Tuesday, June 12, 2007


H went to kitchen window and saw the Aunty from opposite unit from ours rushing to close their kitchen window. It was already 11pm. Saw smoke and told me the unit below theirs has black smoke coming out.

Call the police. Fire department arrived shortly...

H was curious and he joked that he would go down, asked around and said that it was his wife who called the police..haha!! but he found out from another neighbour that the fridge from that house short-circuited.

Nobody was home so the firemen had to break into the house. The whole house was pitched dark when it happened. Smoke was coming out of the kitchen and toilet windows. I can't imagine if there was fire....

What an event to end the night...lesson to learn? Turn off all appliances whenever you leave the home. Change appliances when they are more then 10 years old. Check all appliances. Have extinguishers at home. Make sure if you're on holiday, even the fridge must be off.

My sister-in-law once went for a holida in Europe. while they were away, there was a power failure or HDB decided to turn off the electric power for a couple of hours for testing. Their fridge was shut down and when the got back, the food inside the fridge turned stale. Can you imagine opening your fridge for a nice drink only to find stale food and bad odour smell coming out of the fridge? Yuck!!!

So we just have to be more careful....

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