Sunday, October 16, 2011


That's what the doctor said this morning when we brought Jonathan to the clinic.

There's a lot of spots on his body.

It started around his lower tummy and I thought they were diaper rashes.  But from small red dots, they became dark colored.  Then it slowly spread up, to his upper body and some at his armpits.  Nothing on the back.  Because he kept saying it wasn't itchy, I left it, thinking they will disappear soon.  So it's been at least 4 days.

I kept racking my brains as to what was causing it.  Even decided to change pillows and H thought it could be the bed mattress.  But we just got the mattress!

Cannot be bed bugs because they attack the exposed areas like the arms, face, legs and a bit of the body.  But in this case, it's the total opposite.  Can't be chicken pox either because there are no watery spots.

Doc said he's a little phlegmy in the lungs.  Something we didn't even noticed because he was all well and active, except for last week when he had a little stuffy nose.

Jonathan kept saying that it was not itchy.  But as I recall, he's been on his tummy quite a lot for the last few days.  Perhaps just to rub his tummy against the mat to reduce the itchiness. Well...telling us it's not didn't stop us from bringing him to the clinic, something that he wanted to avoid.  But after the visit, he just had to tell daddy the truth.

Hope this clears soon.

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