Friday, July 26, 2013


Well...after the drooling stopped, I decided to try the milk we bought from JB again,  First  2 days was ok.  Then slowly the drooling started, escalating each day I continued.  To the effect that even when he was sitting on his buggy, he was struggling with the excessive saliva in his mouth and he kept having this gagging sensation.

I'm just thinking it's odd for this to happen.  So we finally stopped and of course, the drooling did stop too.

So back to our locally purchased Isomil Advance Eye Q Plus 3. I'm still not comfortable switching to cow milk yet as recommended by KK dietitian.

I don't understand why does milk cost cost so much.  This milk per 900g tin cost almost $48!  Well...ten cents short of $48. To get them from the chinese medical shop they do reduce it to $45.50.

If anyone knows of anyone who is working in Abbot or Zuellig Pharma, please let me know.  I need to buy a carton every month for Jonathan's milk consumption.


Thursday, July 25, 2013


Today we brought Jonathan to the Society for the Physically Disabled (Tampines Branch) for assessment. I was a little  uncomfortable at first because the Indian OT sat there looking at Jonathan for a while and I was thinking "hmmm what is he thinking about".  He was so quiet!  haha.  We'll see what results they have about Jonathan. 

So after everything was over, including asking questions about Jonathan, we have arranged to have therapy every Wednesday, once a week for the time being.

Jonathan said he didn't mind the place. Me too.  It's quiet and nice and not a lot of people.  And most of all, it's at Tampines.

We will start therapy next week at 9.15am!  It's been a while since we get up so early, although on certain days, Jonathan does get up at 8am.  I have to be the disciplined one haha!

We are going to try once a week first.  Therapy session is I think 45 minutes at $54/session.  I have not started applying for subsidy yet because I'm not sure if Jonathan will be able to take PT.  They recommended 2 times/week, ie, one session PT and the other OT.  But I'm gearing more towards PT and maybe will just request for this.

Looking forward to letting Jonathan have proper physio therapy although we discussed that maybe I can do simple stretching and exercises at home.  But the thing is I'm not strong enough to handle Jonathan and the facilities at SPD will be good for him.  So we finally agreed that giving Jonathan an extra activity apart from being at home or taking short walks downstairs would be a good change.

I'm praying that the motion sickness will not affect him at all.


Thanks for visiting and God bless!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Just recently, I have started trying milk powder for Jonathan from Malaysia.  Not alot because we are not allowed to buy many across the causeway.  But the price is certainly much cheaper.

But last week, after consuming one can, Jonathan started salivating alot.  And I mean really alot.  Small puddles drooling out from his mouth and when he rubs his face on the mat, his face will be wet with saliva.

I don't know if it was the milk so we stopped it immediately and got him started on the Isomil from Singapore.

Two days ago, I called Abbott Singapore to check on the ingredients on the Isomil Advance Eye Q Plus.  The nutritionist said that there is no difference between those imported to Malaysia and Singapore.  The ingredients and nutrition contents are the same. The only thing is all health regulations are different between each country.  So for Singapore that follows AVA's guidelines, the calcium content in this milk may be slightly higher than those of Malaysia.

So after laying off Malaysia milk for one week, I put him back on again today.  So far, after 2 feeds, everything seems fine.

Perhaps that can of milk before this was faulty, I do not know.  Maybe Jonathan could have taken something that cause this mass salivation instead.

Hopefully all will turn out good.

And for talking to the nutritionist for his advice, yesterday I received three $5 voucher for the Isomil Advance Eye Q plus.  That was super nice of him to do that.  Yesterday already used one heh heh

Thank you Lord for this blessing :)

Saturday, July 06, 2013


I finally had a talk with Jonathan yesterday evening about what happened the day before.  He told me he wasn't afraid of changing his button.  He knew Jesus was with him.  That brought a smile to my face.

Then we went to the subject of him falling ill.  He said he felt giddy in the taxi going to and from KK hospital.  The giddiness was stronger on the way back and he felt like vomitting.  He said long and short journeys are the same.  He said that while short trips to Tampines Central are ok, he doesn't want to go to Orchard Road.

