of video tapes {each 3 hours worth of game shows}. Some tapes are extended play {from USA} ... which means 6 hours of wonder for Jonathan !!

I did manage to transfer some into DVDs. Will have to continue doing that. Thank God most of these tapes are coated with anti-fungus solution when we bought them so they are still playable.

Soon there won't be enough space for more tapes. As you can see ... the tapes are stacked up in a small cupboard of my so-called entertainment centre! LOL!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Jonathan had his feeding button changed today.

Doctor Janice Wong {the Registrar} checked Jonathan's button first and said there was no need to change the size. Moreover, she said that it was probably time to change cos the silicon button would have started breaking after being used for more than a year.

She was pretty gentle except that the button was quite difficult to pull out after being in there for more than a year.

She inserted the small rod into the button hole where I fit the feeding tube in. She tried pulling out the first time but it didn't work. You know...when you try to pry something out, it doesn't come out, then the stomach flesh just kind of stretch with it? That's what happened.

I helped her press the flesh down and she twisted and turn and within a minute, the whole button was out {the mushroom part all covered in dark gooey stuff}. She covered the stomach hole with gauze cos blood was oozing out. She said it's ok cos the granulation tissue will bleed a little. Then she took the new button, put lots of gel on it and with the same rod again, straightened the button and inserted into Jonathan's stomach within a few seconds.

Jon was very good. He didn't struggle much. I let him listen to his wheel tape and a nurse held his legs. He said it was painful but half hour later he said he was ok.

He was so hungry! I got up at 6am to feed him. They allowed me to give him water around 11am before we changed the button. After everything over it was already 11.30am and we could give him some milk.

There's still a little bleeding. It's the stomach tissue but it's subsiding.

We are so proud of him.

Well...I've always wanted to show what the BARD button is really like. Too bad I don't have a clean one but this would do... :). A brand new one is clear silicon. Don't be affected by the sight...haha. I cleaned it up before taking pictures.

This is the actual button {above}.
Size: 1.7cm {measured at the Shaft}. The mushroom looking part stays in the stomach. The bottom {that looks like the inverted "T"} sits nicely on the tummy. Because Jonathan didn't really grow too fat, we didn't have to change to a longer button.

See the hole {above}? That's where whatever I feed Jonathan comes out from. There are actually two holes. one on the left and right.

The little flap {above} is actually called the Anti-Reflux Valve. It's attached on one end and whenever liquid is fed, it will open. Once done, it will close. I purposely cut the mushroom so you can see clearly what it's like. If this valve is faulty, then liquid will flow out easily even though the cap is secured. That means, it's time for change.

This is how the button looks like when inserted into the stomach {above}.

Jonathan's tummy and the brand new button. He's still a little sore and there's still a little bleeding. I apply Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to soothe the skin around the stoma cos sometimes I use surgical tape whenever I shower him {although doctor told me it's not necessary}.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Isaac Lim studies in Jonathan's school. He's a cute 16 yo boy. He has muscle dystrophy.

He's very talented in art and has won many prizes. One of his paintings was even hung in the Prime Minister's Office.

I like his paintings because of their vibrant and bright colors. He truly expresses how he feels with his paintings.

To read Isaac's biography... CLICK HERE

For his art paintings... CLICK HERE

Sunday, November 09, 2008


I found this book called "WE DARE YOU" from the library. It's a scrapbook challenge coffeetable book by a few professionals. Very different from the normal scrapbookers I come across.

Meghan Heath Dymock is a professional photographer from USA. But what I like about her layouts is that she uses a lot of journalling that makes it so different.

Want to see her photographs? CLICK HERE

I may just buy the book and keep it cos there a lots of fresh "out-of-the-box" ideas.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


My home was terrorised by smelly ants 2 weeks ago. They appear when the weather is damp.
Everytime when they appear, I will start putting those ant poison.

So while checking on them ... i saw this tiny ant carrying a big chunk of poison and crawling towards its "home". He was moving so quickly!

My mind was thinking : it doesn't know it's carrying poison and happily showing off its find. Not knowing that once consumed, the colony will die!

