Sunday, December 30, 2007


We had a good Christmas. H's family came over on 24th and my family celebrated on 25th.

But mom had a fall and knocked her head against the piano at my sister's. There was a big bump on her head. Brother immediately brought her to A&E CGH. They were there 9plus pm and didn't leave until close to midnight.

Thank God no serious injury. Saw her a few days ago and she said the wound is still sore when she touches them. Even her left knee was hurt when she landed on it.

That was a scary eposide for us. Thank you Lord for protecting my mum all the time.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


The GP recommended we give Jon pure fish oil. Ones from USA that is molecularly distilled cos there are chemical / toxic inside deep fish. Got the softgel pure fish oil through my sister from USA.

Started it and saw a little change in Jon's behaviour. He's more calm. Very little jerky involuntary movements and also his nose...that was snorty for a while, became clear.

But one side effects....soft and sometimes watery stools. I think I'll change it to once a week.

Friday, December 28, 2007


My sister...L...the creative one. She did this tree for her kindergarten class. Say she might name it POETREE and hang poems there.

There are more than 100 leaves. Each cut to shape and folded in fan-like style to make it more 3-d. She roped in my mom to help. For the tree trunk, she used corrogated paper that was disposed by a renovation contractor. The whole role, size 3m by 1.5m was probably used to hold tiles. But it certainly came in useful.

I love this tree! Well done L!


Helped my sister do the decor for her kindergarten class. Her theme: Transportation. My computer helped me do most of the work...haha :p I enjoyed doing the 3-d paper models. It was fun cutting and pasting for a change.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Jonathan had his appointment with the dietitian at KK a few days ago.

Although his growth is still within the percentile of children his age, he lost about 200g after the last appointment with the dietitian in January this year. January 19.3kg, December 19.1kg. So she was concern.

He's supposed to take more than 1400ml of fluids a day and he's getting more of that but she said we need to boost up his milk intake. Now instead of 5 milk feeds a day, he has to take 6. And instead of 6 scoops of milk powder, it's 6-half scoops now.

6 feeds a day means either get up earlier and end just nice as he's about to go to bed OR have one feed in the middle of the night while he's sleeping.

Daddy says to let him sleep in each morning since both of us sleep late anyway. That's fine with me. Maybe when school reopens we will do the morning one instead...IF I CAN WAKE UP!!!! LOL!

To me...he feels heavy already. The dietitian didn't want to boost his weight up immediately but progressively. So for now things are just right. Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I crochet'd a wool cap for Jonathan when we went to Snow City on 16 November. Since the event was over we thought of giving it away. Then 2 weeks ago, I decided that we could pass it to a friend who was going to Naning, Guangxi.

She's going there with a group of friends to do community work and train the people there in special education. Found out that she was going to visit an orphanage there and had this wild idea that perhaps I could do a few more wool caps for the kids.

Wild idea turned reality. With Jonathan's head as my guide, and with sheer "agaration" I managed to crochet 6 more. Tried to get my mum to help me since she's an expert on knitting. Not that she didn't want to help. She said her eyesight doesn't allow her to do that anymore. But she ended up giving me all her yarn which was a great help! Thanks mom!

My friend then told me a last week that she was going to visit the very poor rural areas where facilities are minimum and suggested giving the wool caps to the children there. Why not? I only wish I had more time to crochet more caps.

But I'm happy that on 5 Dec, these wool caps will make their way to Naning. Temperature during winter is really low and I hope these wool caps will warm the heads of 7 children.

I really admire my friends and her group for doing this at their own free time, vacation leave and out of their own pocket money. God bless all of them for doing this.

The dome-like caps were easy to crochet. Using thick yarn, I took about 2 days to crochet each cap. Very amateurish work and I hope they don't come apart when the children start wearing them.

Jonathan enjoyed being my model. He laughed each timeI changed the caps to take pictures of them. He was really a great help. My friend has promised that when she gives the caps to the children, she will take a picture of them and email them to me. I certainly look forward to that...for sure!

I just might pick up knitting or go into advance crochet so that maybe next time my friend goes to China again, I can do better caps for her to bring over.