I'm thankful that I got it out of him yesterday.  Although I knew that this was the likely cause for a while already, but when he stopped vomitting at one stage, I thought he was finally over this issue.  Looks like not yet.

He said that next time if we go out, he will need medicine.

I hear you son.  Thank you for being honest with your answers.

In the meantime, I got a call from the person in charge of enrollment to the Society for the Physically Disabled.  I've requested for the neuro department at KK to help us get Jonathan started on physiotherapy because he hasn't had it for a long time.

They asked if I wanted to apply for subsidy as each therapy session is more than $50.  I told her I wanted to see if Jonathan is able to take the therapy first before I make the decision of applying for subsidy.  Otherwise, it will be a waste of time and effort if everything is done (knowing how many red tapes I have to go through and all the applications that have to be completed) and then Jonathan can't take the sessions.

I'm hoping that he will be able to do it.  Will see when a slot for assessment becomes available.

Hope everyone is healthy.  It's back to work for me now.

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Thursday, July 04, 2013


On 3rd July 2013, button was changed very quickly.  First they applied numbing jelly that also provided lubricant to make it easy to pull out the old button.  After stretching the button straight, ne hard yank and a pop sound, the one one came out.  I purposely timed the appointment close to his next feed so there wasn't much stomach contents.  A little blood but thank God no tear.  Nurse let his tummy rest for a minute then in went the new one with a little groan from Jonathan.

He was brave boy.  Didn't resist when I told him had to go for his appointment.  It's all because of Jesus and I'm thankful to Him for protecting our prince.

Here's a picture of the stoma before the new button was inserted.

This little feeding button, stem height 1.7cm is inserted into Jonathan's tummy.  This tiny gadget that comes with 2 feeding tubes and one flushing tube costs SGD485.  At private hospitals and clinic, one will likely pay for this full price plus other service charges.  At KK Children's Hospital, we have government grant of 50% and they didn't charge us for changing his button.  For this, I'm grateful.

While everything ran smoothly for the day, we ended the day with Jonathan not feeling well.

I'm baffled.  We leave home yesterday morning to KK and everything was ok.  On the way back, taxi ride was ok except that Jonathan showed a little sign of gagging.  Just 2 hours after reaching home, his nose started to act up.  By evening, he was beginning to retch.  Since 11pm, he's been throwing up.  If going to KK was no problem, then it cannot be motion sickness.  And each time we bring him out to town, he always says he doesn't want to come home.  He knows what would happen and he's scared.  That is why nowadays, he is not keen to out but stay at home all the time.

But thankfully, he woke up refreshed at 9am and started talking.  After waking me up, I cuddled him a little and he want back to sleep until 10.30am.

Thank God his fine now.  But I'm going to ask him some questions later to try and dig up some information from him about what happened.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Why is it that when you have planned and budget your finances for something, anothwr issue pops up?

Today we had to change my sink piping. Leaked pretty badly.  Thank God no major repairs needed. After changing pipe, they found another leak somewhere.  Total we had to oay: $210.

Tomorroww we also got to change Jon's feeding button. Another $250 plus for this.

While the former is unscrew pipes and replace with new, putting sealant with no major repairs, changing Jon's feeding button is nerve wrecking for him. The pain and anxiety of having the old button that is slightly stiff from long time use to be pulled out from the tiny hole in his tummy. I wonder how am I going to explain to this young man who dislikes hospital visits.

Both seems simple enough procedures. One with ease, the other with anxiety. But both equally expensive procedures.

If tou happened to drop vy, please say a little prayer for my prince that everything will be smooth for him tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting. God bless!

Monday, July 01, 2013


"See you later sweetheart!"  He always says that to his son after giving him many kisses before going to work.  Today, I pretended it was for me and said, "Ok!  See you later!".  He stood up from where his son was, flashed a big smile and left for work.  Enough to make my day :))