Tuesday, February 28, 2012


He "signed" this form when the officers from ICA came to process his application for the identity card. So after 2 weeks, the IC is ready and daddy went to pick it up today.

We wanted to bring him down but he had stomach flu on Sunday.  Threw up pretty badly until there was blood in the vomit. Whatever came out was dark red.  It had happened before. The first time it came out all blood from the previous illness, we brought him to the KK Hospital, only to find out that he retched so hard that might have ruptured one of the capillaries that caused the bleeding. But no tests were done then.

So when I happened again on Sunday night, I didn't feel any fear. Was just praying that all the retching will stop and it only did at 5am. And it has put a strain on his throat and he has lost his voice a little. What I don't like about this type of episodes is that he tends to clench his teeth after each vomit and his lower lips get caught between his teeth and there are cut marks which formed into mouth ulcers :((

Thank God since last night, he's regain his chirpy self and able to smile and laugh a little despite being tired and drained.

I hate episodes like these. But thankfully, he recovers quickly.

Hope everyone who visits here is healthy and strong :))  God bless!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Today, I've learned a great lesson.  Well ... I've already come across this long before today.

It would be more of a reminder.


A few years ago, while I was grocery shopping with my sister in law, we bumped into a lady whom I've never met. She started a conversation with my sil and when I was introduced to her, the first words that came out of her mouth were :

"Wah...you become fatter."

Excuse me, I thought. I don't even know you. But later I found out she thought I was my older sister who also worked at the same place.

I was not angry.

But somehow this incident has taught me a very precious lesson:
Be gracious in what we say to one another. Even if it's for someone we meet for the first time or someone we don't exactly like.

Therefore words of blessings should come forth from out our mouths. You'll be surprised that those words will brighten someone's day :)

Have a blessed day.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Aren't they pretty?

My niece makes them.  Bow hair pins and beautiful hairbands.

If you would like to order, you can view the CATALOG and contact her.  She's also happy to custom make bows and bands to your liking! To order, please email steff_tham@yahoo.com or SMS 97954995 with item nos. Happy Shopping and thanks for your support!


Yup!  Even though we speak on the phone with each other (not as frequent as we want), this is the first time that we had dinner together, well except for Mabel and me (we meet at least twice a year).

We've known each other ever since our children attended Rainbow Centre (that has relocated from Balestier to Yishun) and their teacher was Mabel (seated left).  Ms Y's son has since passed on and she now has 2 healthy little kids who are both pretty and handsome.

It was to be a farewell dinner for Ms Y.  She's leaving Singapore for good, after a terrible time with her ex-husband and finally getting her divorce final.

I wish her and her children well and that they will adapt well in their new lives, new home and environment in Malaysia with Ms Y's family.  And hope to see her again in Singapore someday. Will miss you Ms Y!


And I will remember 13 February 2012 for a long time.

Two major events fell on the same day.

Jonathan was scheduled to have his identity card done on that Monday. But the night before (Sunday 12th), his button broke. The small little tiny tip broke off from the button cover. I really thank God that it happened in the evening. Although it didn't leak as much, the skin around the stoma became sore. And I didn't have the vaseline cream...sigh.
 The sore stoma site

It was tiring Sunday night for Jonathan and me.  He woke up a few times because his pajama shirt was wet.

Then came Monday morning.

At 8am, I got a call from ICA (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore) that their staff are leaving for my home now.  They arrived shortly before 9am.  Started processing the application and scanned his thumbprint for both left and right hand.  Then using the ink pad, took his right thumb to "sign" all the forms that were necessary for his "signature".  and I'm very happy that we could use the photo I took (HERE)

Having his thumb scanned into the computer
They were really quick.  We will be able to get his identity card from 20th onwards.  Jonathan even "signed" an authorization form for his daddy to pick up his IC on his behalf.

Including taxi far and the $10 payment to apply for the IC, we paid a total of $53 plus.  Any excess will be refunded to us when we pick up the IC from ICA.

Before the officers arrived, I managed to get hold of the home care nurse from KK Hospital who advised me to call the Surgical Department for an appointment.  Thank God they were willing to give me a slot at 11am.

We packed up and went off, arriving at KK and waited half hour before we could get his button changed.

Jonathan was nervous.  He knew what he was going to go through.  But he knew he had to get it done otherwise his skin will be sore with the leaking button.

I requested for local anesthesia.  Doctor told me that to give him anesthesia was more painful than having the button pulled out.  So I relented.

Because the button was already more than 2 years old, there was likelihood that the mushroom would break and thus unable to be pulled out.  The doctor tried to locate the base, but failed.  The goo from Jonathan's tummy was oozing out and while I kept telling him his a brave boy, coupled with him being nervous, the nurse took over and in one second, "pop"!, the button was out.  After checking the size, they put a new "same-sized" button into his tummy and immediately, calm came over Jonathan.

This is the device used to pull out the BARD button.  Inserted through the button hole (not the stomach),
the doctor presses down against the base of the mushroom (dome) and straightens the button
before pulling out of the tummy.  The same procedure applies to insert the new button.

The nurse showed me the blackened button and explained to me why the doctor had to be present.  Otherwise, it would only be her doing it.  Well...she did do it in the end.  The strong, professional nurse who was an expectant mother.

The new button is now functioning well.  Was advised (like before) to have it changed in 1.5 years.

While we were at KK, I promised Jonathan he could watch Youtube from my iPhone.  But instead of Price is Right or Wheel of Fortune, he asked for worship music, much to my surprise.  The worship music did calm him down and I thank God for protecting him and keeping him brave.

I told Jonathan that he has the boldness of the Lion of Judah.  I am truly truly proud of my son.

