Monday, August 31, 2009


We've been busy this weekend. All because of Teacher's Day. But it's a good kind of busy that I like. We were on our toes and Jonathan was good (except for a few episodes of "Do this or I'll pull my feeding button!" LOL!)

Completed in record time...and first time too!  Hope the teachers like this special gift from their school Principal!

Thankful that I had extra help on Saturday.  Turned out he had a day off (see his legs on the left of picture LOL!)  Love him loads!

Then this tshirt was printed for my sister as a present to a principal at her church's kindergarten. My sister was overjoyed seeing the outcome of the design. Lets hope the principal likes it.


Happy Teachers day to all of Jonathan's past and present teachers.

Listing them from the first day Jonathan started school, though the years stated might be different as I recall from memory.

From Rainbow Centre, Balestier:

Teacher Suzanna (1997 & 1998)
Teacher Mabel Wong (1998 & 2004)
Teacher Hwee Peng (1999)
Teacher Pearlyne (2000)
Teacher Izza (2001)
Teacher Ai Shan (2002 & 2003)
Speech Therapist Murthy
Speech Therapist Binu
Occupation Therapist Sanjay
Physio Therapist May

From Spastic Children's Association School:

Teacher Lay Keong (2005, 2006, 2007 & 2009)
Teacher Assistant Jolyn (2005)
Teacher Clara Go (now Vice Principal) (2008)
Teacher Assistant Ruth (2008) (now full-time teacher in SCAS)
Teacher Assistant JS Tan (2009)
Speech Therapist Sara
Speech Therapist Kunal
Occupation Therapist Mohanty
Physio Therapist Kumar

Jonathan has had good teachers since he started his journey at Rainbow Centre right up to where he is today in SCAS. His foundation was built from RC and till now is continuing in SCAS even though we have taken the back seat to his academic course.

It's never been a lost cause. I believe that no matter where he is or what he's doing now, Jonathan will always be progressing.

Thank you everyone mentioned above for all the hard work you have put in to nurture Jonathan. He's been in good hands since day one and will continue to be so. God has certainly put great inspiration into our paths and THANK YOU ALL for the great work you have done in making Jonathan who he is today ... and more to come!


Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yesterday morning was at McDonalds for breakfast with Harith before he went out. Bumped into a lady who was also having breakfast with her kid. Thot she was on leave but told me her kid was not well and given 10 days medical leave.

This special leave is due to H1N1. While talking to her, her kid was coughing away.

Then it got me thinking ... if your child has been given 10 days MC, shouldn't you be staying at home instead of bringing her to McDonald's where there are lots of people?

Then again ... who wouldn't want to brighten the child's day by going there?

Sigh ....

So ... on a sad note, we went back to school today say "bye-bye" to Irfanuddin. Jonathan's classmate is leaving Singapore for Johor with his family, to make Johor his residence. His last day in school was today. Sad. while shaking his hands, I told him, "If anyone ask you to go bang bang or smoke, say don't want!" and I advised him to eat healthy and study hard. I hope the special school there will be good for him and he will be successful in his education. then we asked him for his email address.

We didn't stay long. I don't like goodbyes. If we stayed any longer I would be teary.

So off we went to deliver this couple's tshirt to Lee Choo, who just happened to stay behind Jonathan's school.

I know I'm not really supposed to show this just in case it gets noticed by the couple. But never mind. They don't even know my blog exists! LOL!

Side-by-side tshirts, I call them. "Just ... Delivered" was supposed to celebrate the birth of their son.

For the dad's shirt, JUST in front. Back says "became Zachary's daddy on ...." I purposely did this so that when they wear the shirts inidividually, at least it makes sense!

This goes for the mummy's shirt too. In front "Delivered". Back of shirt says "Zachary..." sort of like a continuation from the front. Hope they like the shirts!


Jonathan and I took an afternoon stroll 2 days ago while daddy was at work. I enjoy taking pictures of Jonathan ... mostly on his buggy cos that's as much as I can take of him. When he starts to walk and play on his own ... that's when the pictures will increase :)

His eyes ... still puffy from his constant rubbing. He says it's not itchiness. I don't know what it is then. Praying that this phase will stop.

