Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Happy birthday our sweet son.  16 years old, what an achievement!

The Lord bless you with good health and give you supernatural healing of your body.  We love you and adore you forever!
 "Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday to you!"  He was surprised :)

 Mummy help to blow out the candles.

He held the cake knife so well :)


I would like to think that the reason why I'm so roly-poly is that I'm meant to provide cushion for my loved ones.  LOL.

True in this sense :

Whenever I lie down next to Jonathan to rest for a little while, he will move his body closer to me, roll over and plonk his head on my back, and continues to either listen to music or watch TV.  He's so relaxed in this position and I don't mind it.  I kind of enjoy it :))

The warmth from his head gives me some sort of relief for my tired back actually.  LOL

Love it :)

Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Yep! Jonathan came down with blocked nose 2 days ago and triggered what seemed like endless phlegm accumulating at his throat. We were disturbed by the sound. No matter what medication we gave, treatment that should show immediate improvement was a little slow to react.

Then off we went to the clinic yesterday afternoon. H wanted to get something prescribed to make him more comfortable. Doctor asked if it was because we fed Jonathan Chinese new year's goodies.
LOL how I wish!

The phlegm problem became little more intense. With each cough, it generated a retching sensation. I admit I was near panic. I didn't want him throwing up again!

Jonathan was so tired that he asked to take a nap at 8.30pm. So here we were in his room and he tried to sleep but the phlegm was just too much. I got really frustrated and prayed: "phlegm be plucked out by its roots from Jonathan's body in the name of Jesus!"

A few minites later, Jonathan decided to sit up and suddenly started coughing and with a deep gagging cough, he coughed out the whole chunk of white phlegm, almost to the size of my palm!
Relief took over me! I kept asking him to breath so that he will not start retching. His throat was clear for a a short time and the sound came back again. Then half hour later, he gave another big cough and a smaller amount of phlegm came out. After this, his throat was totally clear!

I was more relief for him than perhaps him himself!  He was so tired that after his last milk feed, he slept right through till this morning.

And his throat is clear when he woke up. I thank the Lord for teaching me how to pray this way and for that miraculous healing!

Monday, February 04, 2013


I've decided on a very simple ang pow or red packets this year.  I'm so glad I could find really nice red themed pattern papers from the scrapbook store.  I was thinking of what I should be doing this year that doesn't need cutting (well....there has to be cutting LOL), but more of less gluing and taping.

I decided on folding, ie, origami.  Searched Youtube and found a video clip folding origami red envelopes.  Note:  can't find that link.

So there I went...embarking on cutting the papers and folding them.  Some are difficult because the papers are thick but some edges tear because they are glitter paper and small bits start to peel off.  But nonetheless, I'm happy with the results.

Here's what I did :

 The beautiful pattern papers were trimmed to size 19cm x 19cm.  The word "福"
was printed using my tshirt vinyl transfers and heatpressing them onto the papers.

The back of each pattern paper.  That's the reason why I chose to use
scrapbooking papers that are more expensive.  Its because of the double-side
patterns.  This makes it more pleasant than to see a blank one color side.

After cutting the paper to size, they are folded this way.  The video clip gave a more
descriptive way of folding but I reduced the folding lines to just 4.

When th epaper is opened up, it looks like this.  Sometimes it's not aligned
properly but still it's ok.

The folding starts.

You keep going until it looks like a square envelope (below)

The final product, fastened with a ribbon.  This was taken under yellow light.
The actual color of the paper is like above pictures.

I'm pretty happy with the outcome.  They were easy to make and quick too.  Time to wrap the money!

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Thanks for visiting.  God bless you!


Jonathan will be 16 come 6 February.  Just 2 days away.  We haven't thought of getting him anything or bringing him anywhere although I have told H that we can bring him to the new aquarium at Sentosa.  But we shall see how he is first because he has caught a cold last night.

Everyday, I have been reminded of the promises from God about Jonathan.  I do look forward to the recovery but sometimes I'm just too impatient that I lose patience with Jonathan when our communication breaks down.  Then that's where I start complaining to the Lord.

This year, Jonathan would be taking his O levels.  I always, how should I say, "fantasized" about what it would be like if he didn't have the aphyxia episode 16 years ago.

  1. He would be a very intelligent boy.  Excelling in his studies and getting good grades.  I know...even now, he's shown us his intelligence in his special way.  I would be worried about his work, how he would do and whether he should go to any of the junior colleges or the polytechnics and what university courses he will take.
  2. He would be very articulate.  He just goes on and on when he has the mood to "chit chat".  I look forward to the day when we can hold conversations and sing together.  I would love to know his thoughts, how he feels about issues, what his needs are and so much more!  And sometimes with him oohing and aahing in falsetto (like head voice) when he listens to worship music, I would believe he would be a great singer and accompany me in singing to the Lord.
  3. He would be able to play violin so beautifully just like his daddy.  His daddy's dream was to train him into a classical musician.  A dream that was dashed so long ago.  He would excel in his music and maybe embark on a music career that his daddy wasn't able to do so.  Just a few days ago, while cleaning his hands with a towel, H casually said "your fingers are so long and beautiful.  They were made for playing musical instruments for the Lord."  That brought tears to my eyes.  The sadness of seeing H unable to fulfill his long desire of teaching his children how to play the violin really broke my heart.
  4. He would be a runner.  His daddy loves to jog and so he will follow his daddy on their daily exercise.  And with that, perhaps I would do that too and get my trim body. LOL.  But this would have to wait.
I don't know what he would have turned out if he was a healthy normal child.  I would be like any mother of a normal child who would be anxious, angry, happy and joyful about her child's journey in life.

I'm believing that one day, what "HE WOULD BE" will become "HE IS" and the Lord knows my heart.  He knows I pine and yearn for the day to come and I will continue to cling onto and confess the promises that His word will not return to him void.

Isaiah 55:11
"So shall my word be that proceedeth from my mouth: it shall not return to me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it."

God bless everyone!