Thursday, October 25, 2007



Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Luxury Tours is promoting this tour. Checked out D-Paradise on the web and find it to be a very nice place to go. Back to the aboriginals....maybe next time when Jonathan is older and able to handle longer road trips.

Monday, October 22, 2007


He was put on the swing during OT. Therapist wanted him to lift his head more often and to try hold things with his hands. After a while he rested his head on the wedge pillow and I just couldn't resist taking this picture.

Took this using my handphone....Look at his adorable.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Jon has found the joy of standing again. Back from school 2 days ago, I decided that he should walk to the mat in the smaller hall.

Brought him down from the buggy, made him stand and he took small steps.

He totally enjoyed it and was smiling. Then he stopped. Looked up and I realised he was looking for daddy.

Called H and I could feel Jon's joy when daddy praised him for doing a good job. Happily took a few more steps and buckled his knees.

Asked him if he enjoyed walking, he said yes. So I promised him a standing session later in the afternoon.

We did it. I strapped his right leg cos I wanted it to be straightened and we stood (me holding him from the back) for about 10 minutes.

Best picture I could take with one hand while holding on to him

When asked what was his wish...he told his classmate I want to walk and speak words....I'd like that... :)


Our supermarkets have really narrow aisles. Sometimes, they stack so many items along the aisles that it's really hard to walk. Well...this incident confirms that.

I don't know if I mentioned this happened 2 months back...

We were leaving the supermarket. So we had to pass through the vege section. A middle-aged lady was squatting looking at some vegies. We walked towards her direction where the exit door was.

Sometimes Jon gives an involuntary kick and I was trying to avoid some crates on the right so that Jon wouldn't hurt his legs. So I veered towards the left, not noticing the lady.

The next thing I knew, Jon gave one of his super kicks and she shouted "Wa Peh Oi!!" In teochew it means "Oh My Father! haha! Well...I mean "Oh My God!"

She turned around real angry, rubbing her back shoulder. I apologised profusely, telling her Jon didn't mean it. At the same time we were slowly easing our way out to avoid being scolded at...haha.

I was laughing by the time we were out the door. Laughing not because Jon kicked her but at her expression.

That "wah peh oi" used to be my dad's phrase whenever he wants to give an exclamation. It brought back funny memories of my dad.

The best part? Jon was totally ignorant that he ever kicked that lady. He was happily listening to his tape near his ear. That's my boy! Praise the Lord!

Monday, October 15, 2007


I've been busy. Haven't blogged for a while.

Mom came over for lunch with K. She looked good. Although sometimes she can't recall names and locations but our conversation was simple and short. She did something that reminded me about a woman in the bible.

From her small purse she took out some money. Said to me "it was last minute that we decide to come here. I didn't prepare any money but I have some money for Jonathan". I refused to take it....She's already given us so much not necessary monetary.

Then i took her purse and open was empty.

She was giving all she had for Jonathan that day. Just like the woman in bible who gave her last coins (Luke 21: 1-4). I was touched. After they left that afternoon, my heart was glowing with renewed affections for her.

Mum has always been the generous one in the family. During Chinese New Year, whenever she receives an ang pao for $100 from one of us, she will top up another $20 and give $120 in return. She never hesitates to help whenever help is needed. My sibblings and I have been blessed by her actions.

So it is with Mum. She doesn't think twice about giving. We have all witnessed her relentless efforts in taking care of Dad when he was ill. My dad could not go on without her. If she went out, he would be calling her on the mobile phone asking her when she will be back! so much so that Mum decided that mobile phones are not for her...haha!

I suppose her generous nature has rubbed off on all of us....heh heh. We have kind of adopted her style, although I must say I'm still working on it. lol !!

Mum is more than 70 years old now. I thank God for giving her good health, excellent memory and abudance of blessings as she has been a blessing to many.