Saturday, December 31, 2011


On Friday, we brought Jonathan to town again when he said it was alright to go out.

We took a cab to Marina Square, had breakfast and decided to walk to the Helix Bridge since we've never been there.  Before we set off, I thanked the Lord for good and perfect weather with little sunshine and God answered again :)

Jonathan absolutely loved the Helix Bridge because he could enjoy the sights of highrise buildings.  Something that he loves very much.  We walked through the Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands, passed by the Casino (with a very smokey entrance).  We went to Marina Bay Sands Hotel and wanted to go up to the Sky Park but it was closed for a private function (and we found out that it was closed for some parachute jumping through the New Paper).  We ended our outing at the Esplanade having tea and when we got home, Jonathan was just absolutely a-okay!

Thank you Lord for your constant healing over Jonathan's body.  I believe that we will see more good things in 2012.  Today is just the first day but I'm already very excited and planning for our next day trip and the new future...another hotel stay.

Happy New Year to all.  And I leave you with some photos that were taken on Friday, 30th:

this was the first picture I took after entering the Helix Bridge.  I just love the city skyline.

This is the stretch of the Helix Bridge.  It looks like this now but at night, it's filled with lights.  We have yet to go there at night.

You can see the smile on Jonathan's face because he got to see all the high rise buildings.

this was taken when we stood in front of the Art & Science Museum.  They were showcasing the Titanic Exhibitions but we didn't want to go.

That's the "hand" looking Art & Science Museum.

On the way to the sky Park, we had to walk through the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.  Looking up from the ground, they are hotel rooms.

Before we reach the Hotel, we had to pass the Casino.  It was really smokey.

That's the entrance.  I saw a young man holding a stack of $50 notes about 2cm thick entering the casino!

At the Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands, there was a mini "Venice" where shoppers can rent a boat and "sail" through this short canal.

See the people queuing on the left.  The boats were paddled by staff.

 Before we left Marina Bay Sands via the Helix Bridge, I just had to take this picture.

And finally... a close up of the Singapore Flyer.  Another attraction we haven't been on yet.  As you can see, the Lord gave us perfect weather.  Breezy and no sunshine :)

Thanks for dropping by :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Oh...forgot to update that after 2 months, the rash on Jonathan's body is finally going off.  the spots that were red turned brown and the skin peeled.  I'm still applying cream on those little dots but I'm just happy that they are finally gone and whatever virus that caused it has finally disappeared.

Thank you Lord!  And thanks to those who prayed for his recovery :)


Jonathan received an early Christmas gift from his Aunty.  A one-night stay at Mandarin Orchard.  It was a brand new experience for him.  My sister wanted him to catch the sights and sounds and feel the Christmas spirit down town.  Something that we might not do this year because of the erratic weather.

A few days before we were there, it was raining everyday.  But on that day we were at Orchard Road, the weather was superb!  Praise the Lord for answering our prayers!

We checked-in in the afternoon.  The hotel was so crowded with guests and mostly were Indonesians or Chinese nationals.

Our room for the night.  A king size bed.  He was surprise that we were in this room as I didn't want to tell him earlier (just in case he decides not to go...a decision which I regretted later).

Took a stroll in the afternoon after having lunch.  there were many painted elephants along the stretch from Lucky Plaza to Tangs.  Later we found out it was a project to encourage people to help save the elephants.
I particularly liked this elephant (below).

We went to 313 Somerset and managed to catch one of the first carol performances.  Jonathan liked these.  Sat there listening to 3 songs before we left for another place.

We went back to the room to feed Jonathan and rested for a while.  After dinner, we ventured out again.
It was so crowded along the Orchard Road.  But I still could take this picture (below).  There were strips of LED lights embedded into the ground.  I thought they were rather unique.

This is the Ferraro Roche Christmas tree in front of The Heeren.

Jonathan didn't particularly liked the crowd.  So we went into Orchard Central and had dinner at Garuda, an Indonesian restaurant on the 7th floor.  We decided to sit outside at the balcony and it was breezy.  Jonathan liked Orchard Central because of the bubble lifts.  haha

After dinner, we decided to walk back towards ION.  See the crowd below?

