Saturday, July 28, 2007


Last night I had a dream. Brought me back to #33 Chempaka Puteh (my childhood home). I arrived at #33 greeted by many people at the compound.

You father bought 2 semi-detached houses (for himself and his brother) so we had a big garden compound.

When I got back (from don't know where), there was a large crowd having barbeque and feasting away. There were kids running around. I didn't see my sibblings or cousin....funny...

Just outside the compound, on the large fence surrounding it, hung a big screen tv that was showing the stock market results. Odd that it was there. Alot of ah cheks were looking at it and commenting. I know father used to check the teletext and look at the share prices...but this? Big screen tv?...haha.

Well...I went in, saw my father. He was wearing his usual long sleeve 3-Rifle or CCC shirt. His favourites. he handed me a plate of food, with a thick piece of ham on the plate and wanted to introduce me to a man. He told the man that I was the singer in the new tv show that was showing on TV, and that I was the one who sang the theme song. I looked at the man and confirmed it....can't remember which show it was though..haha. I think it was a story about a mother and daughter...I think so...

I don't remember seeing the man before, not real time. But seems father knew him. After that, i woke up from my sleep.

Oddly enough, I didn't see father's face in the dream. This is probably the 3rd time I have dreamed of him. All of them, I only got to see his body with the long sleeve shirt. I don't need to see his face. His presence is more than enough. Father always had this presence that I don't need to see and still know that he's there. He's a quiet and strong man, always providing for us.

Father has always been proud of my singing. He's always giving me tips. From young, he loved to play the guzheng, the erhu and very good with percussions. When he's driving and had to turn on the signals to turn right or left, he will tap his fingers on the steering wheels and go along with the tick-tock sound. I think most cars don't have that now. But he was very good at it. His rhythm is fantastic. I suppose that's where we got the musical genes from. Mum can't sing...she sings off key...haha. I still remember when I was young, my favourite chinese singer was Ling Seow...hahaha. What a joke! My sisters and I used to use the skipping rope head as microphones!!

Father also enjoyed playing mahjong occasionally with his kakis. Whenever he wins, he will buy hor fun supper for us. He's funny and very jovial. I hardly see him get angry. Maybe not me. Mum used to say that he dotes on me...haha.

Father is in glory for almost or more than 3 years already....I forgot. But I will never forget him. One day I must upload his and mum's photo. They are the handsomest couple I have ever seen.

I miss him...


Kevin said...

I miss dad too..sometimes I wish he is still here cos I do feel inadequate in providing mom the emotional support that she needs. Thank God for all the siblings that are staying in close proximity and also very grateful for Larry who makes every effort to have lunch with mom on saturdays. Dad is the best mahjong player in Singapore, that his era. And I get alot of benefits from that...Two actions are required. 1st, ask if he has won. The answer is always a YES. 2nd action - stretch out your hand! Simple as that. We can als stretch out our hands to our heavenly Father all the time. Don't be shy! Hee Hee..Ya Bie, you can seriously consider using the gift of a good voice again...It will glorify Jesus in your area of influence..need not necessarily be in the kingdom, but more so in the secular. People will know of your talent and inturn know Jesus through you. And with talent also comes financial returns - See, HE provides through HIS gifts in you. So, pray about how HE wants you to go about doing things. The plans are with HIM, and thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Keep the dreams of dad coming...Dad is a nice guy indeed..I thank God for allowing me to spend more quakity time with him..he actually looked forward to me coming back from work to take evening walks - well, we did it maybe twice..but it was important to me that we did that. It was HIS mercy that aloowed me to be there and care for him during his last days...Praise God for that..Shalom!

Sally said...

I miss Dad too !!! He's a sweet man. Thank God for giving Arina and I the chance to visit with him, hold him, touch him, and love on him before God took Dad home to heaven. We all have good memories of our childhood. We have a loving family, that's what keep us together. Brothers & Sisters: please move to Knoxville, TN!!!! Love you all.