Friday, August 12, 2011


change with season?  days?  I don't know.

But Jonathan's sleeping pattern has been changing almost everyday.

On good nights, he sleeps at 12midnight, wakes up once and goes back to sleep on his own.

Sometimes, he wakes, looks for me and I have to stay with him in his room till he goes back to sleep again.

On not so good nights, like last night, he slept at 12 midnight.  Woke up at 3am, didn't go back to sleep till 6am and woke at 10am this morning.

When he fell asleep, I went to work immediately because he was not well 2 days ago so my work has been held back.  Just when I wanted to retire to bed, he woke up.  And when I was trying to make him go back to sleep, his daddy came back from his work at the studio (at 3.30am).

So that's it.  Jonathan heard the door click and his eyes just opened even wider.  Daddy kissed him and tried to coax him back to sleep but in vain.

I gave him a feed at 4.30am, hoping that he will go back to sleep.  But no.  even when I had to give him medication for his stuffy nose.

I gave up.  Held on to him to soothe his excitement and turned on my laptop to keep myself awake.

By 6.30am, he was fast asleep and I put him back on the bed. I slept around 7am.

Today, I'm a little dazed from the lack of sleep.  Being awake the whole night is tiring.  But thankfully he woke up at 10am so I had at least 3 hours of sleep and he took a half hour nap today.

I don't know.  He's just full of energy even though he had a disturbed rest last night.

Most of all, I'm thankful to the Lord that he's healthy.  That's what matters most for me.

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