Sunday, November 18, 2007


Jonathan and his classmates had a sponsored outing by HP volunteers. We went to snow city and had a good time.

It was tough for most of us as we had to carry our children up the steps to slide down a man-made hill. I carried Jonathan up the steps and halfway up I couldn't breathe. The volunteer attached to me helped carry Jonathan the rest of the way up. Temperature was below 5 degrees C.

After the first slide down, he brought Jonathan up again. I had to go along carrying 2 big tire tubes. One thing I ask Jonathan if he wanted another round. When we got up there, I could see he was visibly upset. But the fastest way was go down the hill. The second time was faster than the first. So after we got out, Jonathan started tearing.

He said his neck was hurting. After massaging, he told me he was alright. But told me he wouldn't want to slide down the hill again.

Thanks to my sister-in-law's winter clothes for Ruel, Jonathan didn't have to wear too much t-shirts. Just put on the jacket and mittens provided by the snow city. Good time for Jonathan to experience winter coldness.

Will upload the video clip later.

Above winter clothes borrowed from sis in law Mary.

We still had to borrow Snow City's winter jacket cos too cold!

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