Friday, August 05, 2011


It was a heart-wrenching cry.  The type of cry that you will cry along too.

We went for breakfast this morning.  Took a walk to the hawker center that passed a government kindergarten.  We saw a class was marching to their teacher's command "One, two, three, four ..."

Suddenly, Jonathan started tearing and became upset.

While crossing the road, he was unhappy.  Kept pouting his lips and his eyes looking sad.

After crossing the road, we took him to one quiet corner and wiped his face.  H was getting upset because he didn't want Jonathan to cry big time and start having secretion.  We thought he didn't want to be there but it was not.  Finally, we realised that he was upset because of the children.

Anyway, we talked and consoled him and he was ok.  Had breakfast and then we came back home.

He continued the day, watching television, listening to music and took his nap.

When he woke up, he started tearing and crying.

Most of the time I will refrain from asking him questions that will make him cry even more.

But today, with my gut feeling, I asked him the following questions:

"Are you still thinking about the children this morning?"
"Why do they make you cry?  Is it because you want to walk just like them?"
"Yes."  and he continued to cry loudly.

I cried with him.

That evening, I was an emotional wreck.  It was bad timing that I was expecting a guest but I couldn't cancel it at the last minute.

Jonathan is beginning to show his emotions more lately.  Now I know why he's been asking to listen to some healing songs lately and kept asking us to repeat them.  I believe he wants a miracle to happen.

H prayed for him before he slept.  I prayed that today's incident will not affect him deeply again.

Lord, hear the prayers and cries of Jonathan.


Busy Mummy said...

Hi, hope jonathon will recover from his sadness and be his usual cheerful self...

May said...

This broke my heart. I hope he can grow to love his body as it is, as difficult as it may be. I can imagine how stressful the incident was for all of you.

Serene Ho said...

Thanks Busy Mummy and May. Sometimes when they are emotional, you just don't know what to do but sit and cry too. but I'm just glad that he forgets about them easily too.