The lights along the road were beautiful :)

This picture was taken in front of ION Orchard.

While we were catching another carol group performing, we also chanced upon the mini Christmas Float Parade.  The timing was just great!  Here's a short clip of the whole video of the parade:

Since Jonathan didn't nap that afternoon, we would think he would be very tired.  We also gave him his nose medication because the air was dry in the room and he was snorting somewhat.  He couldn't sleep until 2am and only managed 20 minutes of sleep and didn't want to from then on.  Despite our efforts to make him rest and turning off the air-condition (and the room was still cold), he couldn't go back to sleep.

We finally felt that it was time to let him rest and checked out early.  We felt bad that we had to "abandon" the stay.  We deliberated for a long time before making the decision.  When we reached home, he came down with low grade fever.

It was a great night for us and a good "sleeping experience" for Jonathan.  I guess he was too aware of the new surrounding.  But I think it was the nose that gave him more discomfort.

I want to thank my sister, Emmy for her generous gift and God bless her for being so kind to us.

I asked Jonathan if he wanted to try staying at another hotel again, he said "yes".  The next time we do it, I'll make sure I tell him first  And also to look for a hotel that has windows that can be opened LOL!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hello, my blog visitors,

I have these 2 designs for sale.  They will be printed on any color shirt you want (subject to availability).  The design on each shirt is 27cm wide.  Will be printed centralized on the shirt.

Price for each shirt (that includes GST, shirt, printing service) : $16. You can add a small caption for an extra $1.

For Singapore only.  If you are interested, please leave a message on the "Comments" box.



I wanted to give my good friend a present.  And we were already going to meet for dinner and I had 3 days to think of something, prepare the transfers and get it printed.

I came up with this:

It's a little dark.  Had to use my mobile phone to take this picture but it turned out really nice.

Why this design?

My friend's name is Mabel.  I wanted to show that the different font of "M"s reflect the different personalities/moods/etc.  But despite who we are, Jesus still loves us as we are.

I liked it and hope my friend does :)

Will show you another 2 designs later.  Thanks for visiting :)

Monday, December 12, 2011


My last post was almost a month ago.  I've been busy...and...lazy.

Thanks to May of Love and A Leap of Faith and Busy Mommy for dropping by.  We have brought Jonathan back for a review.  The rash is somehow clearing but a little slowly.  The "virus" is clearing from his body and there's no need to got to the skin doctor.

There are some new ones here and there but most of those on his lower body are almost disappearing.  When they dry there a small scabs that come off.

He says it's not itchy, which is either a way to avoid going to the hospital or just to avoid more medication.  But for now, we will just continue applying cream on those spots.

Jonathan has been very vocal lately and I'm very happy that sometimes he tries to follow what I say.  Some words seems audible but of course when you ask him to repeat it, he just gives you an "ah".

Note:  Sorry...when I converted the clip from quick time to wmv, I couldn't rotate the image.

He's a growing teenager with his own demands.  So sometimes when demands are not met quickly, he will resort to his antics like the above video.  He will start tugging at his BARD button and then his tummy will be exposed.  So most of the time I'll have to ask him to pull down his shirt.  He's actually getting really good at this skill.  Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or get angry.

By the way, since he went to school, we have taught him to reply "yes" and "no" using his hands.  And because we wanted him to use his left hand more, we decided to put "Yes" band on his left wrist.  So now, his "yes" is answered by raising his left arm.  But somehow, for his "no", he decided to hold his hands together..LOL.  It's supposed to be his right hand.  This method has been really effective communication for us.  But most of our family members or friends still use the sign language of "yes" and "no" to talk to him, which is fine too!

But I'm just thankful that he's been healthy.  In 11 days time,we will be staying a night at a hotel in Orchard.  My sister was kind to book us a room for Jonathan to capture the Christmas spirit there.  Please pray along with us that the weather for the overnight stay on 21st will be excellent so that we can enjoy the sights of lights and sounds of Christmas carols.

Thanks so much!  God bless!