Saturday, November 20, 2010


I had a funny conversation with Jonathan this evening.  Of course it's always me asking questions and he answering with yes or no, or a choice of 2 words.

He just woke up from his nap and we were lying on his bed lazing.

Me:  "Jon, do you want to go out later?"
Jon:  "Yes".
Me:  "Where do you want to go?  Simei, Tampines Central, White Sands, CompassPoint?"
Jon:  "No".
Me:  "If you don't want to go to these places, then do you still want to go out?"
Jon:  "Yes".
Me:  "Do you want to take a taxi to go somewhere?"
Jon:  "Yes".
Me:  "So that means we have to go somewhere.  How about just downstairs, Tampines Mart?"
Jon:  "No"
Me:  "huh?  But you want to go out right?"
Jon:  "yes"
Me:  "Is it go out nearby or far away?"
Jon:  He chose "nearby".

At this time, I was a little puzzled.  I said "you want to go out, yet you don't want to go anywhere."

Suddenly .... ding ding!!!

Me:  "You mean you want mommy to bring you out of the bedroom to the hall?"
Jon:  "Yes".

I burst out laughing non-stop and he was grinning at me.  hahaha.

Harith said I better pray for wisdom for myself because our son is getting smarter than I am!  haahaha.

I was obviously not on the same wavelength as he was.

And who says that mommy is correct?   LOL!

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SCRAP-n-CROP said...

lol..this is sooo funny!!!