My brother said this ant is a suicide bomber, wiping out its whole colony! LOL! True enough. Within hours of putting the powder, ants stopped appearing.


Jonathan loves the playground. I will only bring him when his papa is around. Today, when H was on his way home, we decided to meet him near this playground {that is a few blocks away from our place} to buy ice-cream to eat in this warm weather. Then..upon seeing this playground, Jonathan asked to go.

This playground equipment is more user-friendly than the one that's at our park.

He had a chock-full of fun! Enjoy the pictures.

Playground near Block 350

Father and son managed to climb up the suspension bridge

H tried to make him walk ... but he bent his legs immediately

Before going down the slide. In the end, we let Jonathan come down on his own.



I love it and I'm sticking to it! ... I mean ... follow her inspiration ... not scrap-lift ... but keep track ... cos I can never get enough of her creativity.

This is one scrapbooking artist that I've come across that I'm so inspired that I wish she was my "si-fu" {master}. LOL!

For now ... savor this scrapbook layout. When the right time comes ... I'll reveal who she is.

Don't bother to check my links :) she's not there yet!


Today, Scrap-n-Crop is honoring a woman in their CROP-mmunity Blog.

They are featuring Jasmine Say {Malaysian}. Now...this lady is working full time, and yet, she has time to create cards and sell them. But more compelling her creation goes to a good cause: the mission funds supported by the Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church (KLBC). Another Believer with a good cause.

So go see her creations and support her cause.

Support Jasmine Say's Keepsake Journal @ etsy. You can also see her other works {journals, cards, altered keepsake boxes and many more} @ her blog My Scrap Studio.

Friday, November 07, 2008


I finally finished this layout. I had 2 photographs of my sister and her husband. One that was taken in the 70s, the other just at CNY this year.

Decided on a split layout but just couldn't get a grasp of what I should do after laying out the retro top. After some suggestions from H, finally finished. I didn't want to add anymore to the retro part because the polka dot papers and the bellbottom fonts were already quite loud. {Maybe next time when I get more feel about this I'll add something}.

Actually...I don't know why I used the green cardstock as background though...

I tell my friends this is a funny layout. I don't know why. But I guess I managed to get the feel of what I wanted, although I'm not sure it's a layout that appeals to the public eye :) But I'm not bothered about it! LOL!


Used Dymo clear labels for the verse {above}

Printed these fonts {BellBottom.Laser} cos I wanted the 70s feel.

Used gel pens to draw small hearts on these chipboard alphabet stickers.
Materials used:
  1. Bazzill Glitter Cardstock {Green}
  2. Provo Craft Pattern Paper
  3. Provo Craft Crayon Box Palette Cardstock
  4. Foam Hearts
  5. Dymo Label Machine and Clear Label for the bible verse
  6. Ric-Rac Ribbons
  7. GelWriter Glitter Gel Pen
  8. Sassafras "Take A Chance" "Life Is Beautiful" Pattern Paper
  9. Making Memories and Assorted Acrylic Paint {red & Whilte}
  10. American Craft Thickers Chipboard Alphabet Stickers {Remarks}

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Learned about this Christian artist through a scrapbook newsletter. His name is Mark Lawrence.

He did the above poster. With each alphabet letter, he had a verse below it.

Go to flkr HERE. And you will see each letter close-up, how it's painted and the verse he used.

Wish I could own a poster like this. Truly a work of art.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Today, the teenagers in Jonathan's school {whom I have been teaching how to blog} attempted a slide show using www.slide.com facilities.

They did it. I'm very proud of their fast learning.

Here are the links if you want to read their stories. Some are really interesting entries:

  1. Bing Yao : http://www.bingyaoyao.blogspot.com/
  2. Kin Yong: http://www.bingyaoyao.blogspot.com/


This is really interesting. Never thought if I'm anybody's favourite. But I know....I'm God's favourite....and so is everyone else in HIS Kingdom...cos HE LOVES US! {John 3:16}

And one thing's for sure...Jonathan and H are my most favourite people....followed by a whole lot of family members!

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Luxury Tours has a farm tour departing in November and December 2008.

CLICK HERE! for more details.

Seems their farm tours are a hit with many schools and groups cos they are worth the dollar!