Thursday, December 06, 2007


Jonathan had his appointment with the dietitian at KK a few days ago.

Although his growth is still within the percentile of children his age, he lost about 200g after the last appointment with the dietitian in January this year. January 19.3kg, December 19.1kg. So she was concern.

He's supposed to take more than 1400ml of fluids a day and he's getting more of that but she said we need to boost up his milk intake. Now instead of 5 milk feeds a day, he has to take 6. And instead of 6 scoops of milk powder, it's 6-half scoops now.

6 feeds a day means either get up earlier and end just nice as he's about to go to bed OR have one feed in the middle of the night while he's sleeping.

Daddy says to let him sleep in each morning since both of us sleep late anyway. That's fine with me. Maybe when school reopens we will do the morning one instead...IF I CAN WAKE UP!!!! LOL!

To me...he feels heavy already. The dietitian didn't want to boost his weight up immediately but progressively. So for now things are just right. Praise the Lord!

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