From the face to the hands. Love his long fingers. They were created to play musical instruments.

There he is again ... rubbing his eyes. He rotates this action. First right eye, then left eye. Funnily he doesn't rub his eyes that much when he's lying on his mat.

Seems like so "shiok!" to rub and rub ... LOL!

After finishing his rubbing ... looking so serious. See his eyebrows ...

The sky was clear that afternoon. Enjoyed the strong breeze.

With this look .. it was time to head home.

He loves to cross his legs nowadays.

The "siow kao" ... haha. Mad dog that barks whenever someone walks pass. The dog owners hardly tells it to shut up! Strange that it doesn't bark at us but all the other malay neighbours staying after their house ... LOL!

Friday, August 14, 2009


And then I forgot that I got this award from Sharmaine Kruijver from Australia.

Thank you Sharmaine for making me your friend.

To pick up the Circle of Friends Blog Award:
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Now.. my circle of friends in the blog world is small. If I could give this award to non-bloggers, there will be plenty to give to!


I always love an inspiring story. This is a true story about Cody McCasland. A 7 year old boy who is not only so determined but inspires many, including injured solders.

Here's his interview

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We are doing the trial period ... wait and see game with the chinese traditional herbs.

Last week's review was good. Got the modified prescription and a few days before Sunday 9th August, he started having diarrhoea.

Yesterday went back to the doctor for review. Told her about the problem and she said I should have let the diarrhoea run instead of stopping it. that is to clear the heatiness in the body and clear his intestines since he had constipation. could I let Jonathan go through this stage cos it's really uncomfortable. But she was nice and decided to change the herbal prescription as close to the first set as possible.

You cannot return the powdered herbs. So we have to get a new set.

Today, Jonathan is on porridge water diet and pedialyte. This will at least soothe his tummy and let his intestines rest. Doctor advised to stop the herbs first until he's much better then review again next week.

Western medication is ... see treat and get immediate results. With chinese herbs, it's a slow process and results can be seen only after a period of time. But from my friends who have their children on herbs, they say that results are always good.

So I will wait ... be patient ... be positive.

Saturday, August 08, 2009


My wish list ... just for now... maybe I won't need it in the near future when Jonathan can walk.

Friday, August 07, 2009


This morning while carrying Jonathan, I strained the left muscle of my upper back. Took me a while to breathe properly. For the first few seconds, I was trying to take deep breaths!

The strain is not so bad now and I'm feeling much better.

Jonathan has certainly grown taller. The other day we bought a weighing machine and he weighs 20kg. Although probably not his ideal weight right now {well ... he was not in the pink of health last month} so I'm waiting for his next appointment with the neurologist and see how he fairs then perhaps get him to see the dietitian again.

It's only midday....I still have 10 hours to go before bedtime and I'm already feeling sleepy. Jonathan didn't sleep well last night.

Happy Friday everybody!

Thursday, August 06, 2009


I'm in the midst of reading a novel by Mindy Starns Clark, a Christian mystery novelist.

I enjoy her books alot. Today, i was reading "The Trouble with Tulip". Jo Tulip is a columnist but she has a friend, Danny, who is a photographer.

This part of the story tells about Danny who was freelancing at a photo studio and had to take an assignment for an 11 year old handicapped boy. Below is not word-for-word from the book.

His mother wheeled him in. Then asked Danny to cover the stupid wheelchair
because she didn't like the sight of it. She only wanted close-ups of the boy's

The boy could talk a little. When he first entered the studio, he was so
happy. But after hearing what the mother said, his eyes looked dull and he
couldn't smile.

Danny said a silent prayer to God for wisdom, took the mother to another
room and said these words to her:

"I don't pretend to know how hard it must be to raise a handicapped child.
But I know one thing. Whenever you try to hide that chair or call it
"stupid", it's like you're insulting your son himself.

"Please, ma'am, don't try to hide that chair in these pictures ..... Why
don't we get some full-length shots, even? why don't we let your son know
how good-looking he is in it? It's not stupid to him. It's like a part of
his body. It's his ticket to freedem."

After a moment, tears formed in her eyes.

They returned to the studio and the photo shoot turned out to be a success.

