Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'm just wondering why is it that Jonathan keeps having stuffy nose?  Maybe the house is too dusty with all the tshirts that I have for my printing, maybe the air is unclean, maybe his immunity is low?

Doctor said today that it's the environment.  To solve the problem complete, move to Perth or Melbourne.

I asked ... "how about USA?"  haha.

Yup...Jonathan's runny cum stuffy nose is back yet again.  It's frustrating.  Last night he slept and woke up a few times all because of the runny nose even though he was given Zyrtec before sleeping.

In the heat of my frustration of seeing him going through this, I gave him Piriton, which I wasn't supposed to.  but it did help him sleep till 10am.

Now he's on another dose of Augmentin.  doctor was saying it's really in the air.  Having air purifier doesn't help much because we don't want him to be in the enclosed room and then having problem when it comes to normal air.

So besides having Augmentin, he was prescribed Dhasalone (180mls to be completed) and Singular tablets that supposed to treat asthmatic patients to get rid of any sensitivity.

In 15 days' time after completing the Singular tablets, we have to go back for a review to see if the medication works.

Hoping that this time around, we can really get rid of this nose problem.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Out of the blues, suddenly it just comes and stays throughout the whole night.

I'm talking about falling ill.  Jonathan started coughing and gagging in the evening yesterday and then it started.

He wasn't throwing up but when he coughs, it gets so bad that it causes the retching sensation and he starts gagging and throwing up.

Thankfully I had all the medication in the fridge.  I usually stock up and self medicate but if the situations worsen then it's a trip the doctor's.

He had a fitful sleep last night and I hardly caught a wink only to sleep for a couple of hours from 5am.

This morning, he woke up, I gave him the ventolin puff and he went back to sleep till 12pm which was good because both of us could rest.

He's better now, a little lethargic, but able to laugh at some wheel of fortune shows.  He's sitting on the Rodeo now and watching some classical music performance.

Thank you Lord for speedy recovery.

Saturday, April 02, 2011


I completed an order of 9 bookmarks in mid March.  I'm quite happy with the results and the friend who ordered them was really happy with them.

For the front, I got some free vector art from the web, incorporated them together with the verses that the friend wants for each student.  Laser printed them onto cardstock and laminated only this side.

For the back, I used assorted scrapbook pattern paper, cut out the names with my Pazzles Inspiration.  Then I created a 0.1cm path over the letters and thus gave them each a dark or white background.

As usual, my love for rick rack ribbons never ends.  My only mistake was putting glue on the paper instead of directly on the ribbon.  By applying glue onto the paper and then pasting the ribbon down, it spreads the glue and they ooze out, making the paper dirty.  I definitely will not use this method again!

So here are the completed bookmarks:

Note:  My all time favourite bookmark is Peter's.  It was tough initially but the Lord gave me the inspiration for that bookmark.  I only regretted using the odd fonts for Sain Chee's card.

And at the same time, I finished (finally!!!) the 2nd birthday card.

I used patterned paper and cardstock to cut out 4 circles using the Martha Stewart circle cutter.  Once they are cut, I folded them into halves and joined them to make it into a square card.  The flower was the lace ribbon that I bought earlier.

Sewed the 2 circles to using cross-stitch thread.  And put clear birthday stickers.

I've still have a few more birthday booklets to finish.  but in the meantime, I have to start working on another 10 bookmarks for the same friend.

Thanks for dropping by!

Friday, April 01, 2011


Yup...again.  Jonathan woke up this morning with blocked nose at 6.30am.

He was scheduled for a dental check up today at NDCS.  I wasn't comfortable having him travel all the way to Tiong Bahru with the lack of rest.

This blocked nose has been persistent.  It clears after a dose of medication and a few days later, returns to bug him again.

Doc today said it's allergy.  He checked Jonathan's nose and said it's inflamed.  So now he's on Augmentin antibiotic because he's just recovered from pneumonia not long ago.  We need to "nip this in the bud" before it escalates.  Accumulated phlegm and secretion will attract bacteria.  Right now, only his big airways are noisy.

To prevent having watery stools due to the antibiotics, he also prescribed Lacteol Fort to counter irritable bowels syndrome.  That's what I give whenever he has loose stools or vomit episodes.  I was first introduced to this by one of Jonathan's ex-teacher.

Ever since after chinese new year, Jonathan had small rashes on his tummy, lower back and under arms.  When we were at the neuro appointment, I raised this issue and Dr W said they look like a type of allergy rash and prescribed antibiotic cream.  Today I asked Dr Ong and he said the same thing. But since our prince is already on antibiotics, he prescribed a stronger cream.  Hopefully with the allergy medication, the rashes will go away soon.

Tonight, his nose was slightly better.  Dr Ong mentioned that by Monday, everything should clear.

I hope this will be the last set of medication I will have to give him.

Thank you Lord for speedy recovery!


A referral to the rehab department at KK was given by Dr W when I asked to make a pair for Jonathan in my previous post HERE.

So we were fortunate that a patient didn't turn up for his/her appointment and we could be slotted in to see Orthotist Heidi.

Initial recommendation by Dr W was that we could make an SMO (Supra-Malleolar Orthosis) that looks like this:
Note:  More information on SMO HERE

It is fitted right up to the ankle, which would be good for standing, but the PT who was present said that SMOs break easily if we use it for walking exercises.

Well, we met Heidi.  She made Jonathan stood on his feet.  After seeing his feet turned inwards, she recommended the AFO (Ankle-Foot Orthotic, more information HERE) because the AFO stretches right up to the calf and will give a better support to his ankles.

Before putting the cast, she marked his legs and feet.  I'm actually not quite sure what it was for.  The ink was still evident when we got home.

So started the process of casting to make the AFO.  Below, a guide was put on his shin.

Then Heidi started wrapping his leg with the wet case that actually looks like gauze with white cement.  You had to dip this gauze into water then start to wrap around the leg before it hardens.

 This was before his foot was wrapped.  She needed two plastripes.

Jonathan just couldn't keep still.  Once the calf part is done, she proceeded to cast his foot and it was not easy.  We had to bend his leg at the knee and hold his foot into position so that it will fit correctly.  See he keeps moving his legs and Heidi had to really hold his leg tight while I held on to this knee. Heidi was kicked a few times.

The cast hardened quickly and using a scalpel-lookalike, she cut the cast right through the middle where the plastic guide was first place.

Thus ending the casting process.

We will have to return to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for the fitting soon and then back to KK Rehab Department for follow-up on the use of the AFO.