Saturday, October 20, 2007


Jon has found the joy of standing again. Back from school 2 days ago, I decided that he should walk to the mat in the smaller hall.

Brought him down from the buggy, made him stand and he took small steps.

He totally enjoyed it and was smiling. Then he stopped. Looked up and I realised he was looking for daddy.

Called H and I could feel Jon's joy when daddy praised him for doing a good job. Happily took a few more steps and buckled his knees.

Asked him if he enjoyed walking, he said yes. So I promised him a standing session later in the afternoon.

We did it. I strapped his right leg cos I wanted it to be straightened and we stood (me holding him from the back) for about 10 minutes.

Best picture I could take with one hand while holding on to him

When asked what was his wish...he told his classmate I want to walk and speak words....I'd like that... :)


Anonymous said...

Jia You!!!! Gambatte!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Well done! Bravo! Applause. We are cheering on!