Wednesday, March 28, 2012


It's been a while since I've posted a journal.  But for the last month or so, I've come to meet with the passing of two ladies I know 2 weeks of each other. Both with disability.

First lady was 60 years old, passed away on 6th March. A hearing-impaired who touched the lives of many people. She didn't know she had cancer until it was too late.

The second lady was a teen with cerebral palsy plus severe disability. Caught a flu bug that escalated. She passed away on a quiet Saturday morning her mummy's arms.

My heart is heavy. But I know now that they are with the Lord, their bodies complete healed.

I've been really busy.

On the health side, besides having a tummy flu recently, Jonathan has been well.  He's been so "talkative" that it really irks me that I cannot understand his conversation with me.

But today, he said "mom" out of the blues.  caught me by surprise because he was looking at me and asking for my attention.  That really caught MY ATTENTION!  I praised him about it.  He looked surprise at himself too.  Daddy even heard it :)

I'm believing God for more good things for Jonathan, especially thanking Him for the gift of speech.  And I have had this wonderful dream 2 weeks about and I'm claiming it for Jonathan!

I'm also thankful for answered prayers.  One of the obvious one is the birds that gather every morning near the trees in front of Jonathan's bedroom.  They start calling around 6am and their calls are so loud that they wake Jonathan up and he gets upset.  it didn't dawn on me to pray about it.  I was so concern about the issue that it got me frustrated.

Until one day ... daddy reminded me about the story of Jesus cursing the fig tree.  He said "the Lord gives you many examples.  Use it."  And so I did.

I didn't ask the Lord to curse the tree because I still wanted the trees there.  But I told the Lord to cover the trees so that the birds will not come near them during the times when Jonathan is sleeping or napping.

Guess what?  It's been more than a month.  No birds calling.  Sometimes they are perched further away on other tress although we still can hear them.  But they don't disturb Jonathan anymore.  And I'm really grateful to the Lord for answering my prayers.

If He can answer this prayer, he can answer any prayer!

Thanks for visiting.  God bless you :)

Wednesday, March 07, 2012


that Jonathan is reaching his ideal weight.  Today we weighed him and it was 24.5kg.  Ideal weight for this year, until we meet the dietitian is 25kg.  It's pretty ok because he's growing tall so it was calculated in such a way that he doesn't bloom sideways and thus have extra unwanted weight.

But for Jonathan, putting on weight means it takes time.  This is because he's fairly active.  Whenever he's on the mattress, he's moving about alot, rolling around, sometimes lying prone for minutes and then turning to his back, then roll to another place and back.

He really sweats it out when he watches a game show that makes him extremely excited.  So with his involuntary movements, he gets a workout.

So my prince is slim and tall, with bones that are extremely strong.

That which I'm thankful for.

I had to joy of having lunch with my exboss from the bank I used to work with.  She was not my immediate boss.  But she's one of the best lady bosses I've ever known.  She's soft spoken, works well with her secretary and takes care of her staff.  Never have I seen a lady boss like her.

She's "retired" from work.  Volunteers in a welfare ogranization, working with troubled teens and still takes care of her own family.

Yesterday was her birthday and I was really glad I could spend sme time with her on Monday (5th)

So I sms-ed a birthday greeting today, only to receive this complimentary reply from her:

"You gave me a great start to my new year yesterday.  Do call whenever you feel like meeting up J".