Sunday, May 04, 2008


Jonathan hardly does this: "Smile, extend his hand and greet".

This he did....yesterday, Saturday afternoon, when my mum, aka mama (grandma), came over for lunch with Uncle Kevin.

When mum comes, the first thing she does is go to Jonathan and call his name. She calls him Kai Ming all the time.

Normally, this prince, will either take a short look or extend only his hand when I push him to. But yesterday, it was different. He looked at his mama, extended his hand and gave her a two-sound greeting. I believe it was "hello" or "mama". Mum was very happy.

Mum makes an effort to talk to Jonathan. She will ask him questions, etc. Yesterday, she played peek-a-boo with him...haha! So cute on my mum's part. Maybe that's why whenever she comes, Jonathan puts in that extra effort to greet her.

I'm very proud of him for doing that and I thankful for my mum's presence in Jonathan's life.

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