Tuesday, July 07, 2015


Throughout the whole episode of Jonathan's illness this past week, it bordered between anxiety and praying for wisdom.

Today, we had a good chat with Dr C from Starpal who made a trip down to check on Jonathan.
We talked about how much care is too much care or if not giving much constitute less care. Whether we become worried and send the child to the hospital immediately which may result in the child having more anxiety as he's being poked, checked and xrayed etc and with unfamiliar people around. Or do we analyse the situation before making a sound decision that will benefit the child.

I guess we all want what is best and want to give the best medical care. But going straight to the hospital quickly may not even be the right choice.

I guess as parents of a child with special needs, we sometimes don't know what his discomfort is. There will be such occasions when we are even tempted to quickly make the trip down to the hospital.

But I think for Jonathan, his years of being in and out of hospital since he was a baby, does give him an edge over us. He knows what it's like being poked, xrayed, laying in a big bed that has no security barrier for him and also having to wait...and wait...and wait forever.

That is why just saying the word "hospital" sends him into an angry mood.

Dr shared that even if we make the wrong choice, we have to learn that we have done our best for our child. Do not feel that what we are doing is not enough. We will not know what the future holds but we will always know what will be the best for Jonathan at the back of our hands.

So it was with Jonathan when he was sick this time around. I prayed for wisdom, because we just did't know what to do. But bottom line is, Jonathan trusts us to help him as much as possible.
While the GP has been an excellent help, I can't help but notice something:

GP prescribed one medicine for every symptom visible (there were 6 medicine for Jon). Today, Dr C saw Jonathan, advised to just give one medicine for the phlegm and continue with the ventolin inhaler. That's it (to our surprise) and if he had difficulty fallng asleep at night, just add the promethazine.

This is a new to me. I guess less is more. And without giving Jon the other medicine, I noticed he became more alert and was able to clear his throat better.

For me...lesson learned and a new experience gained.

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