I have to admit that there are times it's so hard to bring Jonathan out to restaurants and crowded malls. More so if he starts talking so loudly, he can't tone down his voice. Sometimes it's especially at taxi-stands when there is a long queue, the taxi stops right in front of the queue, then when I have to carry Jonathan out of the taxi and all eyes will be on him.

I'm not embarrassed of my situation or of Jonathan's situation. It's just one of those days when I'm just feeling blue. To remind myself that we're there's more to it than this. More good things to come.

I'm an emotional wreck today ... not just about this but on other matters as well. But after tonight, I know I'll be ok.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Jonathan went for review today. We were supposed to go after the first 5 days of herbal treatment but the chinese doctor was not on duty.

So after registering, we went to Wang's Cafe for breakfast, tea and coffee while waiting for other patients. After 2 patients we saw the sin seh. She checked his pulse, eyes, mouth and said that his condition is improved. Not so pale now.

Although there are times when he's hands and feet still pale a little, it's not that often anymore. The chilly feeling has lessened.

I told her that each time after he takes the herbs, he will feel sleepy. She said that's normal. the herbs does make him relax and not so agitated and hyper.

So she modified the herbs a little and told us to see her again next Wednesday.

The one thing good about this herbs is that should we need to give Jonathan western medication {like we had to on Saturday cos he came down with flu}, we can wait for more than 2 hours before giving him the herbs again.

Thank God the herbs can be put through the feeding button...I wouldn't think he will drink this bitter herbs :-)

Saturday, August 01, 2009


For the last couple of weeks, I have been wondering why is it that Jonathan had to go through so many tragic moments, (and happy ones), trials and tribulations, his episode of fits when he was dehydrated, the pneumonia illnesses he endured earlier in his life, the nose tube, the feeding button and finally this "adventure" with the chinese medicine.

When we had to go through what we went through, there was always this question "why Lord?".

But now I know why ...

My friend's daughter recently had to have an ng tube inserted through her nose for feeding. She asked me for tips and advice and I was glad I could help her. Then while feeding Jonathan one day, it suddenly dawned on me why Jonathan had to go through this stage of his life more than 3 years ago.

It was so clear cut and the answer was this : "So that you can help others who may have to go through the same situation."

Then this morning, I got a daily dose of spiritual food from Max Lucado on a totally different level of revelation. It was sort of like a confirmation for me. So now I know ...

ps I may just go buy the book FEARLESS

Make Friends With Whatever’s Next

by Max Lucado

Embrace it. Accept it. Don’t resist it. Change is not only a part of life; change is a necessary part of God’s strategy. To use us to change the world, he alters our assignments. Gideon: from farmer to general; Mary: from peasant girl to the mother of Christ; Paul: from local rabbi to world evangelist. God transitioned Joseph from a baby brother to an Egyptian prince. He changed David from a a shepherd to a king. Peter wanted to fish the Sea of Galilee. God called him to lead the first church. God makes reassignments.

But, someone might ask, what about the tragic changes God permits? Some seasons make no sense…do such moments serve a purpose?

They do if we see them from an eternal perspective. What makes no sense in this lie will make perfect sense in the next. I have proof: you in the womb.

I know you don’t remember this prenatal season, so let me remind you what happened during it. Every gestation day equipped you for your earthly life. Your bones solidified, your eyes developed, the umbilical cord transported nutrients into your growing frame…for what reason? So you might remain enwombed? Quite the contrary. Womb time equipped you for earth time, suited you up for your postpartum existence.

Some prenatal features went unused before birth. You grew a nose but didn’t breathe. Eyes developed, but could you see? Your tongue, toenails, and crop of hair served no function in your mother’s belly. But aren’t you glad you have them now?

Certain chapters in this life seem so unnecessary, like nostrils on the preborn. Suffering. Loneliness. Disease. Holocausts. Martyrdom. Monsoons. If we assume this world exists just for pregrave happiness, these atrocities disqualify it from doing so. But what if this earth is the womb? Might these challenges, severe as they may be, serve to prepare us, equip us for the world to come? As Paul wrote, “These little troubles are getting us ready for an eternal glory that will make all our troubles seem like nothing” (2 Cor. 4:17 CEV).