Monday, July 16, 2007


For a while now I haven't shared what Jonathan actually loves. He doesn't watch cartoons, transformers, pokemon, Hi-4 ooops..haha...Hi-5. He loves these shows from the United States of America:

Wheel of Fortune (CHOICE #1 !!!)
(although they don't show it on national TV.
I taped 10 years worth of it while it was still being shown in Singapore then).

Win, Lose or Draw
(A charade game by drawing. An old game show that is not aired here anymore)

The Price is Right
(It's a gameshow where contestants guess the price of the products shown on stage)

There is another show called Hollywood Squares but I don't have the picture.

There you go! Jonathan's favourite shows in not particular order except that Wheel of Fortune is his number one favourite!

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