Friday, April 20, 2007


Jonathan's class went to Sungei Buloh for an excursion. It's part of the National Parks to expose children to nature. To prepare Jonathan, I told him the night before that we were going to enjoy God's creation.

It was a pleasant day. God answered all our prayers by giving us sun-less cool weather. Even though it drizzled a little before we left school, it didn't at Sungei Buloh.

It's a mangrove nature reserve in Woodlands for bird watching and trekking. Eye opener for all the children who have never been there before, including myself.

Jonathan is not a nature lover...that one thing we know. But that day, he absorbed all the sights and though I felt it was an endurance test for him, he did really well. He saw monitor lizards, caterpillars and migrating birds.

Jonathan's class (above) with the staff and volunteers of Sungei Buloh

The staff of Sungei Buloh and volunteer guides took us around. We only had a short time so we didn't get to see prawn catching. It was well organized and each child was given a sling bag with a pictures of migrating birds, note books, water, pencil, eraser and color pencils.

Mosquitoes. Our Teachers were armed with mosquito spray cans. I was armed with mosquito patches that I put on Jonathan...haha. But it worked. We didn't get bitten.

It was a good trip. Jonathan said he would like to go back. Maybe we will do that...H would like that very much. Just that it's in Woodlands..quite far from Tampines.
It's nice to be in nature once in a while...appreciating God's creation.

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