Saturday, November 10, 2007


Jon's class going to snow city on Friday. Decided to crochet a cap for him.
Learned it in Primary 4 art lesson. Art teacher taught the girls crochet while the boys did something else.
I didn't know how to read charts so I 'agar agar'...haha. But thank God it turned out ok 8-)

I must admit...Jon looks good in caps

The cap


Wati Basri said...

hei Serene!gt yr blog from SNC forum!lovely boy you have there....*hugz*

chowchow said...

Well done Serene, even from your agak-agak. I cant even knit nor sew even if I needed it to save my life. LOL!!!

Nicole said...

Hmmm.... now i know what to expect. Nicely done Serene! How many have you completed? Can i have 1???? :)