Monday, September 05, 2011


Jonathan did the barium test today.

The doctor injected about 18mls of barium through his PEG.  Then we had to move him around.  First, take some photos while he lies on his back.  Then turn to the left, take photo, then turn to the right, take photo.

Took about half hour.  It was fast.  final results:  No abnormality found and the surgery site at the esophagus is still intact.

Thank you Jesus for good results.  Now we rule this out and there's no acid reflux.

And thank you to those who visited my journal and saying a prayer for Jonathan.  Deeply appreciated.

After the whole procedure, we were surprised that he didn't want to go back.  So we took him to Marina Square for a walk.  It's nice to go in the morning.  No crowd.  We had breakfast, walked to Suntec and Carrefour, had lunch at the Sudanese restaurant (the lady boss gave us complimentary dessert because she said it's not easy to look after a special child, and she even offered to take him for a walk because he was fussing and wanting to leave the restaurant).

It was a good morning out.  We got home just in time for his next feed and thankfully, he's ok.

Thank you Lord for everything that went smoothly this moring.

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