Thank you Lord Jesus for watching over him all the time.

Monday, February 13, 2012


I had this nagging thought since January to change Jonatgan's feeding Bard button. But got it delayed because of Chinese new year.

It has finally broken....the cap tip...that small tiny stopper on the lid broke.

The last change was 9 December 2009. Considering that it lasted 2 years, it's already a record in itself.

I hope to get it changed today, the little leakage is kind of making the stoma site a little tender. Will request for local anesthetia for his comfort. More importantly, a person who will do a good, quick and safe change.

He's had disturbed sleep, waking up a few times because the gauze is wet.

He's finally gone back to sleep...only to be woken again by that loud bird chirping....sigh.

And he's going to get his IC done today. It's already 7.30am. They will arrive around 9. I hardly had a wink cos I only went to bed at 4am after printing some shirts. I just thank God that I finished this order. At least I can focus my attention on the prince today.

Lord, thank you that it's a good today.

Will update later.

Friday, February 10, 2012


Of these two photographs, can you tell me which one was taken at the photo studio?
If your answer is the top one with Jonathan in blue shirt, you are wrong.

The one in red shirt was taken at the photo studio just across the street from where we live.

Jonathan is having his IC done on Monday. {Thankfully they will be coming here on Monday.}  So I thought it would be good if he had an updated photo because those that were taken couple of years bag are way too young and his features have changed.

We we were at the studio. We placed a white tshirt over the back rest, just like this picture here.  Obviously Jonathan had to sit on his buggy. 

Just before the photographer started shooting, another customer had come into the studio wanting a set of passport photos as well.  While he was snapping away, I was trying very hard to make Jonathan smile.  After about 5-6 shots, he recommended the one above (in red shirt) to be the best amongst the 6 shorts he took.  We really had no choice but to say "ok" after seeing the photo.  But deep down, I was disappointed.  He seemed to be rushing us off and wasn't patient enough to wait for us to adjust Jonathan properly.

As you can see, because Jonathan had to lean on the buggy backrest, his hair is pretty messy when he moves his head.  Photographer said that because Jonathan was slouching, the photo didn't really turn out good and he has to do some touching up.

It was my mistake for not asking how much the photos would cost before we did it. Finally, when we had to pay, he gave us the cost:
$9 for 4 pieces of passport size photo
Double the charge for editing to touch up.
Total cost for 4 pieces: $18

What's even more disappointing is that he didn't even balance up the shoulder!

He asked me if I wanted a soft copy. I said no, knowing that it would be an extra charge.

I debated for a while when we got back, regretting.  So I decided to take photos of Jonathan myself.  I did want to do it myself earlier but I thought a professional would do a better job with a higher pixelled camera.

So all in all, within 2 days, I took about 30 photos of Jonathan, singing as I did, so that he would smile. And he did in some.

I finally found a few good ones, ending up with the one above.  Not bad for an amateur photographer!  LOL

I used photoshop to edit off the excess hair that was fraying around.  Took it to another photo studio to get it printed.

Cost of 4 pieces of passport size photos?  Just $5 and only 10 minutes wait to get it printed and cut to size.

I should have done it myself in the first place :)

That's what I'll do in future....

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Yesterday, 6 February, once more, it's Jonathan's birthday.

Thank God that he stopped vomiting at 5am yesterday morning.  Well enough to be able to celebrate his birthday.

I asked him, "darling are you happy?", after we cut the cake.

His simple reply...."yes" with those big round eyes looking at me.

Then...with a kiss on his forehead, I said, "mommy loves you."

Yesterday he said he wanted us to buy him something.  But he still couldn't tell us what exactly he wanted after we listed all the things we thought he would like.  So I guess we will still have to keep asking him until the right one comes along.

I leave you with this picture that I love out of the few we took.  He bent his head and looked at the cake while cutting it.  The seriousness in his eyes was quite cute in a way.

Thanks to all who wished Jonathan "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!", whether on the actual day or belated.  All the wishes have been conveyed to him and even though he doesn't express it, I'm sure he was really really happy.

And thanks for visiting.  God bless :)

Monday, February 06, 2012

HE'S 15

It's 12 midnight. Jonathan is officially 15, IC eligible age, a teen with his own wants, a mind of his own.

This evening, after his nap, he became unwell. It brought me back to the day he was born. Being resuscitated and having tubes all over him in the neonatal intensive care.

I'm just so happy that all these are in the past.

To our beloved Jonathan:
Mommy and daddy love you unconditionally. We're happy that "I love you" is always in our daily conversation with you. You have been our source of strength and the joy that comes with it.

You laughter is the best medicine for us. Your wit is the antidote to our stressful day. Your smile is contagious and your excitement is our simple pleasures.

You don't have worries and you always don't want us to worry about you. You said you don't need anything, and you made sure we don't spend on you either. your simple pleasures are old tapes of Wheel of Fortune that was taped over the past years for you and yet....you still didn't want anything more.

I hate myself for letting you fall sick. But thank you for being so forgiving.

Your cheerful nature, despite all that you've been through, is the toughest character yet.

Yes you do have down times. You do have disappointments, you voice them to us with small cries or pulling tissues LOL. But once you are satisfied with what you've got, that big bright personality starts to shine.

Our dearest son, you're the Righteousness of God in Christ. You are Jesus' beloved, the young man whom Jesus loves. Thank you for being in our lives. Thank you for making the effort to say "no" and for trying so hard to make us happy.

Thank you most of all for loving our shortcomings and sometimes not being able to meet your immediate needs. Thank you son...and we appreciate you.

The Lord will bless you richly, heal you and make you whole, a person without disability.

And this is out desire...

We love you son <3