Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Jonathan has been very vocal.  The sort that when he looks at you, he starts doing conversational style type of vocalization.

Me?  I'll just reply him as if we are actually doing a conversation.

but when you think about it, he is talking to me.  The only drawback is I don't understand his 'ooos', 'ahhs' and 'lahs'.

But for a few times last week, he said "NO" a few times.  I may have mentioned it in my earlier journals.  But he's been accurately pronouncing this word without assistance and always in answer to questions that require the "No" answer.

My sister joked that that was probably what I have been doing.  Making him answer questions that require a "no".  LOL  Yes actually :))

So now, I have started asking him questions that need a "yes" reply.  Just yesterday, he said a soft "eeye" which was good.

The best part is that he's replying to my questions.  No random talking.  I'm enjoying our conversations.  I'm believing God for this part to be restored quickly amongst other requests.