Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It's here again! Teacher's day this year will be quiet. I didn't plan any concert party this year because I've been really busy. After doing it for 2 years, I decided to take a break because I really have no time to prepare...sorry teachers! LOL!

But I did make time to do some chipboard tags for them. They are for Jonathan's class teachers: Teacher Sharon and Ruth, Teacher Lay Keong {who taught Jonathan for 2 years}, Aunty Chew {class warden whom I consider a teacher too :) }. The others are for Speech Therapist Kunal, Physio Therapist Kumar and Occupation Therapist Mohanty. I also made one for my good friend Mabel {she was Jonathan's teacher in Balestier Special School}.

Materials I used:
DCWV glitter pattern papers and other assorted pattern papers / wool yarn {for OT Mohanty's tag} / Maya Road chipboard coasters / Maya Road chipboard arrows and buttons / leather straps / assorted ribbons / American Craft chipboard alphas {Jewelry Box} and {Glitter Alphas - Shoe Box} / 7 Gypsies Journal Stickers / EK Success True Faith stickers / Making Memories Acrylic paints / Ranger Baby Blue Stickles / Other chipboard alphas / Nicole Alphabet Beads / local fake cloth flowers / Autumn Leaves Rhonna Farrer buttons.

Painted the sides for some of the coasters to outline them.

I must mention that OT Mohant's tag {below} is covered with rainbow wool yarn. I applied glue line by line and circulated the wool yarn until it reached the middle. Sealed the sides with glue again so that the wool doesn't jutt out and it aligns to the tag. I threaded the alphabet beads because I didn't want to glue them on the wool. Then I tied the string around the tag and sealed it with the strip of red polka dot paper.

I hope they like them!
Wishing all teachers {including my sisters : Leanne, Sally and Er Jieh - kindergarten teachers} a HAPPY AND AMAZING TEACHER'S DAY!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Jonathan was not well Monday. He was perfectly well in the morning. We went to East Point to buy something and then decided to take brunch at Hans. Ordered soup and sandwich. Normally we don't give him cream of mushroom soup because the last time we did, he came home vomitting badly.

But I thought since the soup of the day was cream of corn chowder, there's no harm giving him.

He came home vomtting from late afternoon. We didn't give him anything else except the soup and he threw up so many times that the doc had to give him a jab that really knocked him out. He fell asleep on his buggy while on the way back.

Advice from doc to lay off milk for 2 days. So cook porridge and gave him the porridge water. He was better after the night's sleep although he woke up a few times in the night because his diaper was full after giving him pedialyte {sort of like isotonic drink}.

It didn't give me enough sleep either cos I was up with him, monitoring till 5am. Finished reading a novel that night!! But I'm just thankful that he was ok the next day. H stayed home to watch him so I could get some rest.

Now...we matter how he gives me the "mummy-can-I-have-some" look....I shall not give him creamy soup from outside restaurants anymore.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Did this flyer for Luxury Tours. They have a tour package to Tiger LIVE. It's a tour to see how beer is made. It's a combined tour of Tiger LIVE and either Haw Par Villa or Peranakan Museum. All places in Singapore. Sounds very interesting.

I'm helping them to promote this tour. If you're interested, click onto the Luxury Tours link on the side bar of my blog or check out the flyer above. The contact details are there.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Today, the boys did another exercise on how to insert a header on the front page of their blog, to make it more personalized.

I did the headers for them using Photoshop {still not an expert....only know how to cut and paste :) }.

They have learned alot on their own as inserting video clips {which I haven't done myself} and music. I'm very happy with their progress.

To view their blogs, click on the following links or go to the side bar of my blog under Student's Blog for their links.

Kin Yong's Diary
Bing Yao's Blog


I was down with UTI but after urine test found out something more. But it's nothing to worry about. Just something that has caused me to relook at my diet. I need to exercise and lose the unnecessary weight.

I'm under medication but feels tired easily. Also the doc said the medication may suppress my appetite. I'm beginning to feel it. Everytime when i have my meals, half way through, I don't feel like eating anymore.

