Saturday, August 18, 2007


Many things have happened since national day. For one thing, happy belated birthday Singapore. Just that the celebration on TV was bad. Don't know about the rest but it was not what I had expected. When people don't have tickets for the live show, we don't want to see faces on the screen. We want to see action. We missed out what others see live on the field. We don't want the camera to keep showing the faces of the public and how they react. Sometimes I wonder if the TV crew had any practice at all during the rehearsals.

There! Now I feel better.

on 10 August we decided to bring Jon for a flu jab since he's been falling sick recently. After the jab, it was major retching. He had after effects from afternoon onwards. But thank God towards evening, he was better. Dr said the jab has H1N something, which is the closest you have to N15 (bird flu?). haha. But at least it will help immunise Jon's body.

Then, while we were shopping at the supermarket, he accidently gave one strong kick involuntarily and the lady who was squatting near him got a big jolt! haha. the next thing, she turned around and said "WAH PEH OI!" It's teochew which means "O MY FATHER". In English, people will say "O MY GOD!" Needless to say, we apologised profusely and told Jon cannot do that...which of course doesn't make any difference because it's his involuntary movements. I left the supermaket laughing....hahaha. But i felt sorry for the lady who received the kick. I've been on the receiving end many times and I know how much that hurts.....

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