Maybe it's a good way. Stop me from gorging myself.

Hopefully I see a trimmer self soon :)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

SCRAPBOOKING AT SCRAP-N-CROP has this lovely lovely new product from Helen Dardik.

The Cutie Pie series...Love those colors and designs. Might just get hold of them myself! Check out SnC's BLOG. They also have chipboards and stickers. Scrap-n-Crop has the lowest prices ever!!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Jonathan got fitted with a new wheelchair today. He's been sitting on the current one that looks like a giant throne for his size, for more than 2 years. I felt it's time for a change since he's growing taller. I also wanted to have one that's lower in height so that he can be almost at the same level as his friends who sit on normal chairs.

So we tried 3 different types. Asked him different questions and he chose the last wheelchair that has a well-seat that fits his bottom pretty well. But we still have to modify. At least this wheelchair can expand as he grows older. Perhaps another 2-3 years of usage.

According to pummel {the wedge in between his legs}. That is used only when a child cannot open his legs and also, with that, it might hurt Jonathan's groins.

I hope this will be something that will help his slouching problem.

Monday, August 04, 2008


Got this eco-friendly gift from Teacher Doreen after I helped her with her project. She used recycled items to make this. A very clever idea. So I decided to showcase it because it's eco-friendly.

Laminated flower, held to a used plastic paper clip. Wooden chopstick as flower stem, taped with green sticky tape. Plastic leaves. Bamboo holder cover as container for the flower. Put clay to make the flower stand and add a few color pebbles and make it complete with a few Hersheys Kisses.


This is Jonathan's spiced up photo frame decorated during the Fort Canning Park outing. Finally found out that besides the cinammon that is on the frame, the other spice is called Star Anise. In chinese mandarin it's called 八角. Like anise, star anise has carminative, stomachic, stimulant and diuretic properties. In the East it is used to combat colic and rheumatism. It is a common flavouring for medicinal teas, cough mixtures and pastilles.

When we decorated the frame at Fort Canning, the glue was still wet. So teacher helped Jonathan fix the falling spices with stronger glue.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


KK Hospital Home Care had a party for their patients on 27 June 2008 and Jonathan is in the KK Home Care list. We always decline the invitaion but this year, since it was held at Tampines, we decided to go.

They had games, magic shows, a portrait photography for families and NTUC vouchers for each family given by a company that sponsored the party. The cameraman took a few shots of us and the photo company picked this {I supposed it was the best among the rest}.

They gave us an A4 size portrait framed {below}, 5 pcs 4Rs and 5 pcs wallet size. All for free.

We have never had a family portrait taken before and this is so precious to us. It's sitting in our hall and the plastic wrapping is still intact {as you can see}. Although I wish Jonathan's eyes were looking directly at the camera, I'm just thankful for this picture.


OK...I just couldn't help it. We were at the mart, outside the foodcourt, walking to the supermarket. Came across this beautiful grey coat cat. It/she/he...was just lazing on the ground. It took a look at me with its big dark eyes. Then blinked once and went back to sleep...oblivious to the amusement it has brought to us...probably thinking "I don't care how I look lying this way. I just want to sleep!"

Saturday, August 02, 2008


Jonathan's class was at the Fort Canning Park on Wednesday, 30 July 2008 {that totally left my muscles aching after the trip :P

Here are some photos:

{Back row L-R} Teacher Sharon {in green}, Park Guides & Teacher Ruth
{Front row L-R} Muhammed, Omar, Kelvin, Zoe, Jonathan & Myself

Giant Pandans {cannot be eaten}

Paper Tree {bark can be easily peeled and it's soft in texture that people can write on it}

Kelvin and Jonathan

Zoe and Jonathan

After the walk, the students were treated to buffet brunch and art & craft session decorating picture frames. Jonathan chose to decorate his frame with spices from the park, like cinnamon sticks but I don't have the picture here cos we asked Teacher Ruth to bring it back to school for us.

I'm helping to decorate Jonathan's picture frame with spices